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Sep. 2017 issue No.165



Cornetfish nigirisushi & usutsukuri sashimi

Surprising luxury fish not well known to the world

This time, it is a fish that is very popular with Japanese restaurants and chefs of Japanese cuisine cook, let's introduce the fish instructed to bring them to their shop whenever they get their fish.

That fish is Cornetfish of the following image.


The top image was taken in August this year, which has a length of about 120 cm and is forcibly bent to photograph a long fish body which had been bent due to rigidity after death, so that Cornetfish's elongated form It can not express well in the upper image.

So, at the end of March 8 years ago, turn Cornetfish inside out and add another picture taken from the belly side below.


The size is almost the same size, but I think that the impression of elongated form fish is well expressed in this image.

I do not remember the weight well, but I certainly think that both have exceeded 3 kg.

Cornetfish belongs to Gasterosteiformes order, Syngnathoidei suborder Fistulariidae family, Fistularia genus and uses the elongated form cylindrical mouth which is a major feature of it, and inhale small fish hiding between rocks together with water . This tubular part is to be a raw material for medicinal herbal medicine which is effective for kidney disease by drying.

As a Cornetfish dish, first of all it is good for "soup ingredients", it goes well with hot pot cooking, whether it is cooked or baked, fried or sashimi or sushi.

But this month there is no cooking scene of Cornetfish, it will be exclusively cooking process.

Points for disassembling Cornetfish

Well, there is a tricky tip to do this Cornetfish's dismantling smoothly.

Although it expresses also in the heading part of the beginning of the comment, the relatively wide head and neck part from the head top part to the neck part following the back bire plus the noise of the lower image is exaggerated as if it is stone like hard, It is difficult to separate the head and the body as much as pressing the knife strongly.


When I first cooked an extra large cornetfish exceeding 150 centimeters for the first time in my past, I had a hard time cutting off a very hard head and neck, eventually swinging the kitchen knife many times from a high position and hitting it I have experienced past experience. After that, I thought about how I could not do such an unreasonable method, and there are cooking methods that I have created.

Actually there may be other good ways, but I do not know about it, so let's introduce the method I'm doing with Cornetfish's cooking below.


With Cornetfish 's head on the right, with its belly up, cut the root of kama' s part and cut the gills film further to the left.


Do not cut hard head and neck, cut the kitchen knife to slide on it, and cut off at the end part of the hard part.


Separating the head and body, returning the belly of the torso down, showing the inside of the abdomen left uncut.

With this, it was able to cut off the head without forcibly doing work to swiftly raise the kitchen knife to beat it hard.

Although it seems to be easy to explain like this, a person who deals with a small cornfish for the first time rather than a small young fish can not forcibly know that the head and neck are very hard, and as a result, a small blade scar on the kitchen knife I think that there are not many things to make.

As the above method does not require much arm power, if you have experience of having trouble with Cornetfish's cooking, please try it all by all means.

White fish meat with a sense of transparency

Next, let's go into dismantling work to do sashimi and sushi.


After separating the remaining abdomen from the body, we cut the kitchen knife in the opposite direction and cut it from the anus to the head.



I took out the internal organs from the incised abdomen, washed it with water and wiped it up, but the state where the rigor mortis still can not be solved and it is bent.



Using the method of daimyo oroshi for dismantling, from the head towards the tail towards the tail three, seeing it from the skin side.



The state where the half body which was disassembled into three pieces is placed with the leather side down. It has clear white fish meat.



The belly of Cornetfish is long, the belly bone continues long towards the tail, both uwami shitami remove them.



The fish meat after removing the skin is white as it is transparent.



The subcutaneous chiai part is brighter red color as the tail part, and this color is also a point for sashimi and sashimi.

The cornetfish sashimi and sushi are exquisite taste

The finished sashimi and sushi are the following images.


Among the readers who saw the sashimi of the upper left image, since the selling price should be very high if volume of high class fish Cornetfish is served volumes so much, do not make this sashimi like this in this way, buy it if you make it smaller I think there are people who think that it should be easy price.

However, this sashimi was actually able to sell with this figure at a relatively cheap price. The reason is that ordinary Cornetfish was not purchased at a high price of 2,000 yen / kg or more, which is purchased by shops such as high-class restaurants, but in fact the purchase price of this high class fish Cornetfish is "free".

That was last month, but I was a company of the 5th year since I started teaching the fisheries department, and I got it free from a fish wholesaler delivered there without the invoice. All of the employees at the fish shop were using it as sashimi and sashimi to taste it, and sold the rest at a reasonable price.

The reason for that time is that there is a delivery port behind the fresh fish department workshop in the shop, and when I see the loading platform of the truck that was beside it, Cornetfish is left alone in the corner in it I found it. And when I asked "Cornetfish, where are you going to take?", The reply was "I am in trouble because there is no delivery place".

When I saw it with the eyes of envy, I offered it "I will give it to you ...".

Author is a familiar vendor whose face is matched once a month, but of course he understands that I am a stakeholder in the store, probably meaning "I wish for your continued support in the future" I guessed it would be.

In other words, I supposed that the purchase price was zero, I ordered a commodification of the drastic volume which is usually impossible, and at the same time it tasted plenty of tasting.

However, the reaction of the taste at the fresh fish division workshop was a surprisingly low evaluation that there are few people who rave about their taste, saying "This is something like this ...".

As an impression of author, it was not the moment of eating, but the sweetness that comes after in the mouth comfortably to the tongue, again confirmed that the fish called Cornetfish is a very elegant taste fish.

One of the reasons why employees in the fish shops were not so highly evaluated is that the rigor mortis has not yet been solved at that time and the long fish is in a curved state and it is hard to dismantle it while bending it It was a situation to do, so I thought that it was because time was still short for fostering inosinic acid.

If so, it is speculated that a customer who bought an image product as a cornetfish at a reasonably cheap price, and if he was eaten it after hours, it was fortunate enough to have enjoyed the best taste.

Let's sell rare delicious fish ambitiously

In the issue of this month, it is an article that has occurred for several hours until obtaining a high-class fish called Cornetfish and commercializing it. In that article, even the so-called world-famous fish can not fully demonstrate its value if the "balance of supply and demand, timing of provision, cooking method, location and sales target" etc. do not engage well It seems that it was supposed to inform you.

It seems that Cornetfish is basically almost unlikely to line up at the super fish shops, most of which seems to be direct to the restaurant and Japanese restaurants, but it is said that there is nothing to line up at the fish shop In particular, in regional cities other than big cities, there is a chance to get it at a relatively cheap price if you care.

However, there are still doubts as to how many fish stores with knowledge and skills to make such fish a product of value worthy of purchase price exist in the whole country.

Currently the "fish knowledge and technology decline" by the flow of "rationalization, efficiency improvement, labor saving, parting, amateurization" which has been going on for a long time at fish shops nationwide is progressing more and more. And the existence of delicious fish such as Cornetfish inhabiting in Japan seems not to be seen and its selling targets are biased towards popular fish species with some familiar names, from such a biased sale form of fish sales , It seems that hollowing out of Japanese fish food culture is proceeding.

In the future fish shops in Japan, not only the popular fish, aquaculture fish, frozen fish, etc. well-known to the world, but also various delicious fish including rare fish such as Cornetfish are lined up in stores variously, Even a chef's professional rather than a general customer, I would like you to be able to purchase such an abundant variety of fish for purchase and that such fish shops will increase in the future.

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Date of updating 1 Sep. 2017