Jun. 2015 issue No.138

Alive rabbitfish hiratsukuri sashimi

Is this month's issue, generally necessarily evaluated rather than not high, let's refer to fish that rabbitfish never shown much interest as a fish to eat in Japan.

For fish called orange-spotted spinefoot is a fellow of rabbitfish, FISH FOOD TIMES previously published issue of No.91 hiratsukuri sashimi of orange-spotted spinefoot and have noted in (July 2011 issue), this fish luxury fish in Okinawa and but had told to be treated as, rabbitfish of this month's issue even though is the same fellow with the orange-spotted spinefoot, is a major difference that its not at all only treated as a low-grade fish to the opposite.

Food habits of rabbitfish belonging to the sea bass system sea bass eyes rabbitfish suborder rabbitfish department rabbitfish genus, although it that it's omnivorous that eating such as crustaceans, it is possible to eat in favor of above all seaweed, coastal seagrass beds disappeared to as one of the fish to make the cause of the "shore-burning of the sea", rabbitfish together such that hated brassy chub, which is a kind of fish's a fish that is the criminal treatment.

For the issue of shore-burning of the sea, I want to therefore reference wrote in detail even FISH FOOD TIMES previously published issue of No.116 Hiratsukuri sashimi of Brassy chub (August 2013 issue).

Rabbitfish is Speaking of why are treated as low-grade fish, by feeding habits of eating in favor of such as the seaweed, because seaweed is seasonal in the belly, because it intensely and smell also, the strength of the smell is disgusting as at is the first cause of crack.

But that smell of beach of this internal organs is the same in time has elapsed freshness fall of fish any fish, such as in particular herbivorous of a fish species Rabbitfish · brassy chub · girella, ate the seasonal though such as seaweed does not deny that there may smell intense, if basically quickly removed the internal organs, it smells it is no problem as long as that is not moved even to fish body.

Rabbitfish alias is also called a Bali, it is I thought the thing of the spines in the fin, is not the case, it is seems to mean that the "piss", Bali so to speak a "piss smell fish" is a term, lower even from its name, it will say that it is a fish of a little treat with contempt.

In addition, as the second cause of rabbitfish is disliked, back bire and buttocks bire you have a poison spines destination, when bitten by this spines, a that also be followed by a few days the pain from a few hours, and from the beginning hate the Rabbitfish, should some people shy away from it a treat.

Even if I was cooking the rabbitfish, I do not know actually because the experience is not it has been stung by a spines, but if it has been stung by a spines, the hot water of about humans is the temperature of the limit that can be put up 40~60 , If it is left to put a bite the affected area, the toxin is inactivated, it is that the pain can be reduced, but its authenticity is not clear, since the person once just in case to cook the fish in the field that knowledge would be better that had been put in mind.

Back bire and buttocks bire with poison, as the image below, the first which is cut with a kitchen knife in, should be cooking after removing the fins, even this is if first and then, any dangerous after never.

Fellow Rabbitfish of time in June ahead of July-August spawning season is a time when the ovaries becomes larger, and opened the belly as the bottom of the image, it is also often a huge ovary comes out.

In some areas, Rabbitfish is cooked on top of the fishing boat, fish body becomes the prey of directly discarded other fish to the sea, it is also a presence in that only this ovary becomes sale brought back to the harbor, the fish egg of Rabbitfish June it has become tradition to taste before and after the season.

So even if rabbitfish is applied to the trap net, everyone is usually take no notice, at the port, which trap net had been landed, the rabbitfish that fishermen have Could have said, "I'll give for free if you want." , I happily had been give me, but this is it rabbitfish of the that it was still alive to have state of the purchase price zero yen has been introduced in this month's issue of image.

The rabbitfish of alive I was cooking, by a huge ovary of about seem wonder where to find the internal organs, internal organs have been pushed to the corner, rather than inside of the belly to the disgusting smell, also almost smell no, clean, as is visible in the bottom of the image, it was much white large swim bladder is noticeable in the abdominal cavity.

When dismantling the fish body in three pieces,

Compared with the size of the fish body, the proportion of the abdominal cavity is large, therefore it is a fish body flat shape, yield rate can be determined just by looking that no means good.

However, purchase price is to be zero, also as is assigned price, because it should not only be presented price of dirt cheap, it is to have nothing to be concerned about something yield rate.

Sashimi of Intro image is a method to cut thick by hiratsukuri, even made this much firmly of volume products, the cost of he not only as it was may just a matter.

Removal of the skin in order to make sashimi or sushi, fish body where the surface from under the skin was covered with white subcutaneous fat appeared.


Look at the fish body of the image on the removal of the skin, but I think this person mistaken for red snapper is not, or would not those who mistake as a luxury fish and possibly parrot fish ...?

Upon completion of the removal of the skin, it knows it is for the whites have the appearance, such as the so elegant luxury fish.

Products that the fish body in sashimi is the preface of the image, was the nigiri sushi is an image of the bottom.

