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Yellow grouper usutsukuri sashimi

Than this fish is of the standard Japanese name aohata, in general aona, kiara, kihata, namera, takaba, is the name hear more of the call you at the local, such as,It belongs to perciformes suzuki suborder grouper seven band grouper genus.


In the published edition of FISH FOOD TIIMES, No.149 Red-spotted rocked grilled sashim (2016 May issue), No.108 Grouper Chanko nabe (December 2012 issue), 42Grouper Usutsukuri sashimi (2007 6 month issue), the fourth time in this since has been taken up to a fellow of a total of three times seven band grouper genus ever.

Treated as a material's fish shop sales of Japan, and a fellow of the grouper seven band grouper genus that is used as a material for cooking in restaurant, also known as Ara and Que in each region of Japan, in Okinawa Mibai, and the Nebari in the Nansei Islands being called. Because there is also anyway count and more than 30 kinds, but that opportunity also increase handled in FISH FOOD TIIMES.

Yellow grouper is a small grouper that does not is too large in the seven band grouper genus, landings recently seems to have increased considerably, see that the price of at a store are provided at a lower than in the past price.

General of grouper fellow is he a synonym for luxury fish but, Yellow grouper is also slightly higher than the kg unit price of other popular fish at the time of buying, because the relatively small there are many, is not so high selling price per fish . So naked selling face-to-face corner of the fish department, to show on display as "goods for the show" is a handy fish is the person responsible as a convenient fish buying burden is not too heavy.


Recently in the supermarket fish department, but has been increasing store with a face-to-face naked selling corner, because the shop was newly started the naked selling is not originally familiar with the technique, there are many shops which are struggling to operate. The image above is one of the shops that I have been with the coaching target, but appearance that is face-to-face naked selling. As of this shop, in the size of one fish 10kg, even when assortment of expensive grouper that the selling price will be ¥ 25,800, not much is that stores that get along without difficulty to its operations.

Yellow grouper, which are lined approximately in the center of the above image, have given a selling price of 2,500 yen per fish and 1,480 yen, which is one-tenth or less of the price of the big Grouper that are placed on it. Yellow grouper is in the luxury fish of white meat, it is the presence easily to get will be appreciated. The raw fish naked selling corner, 15,000 yen of natural yellowtail, 7,000 yen of natural sea bream, so have also been lineup, such as, Yellow grouper of 2,500 yen and 1,480 yen, rather than the expensive fish that can not be very buy, cheaper look like feel to the fish, "the law of pine, bamboo, plum," is being used.

Raw fish unfamiliar immature fish department in the method of face-to-face naked selling of, it is in many cases you try dressed as somehow face-to-face naked selling in a so-called "method suitably deception". Because try to do such an easy way, it is the face-to-face naked selling is not successful. Without understanding the fundamental idea of whether face-to-face naked selling why we need, as well as trying to do this, will department itself face-to-face naked selling to them is going away collapse become a your luggage.

In the past, the author about what face-to-face naked selling of raw fish is why we need, in FISH FOOD TIIMES January 2011 issue in (No.85), "In the current fiscal year fisheries department leadership, the fish department is face-to-face selling ... "I wrote the sentence. Stay this sentence is in the eyes of a professional journal of the management and operation of food supermarket industry "food commercial" editing section, the author to food commercial of 2012. September issue, "round fish face-to-face selling and cooking service strengthening (renovated as a result, 200 percent year-on-year was realized) ", there is a history that describes the sentence.

But a little long, the article of the January 2011 issue, which has become its inception, in order to get to understand the face-to-face naked selling of the fish department, want to re-listed below.

Face-to-face selling is the golden rule

Tomoyasu Higuchi - Sentence respons - Jan.2011

More than 20 years involved in the task of teaching of the fisheries department, recently I have that feeling again strongly. It's about "the importance of face-to-face selling."
To the corner of the fish department providing a space of "face-to-face selling", shops selling fish in the form with an emphasis on customer service in there, it is often a generally good fish department of reputation.

