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A volume of FISH FOOD TIMES (English Ver.)


Kokanee (Jul. 2024 issue No.247)

Spangled emperor (Jun. 2024 issue No.246)

White tilefish (May. 2024 issue No.245)

Raw herring (Apr. 2024 issue No.244)

Brushtooth lizardfish eaten raw (Mar. 2024 issue No.243)

Okhotsk atka mackerel dishes (Feb. 2024 issue No.242)

What I was thinking back with then now... (Jan. 2024 issue No.241)


Is this main charactor...? (Dec. 2023 issue No.240)

The origin of the land of the rising sun (Nov. 2023 issue No.239)

Domestic farmed row salmon (Oct. 2023 issue No.238)

Scorpionfish S.K.U. (Sep. 2023 issue No.237)

Omnidirectional Sushi Hachimori (Aug. 2023 issue No.236)

Farmed filefish sashimi & sushi (Jul. 2023 issue No.235)

Rare fishs in the Ariake Sea (Jun. 2023 issue No.234)

Mehikari (Greeneyes) cuisine (May. 2023 issue No.233)

Spotless smooth-hound sashimi & yubiki (Apr. 2023 issue No.232)

Sellfish dishes (Mar. 2023 issue No.231)

King crab members (Feb. 2023 issue No.230)

Minimum assorted sashimi (Jan. 2023 issue No.229)


Sailfin poacher sashimi & sushi (Dec. 2022 issue No.228)

Red snow crab and Sakaiminato (Nov. 2022 issue No.227)

Tiger puffer sashimi (Oct. 2022 issue No.226)

Pacific saury nigiri sushi (Sep. 2022 issue No.225)

Omotenashi syunsen assorted sashimi (Aug. 2022 issue No.224)

Rethink syunsen assorted sashimi (Jul. 2022 issue No.223)

Commercialization of red spotted grouper (Jun. 2022 issue No.222)

War and fish (May. 2022 issue No.221)

Japanese whiting dishs (Apr. 2022 issue No.220)

Japanese littleneck clam in seawater bag (Mar. 2022 issue No.219)

Broadbanded thornyhead dishes (Feb. 2022 issue No.218)

How the fisheries section survives (Jan. 2022 issue No.217)


Yellow drum dish (Dec. 2021 issue No.216)

I wanted to eat spiny lobster, but... (Nov. 2021 issue No.215)

Sesame mackerel is safe with Seirogan (Oct. 2021 issue No.214)

No.213 is not translated into English because of the author's honor.

Red and white assorted sashimi of bonito and swordtip squid (Aug. 2021 issue No.212)

Liverless unicorn leatherjacket sashimi & sushi (Jul. 2021 issue No.211)

Very big largehead hairtail (Jun. 2021 issue No.210)

Kisslip cuttlefish products (May. 2021 issue No.209)

Young albacore hiratsukuri sashimi (Apr. 2021 issue No.208)

False fusus assorted sashimi (Mar. 2021 issue No.207)

Bluefin sea robin figure sashimi (Feb. 2021 issue No.206)

1 slice saomon in 2 days (Jan. 2021 issue No.205)


Sandfish sashimi & nigiri sushi (Dec. 2020 issue No.204)

Fish in Aomori (Nov. 2020 issue No.203)

Rainbow runner sashimi (Oct. 2020 issue No.202)

Longfinned bullseye fried skin with scales (Sep. 2020 issue No.201)

White trevally sashimi & sushi (Aug. 2020 issue No.200)

Gurukun figure sashimi (Jul. 2020 issue No.199)

Commercialization of Japanese seabass (Jun 2020 issue No.198)

Bonito silver skin sashimi (May. 2020 issue No.197)

Coonstripe shrimp sashimi (Apr. 2020 issue No.196)

Japanese amberjack prodacts (Mar. 2020 issue No.195)

Herring honegiri (Feb. 2020 issue No.194)

The charm of fish shop sushi (Jan. 2020 issue No.193)


Pacific cod hot pot fillet (Dec.2019 issue No.192)

The situation of fish food in Bangkok (Nov.2019 issue No.191)

Striped bonito sashimi & sushi (Oct. 2019 issue No.190)

Hanasaki crab with boiled (Sep. 2019 issue No.189)

Wrasse sushi (Aug. 2019 issue No.188)

Red sea urchin squid sushi (Jul. 2019 issue No.187)

Spotted knifejaw sashimi (Jun. 2019 issue No.186)

Blue fusilier sashimi (May. 2019 issue No.185)

Small bluefin tuna sashimi & sushi (Apr. 2019 issue No.184)

Delicious Japanese Common Squid··· (Mar. 2019 issue No.183)

Again, what is mentaiko? (Feb. 2019 issue No.182)

Revitalization of fish shop (Jan. 2019 issue No.181)


Female is winter, male is summer (Dec. 2018 issue No.180)

Rich nature & multi-ethnic city Vancouver (Nov. 2018 issue No.179-2)

Growing companies change the future of Seattle (Nov. 2018 issue No.179-1)

Blackfin seabass sushi & slices (Oct. 2018 issue No.178)

Gray large-eye bream sashimi & sushi(Sep. 2018 issue No.177)

Hand-made boiled octopus (Aug. 2018 issue No.176)

Eel sushi assortment (Jul. 2018 issue No.175)

Variety of Japanese horse mackerel (Jun. 2018 issue No.174)

Lavender jobfish figure sashimi (May. 2018 issue No.173)