The author is making actually the sashimi and nigiri sushi on their own, try tasting it, and say whether the smell was not bad, not like that at all, So to say or taste bad, of this time about the snapper after spawning called straw snapper not be compared, and it was a tasteful taste seems wonderful natural fish.

For example, in the fisheries buyers of retailers, the cheap in large quantities is catch purchase price in Japan of coastal areas such as rabbitfish, moreover, showed no interest in dislike the delicious fish in the knowledge of superficial prejudice, always purchase price and is expensive farmed fish, such as at any time to purchase a simple foreign frozen fish, I feel doubt that there are people who only interested in things like these or stocking how cheaply.

In the local fish market that Japan you do not eat it in favor of the rabbitfish, sometimes in front of the Rabbitfish, which was stacked in a mountain of "Now it buy! Also forgive! Matter how cheap price" and cry, trading at a price of giveaway price sometimes you want to.

But in Japan, to understand the value of rabbitfish, there is also a region that you are eating in favor of this, where as a local tradition since ancient times, is as delicious way of eating Rabbitfish have been lore.

In the region of one of Wakayama Prefecture, called Shibukami the rabbitfish, also have been called under the name Ai in Shikoku Tokushima Prefecture across the Wakayama Prefecture and sea, both prefecture is dried overnight and grilled, it is relish in such boiled and seasoned that. Especially of rabbitfish to be completed by dried dipped about 20 to 30 minutes to about 3% of the concentration of salt water dried fish is, rabbitfish unique flavor becomes fragrance by dry, by further roast, seems delicious way of eating rabbitfish to enjoy the fragrant fragrance .

The people who eat in favor of rabbitfish that live in an area of Tokushima Prefecture Naruto City, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture and Okayama Prefecture Bizen, Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture facing the Harimanada is, eat in sashimi and seared (broiled) and boiled and seasoned to it's of course, but for the small rabbitfish, it seems to have the habit of eating in favor also internal organs as well as the fish.

In particular, a kind rabbitfish visceral who grew up eating eelgrass of sea grass (not seaweed) is said to be delicious, rabbitfish lovers of this region, the internal organs of rabbitfish called "vortex" or "spiral spring" than the fish itself it seems to eat in the boiled and seasoned.

For this reason, in the southern part of Tokushima Prefecture, it means that tasty enough to lick the thing because rabbitfish is left in the dish, seems rabbitfish is prized enough to express it as "lick the dish of Ai."

Because actually an author of my own also never ate cuisine, "we should eat more and more visceral by the rabbitfish grew up eating eelgrass of sea grass to boiled and seasoned" making a claim that is not too realistic , so seems the proposals floated in the air, it does not appeal such a thing.

But for example, in newspaper editorials, people in the field knowing the lofty position that has sounded the alarm bells in the tone of the "sea has been depleted rough fish resources" by ocean warming, ocean acidification and marine pollution, without any interest in most areas of Japan, such as rabbitfish not to line up in the fish department "lower fish" is seems not only fish species that do not even notice.

Is it such that you have to target what kind of fish to the depletion of fish resources, not only rabbitfish, but immediately there are fish who like brassy chub that are discarded into the sea when caught on a fishing boat, fishermen fish of these nuisance that is hated in, really I think what has been counted as fish resources.

For general level Customers only do not have knowledge of fish, lesser-known fish such as rabbitfish it is basically sell the possibility is low, because not to catch the target of fishermen, the possibility to expand the force to survive large might force diagram in the sea is changing significantly.

Recently, and a peek at the "Umirabo Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant off the coast of investigation report" that have been published on the Internet, in the waters of Fukushima nuclear power plant off the coast, such as cod, rockfish all sorts greenling Soi is the "explosive fishing results" representationIt is likely to catch enough to be. In other words, when the measures that a certain period of time prohibition of fishing are taken, more than the human that live on land is to imagine, the ecosystem in the sea is like going to change significantly.

It's a incidentally of the story, IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is the dominant cause of warming and acidification of the recent sea is concluded that thing due to human activities of fossil fuel dependency. However, this conclusion given the fact, such as "cosmic rays due to the influence of clouds, such as the Earth's magnetic field and ultraviolet light, and flexibility to the changing environment of the sea, which accounts for 70 percent of the area of the Earth", in relation to the sea of problems , I feel sensuously it's conclusion with a little unreasonable.

Topic is get back to the original story because had it from a little theme. Fish that rabbitfish covered in this month's issue, certainly but human beings can not say never to the main fish species eaten, only tuna and salmon because not a fish to eat the human, by unilateral prejudice, and of the human food It is removed from the target, and I want to say and I want a little attention to fish such as rabbitfish being shunned.

Since rabbitfish come different whether you eat delicious in its handling, but will need some knowledge about the rabbitfish, it is specially difficult thing is not nothing, add only a simple knowledge that has been noted in this month's issue I think it is because only, now a little want to have the interest in the rabbitfish.

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