It is a work of arranging the packed fish?
Because supermarket fish department, since has been progress in the historical form that was parallel with the sales method in the pre-packaged, there is a side to "be arranged a packed fish is the work" has been thought to in a sense.
Such a result that history has gone through, and in the worst example finish out the goods in a hurry and clattering noise to noon, for the sake of work afternoon to proceed in a rational manner the next day of the merchandise display, the work "charging for the next day." done by priority, "sell the products" is hardly as a seller of the retail industry even during the evening peak. In this way, not the retail business, not uncommon even fish department to a like way of working, such as the manufacturing industry.
This "charging business" is, in the meat department for a long time like a method that has been carried out as a matter of course, if I firmly setup before that charging within the previous day, most of the goods from the day after the morning stage will be lined up, we have heard that have received the benefits that it is difficult to cause a chance loss at the time of opening.

charging business of fish
Someone somewhere in a certain timing, the success method in the meat department because it has been brought to the fish department, I think to have begun the "decline of the fish department."
Basically the meat department products are finely developed in hundreds of different ones SKU the "three items of cattle, swine, chickens", because it if we are developing a variety of cooking applications, under the trade customers that are pre-packaged even, you do not need to ask so much detailed description.
However, speaking of whether the fish, rather than the 3 items as meat, at the SKU without items (fish species), about "100 items" in the entire fish department is usually, at a minimum even if limited only to the raw fish 30 the item is not uncommon.
And Speaking of whether they fish is in the cooking application-specific products such as meat, in the raw fish is not so, "as the round", as commodity also taken for granted that have not been cut by almost a kitchen knife, there It has been on display in.
The meat of the product, the customer back to buy these, preparing a simple dish to put a seasoned, live and placed in a frying pan or pot, but what about products that are lined up in the fish department. For the average customer, goods are seeking very high hurdle "cooking of the fish" in unabashedly is, are arranged while the fish department has been a lot of countless pack.
If so, speaking or not than can be cooked to 100% SKU all of the items such as meat department, to unfortunately allow it, a vast sales floor space and a lot of cooking work personnel, and because there is a lot of work time is needed, this is a pipe dream of the world.

Or to repel raw fish, or to enhance
One of the was taken as a countermeasure techniques, increase the cooked frozen fish and salt fish dried fish, cooking is in as much as possible to refine the raw fish of the required items, the company called a number of major supermarkets, basically to took the direction of the technique.
And as now as a result, in the shop of the company that has been referred to as the major supermarkets, shops that are evaluated to have a great appeal as the fish department, it was driven into the situation that almost no.
On the other hand, as a "a representative characteristics of the fish department shops" in place all over the whole country, small and medium-sized super off a big attraction are scattered here and there. To have a charm of their fish department and features of the store super, fish from customers to buy only this store without buying at other stores, there is also a shop that has received overwhelming support.
Super with attractive fish department scattered all over the country, it is not possible to evaluate all the same. And has its features and good in each of the shop, generally one of the things that can be said in the shop of the scale of the reputation belonging to such small and medium-sized has put a force on the raw fish that major supermarkets are hesitant to strengthen.

Whether the significance of face-to-face sales floor there are understood
Then the common feature of sales method raw fish, of course this is not all, it is often provided with a "face-to-face sales floor" in the corner of the fish shop.
There are various ways to face-to-face sales floor, orthodox approach to selling naked raw fish on top of the ice, the store has been a pseudo-naked selling wrapped raw fish in the film, and in face-to-face selling to set display the package goods shop that took a near form, have each been made various devise its own shop.
Among them, also all is said and done face-to-face selling royal road is, seems to be in the orthodox approach to selling naked raw fish on top of the ice. There is to mist directly from the machine that has been placed in the pipe and the top plate of the rear case is out, also there is no wall in the rear of the face-to-face sales floor, it has become the workshop of an open format, before face-to-face sales floor from the workplace to where the customer is present, employees can leave good footwork.
Thus, employees to be able to service approached to where footwork well customers, despite the provided face sales floor having such a structure fish shop, sufficiently the given structure if you do not that take advantage of, the posture and attitude of the employees feel really unfortunate.
Machinery and equipment, such as a mist generator also be included, be provided in the department, no matter how excellent expensive equipment, workers to understand the meaning of the machinery and equipment, if not effectively take advantage of it this just not only in casting pearls before swine.
In other words this is not only perhaps employees, I think the boss or manager, including up to eventually top management, the importance and significance of face-to-face selling, is firmly understood, and this happens because not been organized.

