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Black scraper usutsukuri sashimi

In the same way as this winter when a cold day continued more than an average year,the spring cannot yet readily steal out of cold either, It was the season when at last a summer smell was occasionally felt faintly from far away recently.

A difference seems to be over the fish in the sea for the force with the change of a gentle season.

Because the black sclaper greets the breeding season toward the summertime from now on, It is the time when the black sclaper raise fat more and collect nourishment and am crowded to the big liver.

In the district,the black scraper called Umadura, Nagahage, Umahage, Viet Cong, Gambling, This is the black scraper that it still gives life to the position, and the skin does a blackish color.

On the other hand, the lower imag is the same the black scraper, but a color becomes whitish in this way when time passes. Freshness levels are considerably different under the top and in the bottom, it becomes a level not to be almost to sashimi, let's be careful because it becomes only the slice use exclusively, the black scraper which was such a color.

In addition, the following images are a kinds of leatherfishs called filefishe, The local name is ... such as Hage, Honhage, Menbo, Tunogi,Maruhage,Kakuhage,There are various names innumerably.

The filefishe is often to use for sashimi use mainly, Though the filefishe is smaller than the black scraper, it is normal that this is higher in the cost price.



If though here is two pieces of images of the filefishe , it is already wise reader ladies and gentlemen, Which it is to be fresh will be judge it immediately.

When time passes, this shows the difference in color on this the filefishe.


There has been already the unicorn leatherjacket in a family called a leatherfish sort.

At January, 2006 issue (No. 25) approximately seven years ago easily mention it about this fish. Because I do not comment on the unicorn leatherjacket with the now issue, I want to click it and to refer to it.

Though it is small, the image of this the unicorn leatherjacket originally has a biggest fish in three kinds, because a place living in the sea is a far-off place of the offings most, we take up time to fish it, and to take it home.

Therefore, the filefishe living in the reef zone of the coast near the land is the often freshest, It is he black scraper to live in the limbo, and the market price seems to be high as an area near the land.

Leatherfishs have the pretty "pursed lips" of the appearance, as for a certain tooth, there is strong power in this mouth and eats crustacea and shellfish in plain words energetically.

In addition, the leatherfish is called "The expert who steals a bait" and is existence disliked from an angler, further the leatherfish swims in top and bottom right and left by letting back bire and buttocks bire and the chest bire that developed flutter, the leatherfish called "the helicopter of the sea", and there is skillfulness to handle a fish at will.

When the leatherfish swim in the sea, there is the habit that thicken the color of the fish and thin, It seems that this metamorphic characteristic comes out later by progress at time after the unloading.

In addition, as for the biggest characteristic that was common to the relative of the leatherfish,the name is of it origin; "skinning it".

The surface was rough; is thick; when skin it,"body skin" called "the skin under the skin" appears.

Body skin is not a thing to throw away and must not throw it away like a character because "it is the body".

The method to use is as follows without throwing it away.

1.I separate the bone behind eyes by using an origin of blade of the kitchen knife.
2.I separate the head and the body from the part that I cut with both hands.
3.I turn it up and take the surface skin of fish out of the abdominal side.
4.I dismantle the body of the fish to three pieces.
5.I isolate body skin from the body by the method of the pull on the inward side in a slender kitchen knife.
6.I boil the body leather with the liver.
7.I cut the body leather which I boiled thin and then attach it to sashimi.

It is a speedy method to separate a head and the body to write on the top, also there is the method not to separate a head in one as follows.

1.I make it easy to skin it by separating pursed lips.
2.I make a mark of the limit beginning in the part of the long rib that stomach bire degenerated with a kitchen knife.
3.I separate a bone to long size along the abdomen.
4.I skin it for a back from the part that cut the abdomen.
5.I take the internal organs not to injure the big liver.
‚UCFrom the upper place, I put skin, a mouth, gills, the liver, the internal organs, long bone in the declining fortune in turn.
7.I remove gills and the internal organs and then make the product which I attached the liver to.

The reason to attach the part that cut a head in this way, and to make a product is because the soup stock which is good from the part of the head appears.

When I make a slice for food served in a pot and miso soup, I serve it together without throwing away the part of this head.

And the best internal organs part that you must never forget in leatherfishs is "a liver".

You should attach the liver by all means even if you make a leatherfish any product.

When I have no time to spare, even a true state thinks that there is no help for it to take out the liver as a product, but I boil it if that there is it and want to attach it.

The leatherfish is same as globefish, and a frank white does not have a part of the dark colored flesh of fish, It is very big, and pluck with similar work develops as a substitute function of the dark colored flesh of fish.

It is a tuna to be the representative of a fish having the form that is reverse to a leatherfish and the globefish.

As for what I can understand as soon as I open the abdomen of tunas, the size of the liver is only very small existence than the size of the fish of the tuna.

The leatherfish is the form that "the liver is small, and dark colored flesh of fish has a very big" just adversely.

I can eat the liver of a good leatherfish of the freshness deliciously raw, However, I think that after all it is generally certain that the liver which I boiled can feel relieved.

I just munch it if I boil it and can enjoy heavy taste enraptured by a tongue.

However, to eat the liver that heavy taste is monotonous in this more deliciously, I add the liver which I strained to juice pressed from a ponzu vineger and recommend a method then to attach the sashimi of the leatherfish to this.

Though I do not strain the liver, there is the first page image of the current issue assuming how to eat, It is difficult to attach it to sashimi even straining it and will be really enough by boiling the liver.

Because I attach the body skin which I chopped after I boil it to the sashimi of the first page image, I think that the value is high without waste.

Finally let's introduce nigiri-sushi of a kind of the leatherfish.

I do only topping of the grated radish with carrot, but the taste is refreshed, and there is an extremely refined splendid thing.

The taste of the leatherfish appropriate for the early summer virtually green-like, I think that I want I obtain a leatherfish excellent at the freshness in this season and early summer to appeal.


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