Black seabream cuisine (Apr. 2018 issue No.172)

Boring clam figure sashimi (Mar. 2018 issue No.171)

Starry flounder sashimi & nigirisushi (Feb. 2018 issue No.170)

The style of fish shop sushi (Jan. 2018 issue No.169)


Value added products of snow crab (Dec. 2017 issue No.168)

Oneside of Italian fish dishs (Nov. 2017 issue No.167)

White croaker hiratsukuri sashimi・nigirisushi・fillet (Oct. 2017 issue No.166)

Cornetfish nigirisushi & usutsukuri sashimi (Sep. 2017 issue No.165)

Four-line tongue-sole nigirisushi & usutsukuri sashimi (Aug. 2017 issue No.164)

Emperor red snapper sashimi (Jul. 2017 issue No.163)

Damselfish cuisine (Jun. 2017 issue No.162)

Golden threadfin bream kobujime hiratsukuri sashimi (May. 2017 issue No.161)

Redlip mullet usutsukuri sashimi (Apr. 2017 issue No.160)

Hairy stingfijsh sashimi (Mar. 2017 issue No.159)

John Dory sashimi & nigirisushi (Feb. 2017 issue No.158)

No.157 is dare to be translated into English because of the honor of the author.


White trevelly usutsukuri sashimi (Dec. 2016 issue No.156)

Shanghai crab cuisine (Nov. 2016 issue No.155)

Shanghai fish cuisine (Nov. 2016 issue No.155-2)

Sunrise perch sashimi and sushi (Oct. 2016 issue No.154)

Usutsukuri sashimi of Yellow grouper (Sep. 2016 issue No.153)

Hiratsukuri sashimi of Longtail tuna (Aug. 2016 issue No.152)

Stingray sashimi & sushi (Jul. 2016 issue No.151)

Stingray cuisine (Jul. 2016 issue No.151-2)

Segoshi figure sashimi of ayu (Jun. 2016 issue No.150)

Ayu figure sushi (Jun. 2016 issue No.150-2)

Leopard coralgrouper grilled sashimi (May. 2016 issue No.149)

Unesu slice of mink whale (Apr. 2016 issue No.148)

Nigirisushi and sashimi of mink whale lean meat (Apr. 2016 issue No.148-2)

Nigirisushi and Broiled hiratsukuri sashimi of Mackerel tuna (Mar. 2016 issue No.147)

Sashimi of Halibut (Feb. 2016 issue No.146)

Usutukuri sashimi of Catfish (Jan. 2016 issue No.145)

Nigirisushi of Catfish (Jan. 2016 issue No.145-2)


Skewers of abacus ball (Dec.2015 issue No.144)

Arai sashimi of mullet (Dec.2015 issue No.144-2)

Difference in the fish meal across the sea (Nov.2015 issue No.143)

Difference in the fish meal across the sea (Nov.2015 issue No.143-2)

All of sardine(Sashimi & Nigirisushi) Oct.2015 issue No.142

Figure sales of amberjack slice (Sep.2015 issue No.141)

Hiratsukuri sashimi of Indian Mackerel (Aug.2015 issue No.140)

Assorted sashimi of tokobushi abalone(Jul.2015 issue No.139)

Hiratsukuri sashimi of the alive rabbitfish (Jun.2015 issue No.138)

Broiled hiratsukuri sashimi of pomfret (May.2015 issue No.137)

Fillets with bone,with head of Ruby snapper(Apr.2015 issue No.136)

The fish-figure of halfbeak sashimi,halfbeak nigirisushi,halfbeak vinegared (Mar.2015 issue No.135)

Red sea bream nigiri sushi(Feb.2015 issue No.134)

Recommended raw fish face-fo-face naked selling(Jan.2015 issue No.133)


A sashimi of tuskfish(Dec.2014 issue No.132)

A fish-figure sashimi of Lobster(Nov.2014 issue No.131)

The sashimi hiratukuri of Broiled mackerel (Oct.2014 issue No.130)

Sockeye salmon steak (Sep.2014 issue No.129)

Arai sashimi of Carp (Aug.2014 issue No.128)

Syunsen sashimi assortment (Jul.2014 issue No.127)

Grenadier anchovy whole fish sashimi (Jun.2014 issue No.126)

Rockfish sashimi (May.2014 issue No.125)

Sashimi and sushi tilefish seasonal (Apr.2014 issue No.124)

Assorted sashimi of tuna fullness (Mar.2014 issue No.123)

A Largescale blackfish nigirisushi of coldest (Feb.2014 issue No.122)

Unachirashi sushi (Jan.2014 issue No.121)


The charm of Argentine prawns (Dec.2013 issue No.120)

Sydney Fishs Market (Nov.2013 issue No.119)

Raw autumn salmon skinfiring sashimi (Oct.2013 issue No.118)

The toro usutsukurisashimi of the Greater amberjack (Sep.2013 issue No.117)

A sashimi of hiratukuri for the Brassy chub (Aug.2013 issue No.116)

A sashimi of fish-figure for the Yariika (Jul.2013 issue No.115)

A sashimi of fish-figure for Leather parboiling of the grunt (Jun.2013 issue No.114)

A usutsukuri sashimi of the black scraper (May.2013 issue No.113)

The japanese ancyovy nigiri sushi (Apr.2013 issue No.112)

Syunsen sashimi chirashi sushi (Mar.2013 issue No.111)

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