Face-to-face selling is the golden rule
Although face-to-face selling is believe that very important for fish department, I think this is to the description, such as the long paper that can convince anyone here, not a sheet of purpose, and let's stop .
Heretofore fish sales and of which I have experienced, that have learned as a fish consultant, and even from foreign countries of fish circumstances such as the Western, which has been Observations carrying even foot several times the past few years, there are things I have recently convinced.
It is that the "face-to-face selling is the golden rule" for the fish department.
Although face-to-face selling is not all of the fish department, this began to think that sales techniques must-have for the fish department.
From the characteristics of as fish products, is not growth in sales as long as you're doing the selling methods, such as mimicry of the meat department. While being fundamental qualities that fish have, it is a merit, the sides also exist as a disadvantage to the contrary, it is necessary to continue taking advantage while flexibly accept without denial from the head.
The history of the fish department is ever to establish an efficient sales method, we have introduced sales techniques that pack. By pushing the techniques that have been considered efficient it, customers will be become away from the needs that want to fish products, I think that this is also the side that such was not the growth in sales of fish becomes a bottleneck.
This means that fish products are, by deploying one of the few items like the products of the meat to a large number of SKU, things like meet our customers' needs, can not be from the fundamental characteristics of the fish.
Fish of the product, if the there is a limit to increase customer satisfaction by product development by pre-package, to be established in a different way is the sales method of obtaining Instead it with meat, fish sales go growth ahead it is not, it is also contemplated that would go deflated.
Based on an understanding of the fundamental properties of such fish, supermarket recognized sales method unfeasible in the pre-package is that it is necessary as equipment and systems of plus alpha, and now thriving shop and sign the nationwide fish department I think that going on.
I am not emphasize the idea, such as to deny the sales method of fish of the pre-package. That it is difficult part to enhance customer satisfaction in the sales method of fish products through pre-packaged, would argue strongly that there is a need to go supplemented by the sale of face-to-face sales technique.


In retrospect the movement of the fish department of the supermarket industry of about the past five years, or by introducing a raw fish face-to-face naked selling corner when the new stores open, and newly increasing number of place or to provide it during the renovation. While there is a company that sales has become a steady it as an opportunity, in order to fundamental idea is not understood, but it seems there is also a shop that is the baggage of the fish department, and from the above idea and super raw fish face-to-face naked selling corner to fish department of is the basic need.

Raw fish face-to-face naked selling company that is not able to skillfully operate the corner, and as it is pack the fish that are on display in the face-to-face sales floor, only the same raw fish is just lined up on a little only of ice, they are simply raw fish There is often not only to have been decorated with remains of the figure. It also farmed sea bream, squid, mackerel, horse mackerel, etc., is only is not in the tray normally fish that are stocked in anywhere in the competing store, yet not even look from the employee because not sell their fish not should not sell is appears to be left as it is.

Rather than deceive in such a way, it should be an assortment of raw fish that can not exert its good unless selling face-to-face naked, It's a fish of looking to get even rich sense of assortment of, for example, yellow grouper, also other companies can differentiate to express a sense of luxury that different.

When it comes to assortment the Yellow grouper, selling price must be prepared for around 2,000 yen at a minimum, a fish of such price is thing called impossible as long as there is no in the thriving shop to expect going selling from next to to the next it is. Also decorate it a few days, it is a height of folly to dispose at half price to price cuts to last. To display naked selling is the day limit, the ideal is retracted in the early afternoon on display in the morning, in the afternoon fillets and sashimi and sushi, and even more until closing is varied to fish prepared foods, such as boiled or grilled thing is sell out. If you do not be able to sell off the day, we must be changed in such goods to the next day.

