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May. 2016 issue No.149

Leopard coralgrouper grilled sashimi

Formal Japanese name Sujiara, this is Akajin Mibai in Okinawa, the Amami are called Hajin'nebari.

This Leopard coralgrouper is as shown in the following image, with raw fish face-to-face sales floor of supermarkets in Naha, Okinawa, 1 fish had been sold in the selling price of ¥ 15,800.

I think the size of the farming red sea bream in the image is around 1.5kg, and the Leopard coralgrouper in the upper-right corner can understand that considerably large. It was entrusted commercialization of the Leopard coralgrouper of higher this about 6kg.

Leopard coralgrouper belongs to the Suzuki system Perciformes Suzuki suborder grouper Sujiara genus, is a fellow of grouper will be large, many things of showy beautiful color, is famous as a luxury food because generally taste good. Above all this Leopard coralgrouper is enumerated as one of the three major luxury fish in Okinawa.

By the way, Okinawa's three major luxury fish is a Akajin (Leopard coralgrouper), Akamachi (longtailed red snapper), Makubu (Blackspot tuskfish), FISH FOOD In TIMES, past to No.136 cachucho bone with head with fillets (2015 April ), and at No.89 Makubu Yushimo usutukuri (may 2011 issue), has been picked up for the other two fish species, readers may want you to reference.

Intro image was picked up at that time, lower left of Makubu Yushimo sashimi, is the lower right is the fillets of Akamachi.


FISH FOOD TIMES will be dealing with all of Okinawa of the three major luxury fish in this Akajin, so to speak, three large luxury fish said to have "conquest".

Among the three fish species, Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Family: Serranidae Subfamily: Epinephelinae of a fellow Leopard coralgrouper (Akajin) is, most increases, price also highest, taste the best, just is the presence that it can be said that the real super premium fish.

For fellow of grouper, I want you to reference because it mention even No.108 Alla Chanko nabe (December 2012 issue), but the average wholesale price of grouper in the Tsukiji market as of March 2016 is 2,752 yen/kg, and it indicates that this transaction price is a luxury fish, grouper average wholesale price of the past five years of each month (2011 to 2015), the December and January is more than 3,000 yen/kg the highest on, in may of the cheapest price is about 1,700 yen/kg.

Leopard coralgrouper of luxury fish's one of the most easily digestible way that the sell off in sashimi and sushi, but because of the grouper fish comes out a strong delicious taste from the bones and skin as well as meat, the fish as well cuisine in order to use up, in the shop's what you want advised to get to buy in fillets to our customers.

Fillet of Leopard coralgrouper
1, there is a projection, such as a rigid needle in the back of the gills of grouper, but the painful thought to the touch with a bare hand, want to take advantage of as a product without discard retrieved internal organs.

3, abdominal part is not represented the value feeling when filleted, so are suitable for broiled by the skin is thin, not the fillets for purposes of broiled of sashimi and sushi.

2, half the body does not dismantled in three pieces, and for the fillets remain with bone. 4, not only the part of the back, head also sickle portion is also utilized as a commodity.
5, abdominal part is not included, to commercialize the fillets in the back meat and head with a bone. The amount is seen as two-thirds of the side of the body, and simply converted from 1 fish of the selling price, 1 pack becomes a luxury fillets of selling price 650 yen.

The following is a sashimi.

The lower meat without the middle bone is divided into the back and belly, only to remove the skin back.


Abdomen in order to broiled also with both the upper meat and lower meat, arranged on top of the crushed ice while leaving the skin.


Broiling the surface of the skin with a burner.


Place the surface of the skin you broiled facing down, cool the skin tinged with heat roasted with ice.


And lower abdomen to broiled the skin, has been the commercialization of sashimi and sushi as follows.

Leopard coralgrouper broiled hiratukuri sashimi Leopard coralgrouper broiled nigiri sushi


Now, to commercialize in sashimi and sushi the back of without skin.

After dividing the lower meat without a bone in the back and belly, use the back of without skin.


Because the fish is large, divide the back to two.


Leopard coralgrouper hiratsukuri sashimi Leopard coralgrouper nigiri sushi


Not separately but the broiled and without skin, tried to dished together.


Leopard coralgrouper may be to the sashimi from then usually remove the skin, but since no hard and skin as longtailed red snapper (Akamachi), by delicious also Yushimo or broiled, while taking advantage of in this way the skin , it would be good to finish in goods with a value sense of incorporating the change.

On the other hand, for rather than raw cooked dishes, so I could not this time providing the opportunity, try to introduce borrowed the image of the restaurant.

Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, fishermen shop Aguncha, boiled Mars of Leopard coralgrouper


Since theLeopard coralgrouper comes out a good taste from the bone,Leopard coralgrouper Mars boiled is delicious juice. By utilizing this, it seems to be the best of taste and create a "Okinawa soba" in Okinawa. This recipe puts the flavor vegetables such as green onions after the bone grilled, take the soup slowly and carefully, adding Katsuodashi, when seasoned with only salt, it seems out of the delicious delicious taste of fine and elegant surprisingly.

Leopard coralgrouper of luxury fish, 1,500 to 3,500 yen/kg in Japan, by is also popular in China in the country, is that are traded at 10,000 to 20,000 yen/kg. Leopard coralgrouper is still the amount of distribution because it relies only on natural landings even less, but he has become such a high price, here recently also began efforts to full-fledged Leopard coralgrouper farming.

For the farming of grouper has already been established in the malabar grouper, it is in a stable manner shipment towards from Okinawa as ingredients of the pot cooking on the mainland area. In such a time, Leopard coralgrouper to leverage that subtropical research center has been established nearly a seedling production, Ishigaki is towards its land-based aquaculture, while receiving the technical guidance of the center, to test farmed in seedling supply facilities It has been working.

And on February 16, 2016, Ishigaki is grown from fry the Leopard coralgrouper in a water tank, is grown to more than 500g of shipment size over a period of about two years, it announced that for the first time succeeded in land farming, Ishigaki is that of that envisions the deployment of Leopard coralgrouper farming business and the development of new fish farms in the field of view.

Leopard coralgrouper of luxury fish that can not eat quite by the height of the price, if a full-fledged farming started in them, you want to expect or not than lower price to buy even at some common people.

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Date of updating May.1, 2016