If can not be sell off remains of round fish an item called Yellow grouper, this way fillets, sashimi, sushi, and fish prepared foods, we must expand to a variety of SKU. Store to carry out face-to-face selling is it is important to have this kind of a variety of means to digest the raw fish. If the store is very advantageous if high Guest rating is for high sashimi and sushi of products with added value, Ikeru was digested reasonably been changed to some sashimi even purchase a high-price luxury fish and sushi.

This means that in order to be successful face-to-face naked selling of raw fish, have also been stocked anywhere in the competing store, in the degree of technology and knowledge level of dealing with the masses fish that can not be differentiated in the assortment of the fish, it is that difficult it is. Not only luxury fish such as Yellow grouper, easily rare fish and that can not be stock, including such as unused fish less common, but it is important to hone the knowledge and technology that can accommodate a variety of fish.

When the yellow yellow grouper face-to-face sales floor of raw fish have been lineup, because there is a presence by the different kind of unique shades and other fish, it can appeal to customers that you have lineup a little upscale good fish. Since it is not a price that can not be very buy like a big grouper, yet it is also a fish does not lose its affordability while out the upscale image, which is one of the relatively efforts easy to fish species as a luxury fish.

However, it is not so easy to sell nevertheless as it is in one fish. If it is possible to use up all of its body in sashimi and sushi, but I think that's the way that it can be secured the best mark-up rate, and there is a handy that do not deal with sushi, side of the body must be sold in fillets. The following image is a relatively small size of the yellow grouper fillets and sashimi of the commercialization process.

Commercialization process of the fillets for boiled and pot cuisine of small yellow grouper
アオハタ アオハタ
1、Take the scales, to remove the gills and internal organs 6、To remove the head from the middle remove the bone side of the body.
アオハタ アオハタ
2、While leaving the head, put a kitchen knife from the side of the caudal fin. 7、Cut off the dorsal fin of the body where there is medium bone.
アオハタ アオハタ
3、As it is put a knife to his head, divide in half the head. 8、To remove the dorsal fin and the ass fin, cut off the head.
アオハタ アオハタ
4、Cut off near the caudal fin of remains connected. 9、While giving priority to the back side, cut off by taking parallel to the width.
アオハタ アオハタ
5、While wearing the head, it was dismantled in two state. 10、Half-length with a bone is to fillet of as much as possible equal size.
アオハタ   アオハタ
Fillets that could 2 pack in the bone with a half-length
Take advantage of the Boyle of the skin as Ashirai
アオハタ アオハタ
1、Boil the skin that was removed from the body with a knife in hot water, cool in ice water. 3、Chop slimming boiled leather.
アオハタ アオハタ
2、Boneless half-length to remove the skin 4、It has been boiled, chopped skin.
Usutsukuri sashimi of yellow grouper was served to Ashirai boiled leather


Greeted the season comes to decrease the future temperature, the highest in the delicious cuisine if the yellow grouper in a pot cooking. In addition, since the sashimi of white that was clear of the yellow grouper the higher the cost of goods and to hiratsukuri technique, I think that should nevertheless use the usutsukuri techniques to basic. Since fellow indeed grouper, even if there is no size of dozens of kilometers, enjoy the same kind of taste.

But because the yellow grouper is a not cheap fish, amount to sashimi is also limited, it becomes a commodity that can not be compete in the sense of volume. Therefore, in order to increase the added value, chopped and boiled skin taste has been condensed, which when attached as Ashirai, it is usutsukuri sashimi, such as the beginning of a book image.

Yellor grouper is but not a mass fish, should be able to get the image up of the fish department as also affordable luxury fish that size. This fish is not also hear that the resources are depleted, landed amount so stable, one in which we want to take advantage of as familiar luxury fish.

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