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Nov. 2016 issue No.155




Shanghai crab cuisine

Shanghai visiting

Every year the November issue annual "fish circumstances overseas edition" is Shanghai's of China this year.

Speaking of why chose Shanghai in China, it is but there is a thing I've heard the word "Shanghai crab", that without that eat that you have seen it, there is interest that's what I want to eat one time , in passing the fish situation explore travel in China, it was to "Shanghai crab" as the biggest fun.

Season to eat the Shanghai crab is determined. From October to December is a season, female if eat in October, male if November is said to be delicious. This time was a great time of just 10 end of the month.

First arrived in Shanghai, the first was looking forward to was to ride in the linear motor car that runs at high speed at a speed of 430km in the city center from was written travel guide Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Per hour 430km feels for or with, there was expectation that.

リニア リニアモーターカー リニアモーターカー

But the author is in the car of a linear motor car, when but had continued to look all the way to whether the speed display board more than 400km, that eventually exceeds the 300km was barely. 400km, let alone, not reach to 350km, I was disappointed in that you do not differ greatly in comparison to the Japanese Shinkansen.

On the morning of the second day, and look out from the hotel on the 17th floor of the window, Shanghai sky was cloudy pattern, such as the lower left image. And the third day of the lower right image, with light rain pattern is applied from the morning, and more come on even a full-fledged rain, it was not able to see even once sunny interval in Shanghai of four days. And not the distant view may not rain even if it rains hazy, weather you do not clean it it was was continuously until the end.

上海 上海

On the second day it was decided to give priority to know the distribution situation of Shanghai. As a means of transportation, I decided to ask the MK traffic Shanghai Branch planning of "Taxi 1 day rental (within 9 hours 100km)" of Japan. Prices so 800 yuan in one day (Japanese yen at about 12,000 yen as 1 yuan = 15 yen), Japanese does not Spoken at all, in English was also heard that almost no-class local, than overlaying the strange struggle it was because I believe that an effective means.

Because MK Transport of Japan, I thought speak Japanese, driver's did not speak at all English as well as Japanese. Rely on Chinese Japanese translation software of the smartphone the driver's is thought to have been passed from the company, read the there indicated character, it was supposed to be a conversation with me. When you can not understand the meaning even with it, call the MK traffic branch driver's is using its smartphone, employees who can speak Japanese and I have conversations smartphone, employees of the branch to the driver its contents tell, and he became to use the roundabout way that. By the way thing with and ask the driver that can Japanese one day 1,200 yuan (18,000 yen).


I went to the local Hisamitsu department store food department in the first to Hisahyaku Yancheng Square. Because the shop had gotten the information that there is a fish department, first of all is because I wanted to see the state.

Although the fish department of the store was felt like exactly is directly transplanted Japanese style, commodity content that lineup has just sashimi and sushi, a round of raw fish or fillets does not exist, so to speak, "sashimi sushi department" .

上海魚売場 上海魚売場


Sashimi and sushi of the contents of the product, surf clam, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna, shrimp, whelk, flatfish edge side of, crab meat, etc., only thawing of basically frozen fish, is the raw material that is not frozen was only salmon.

The contents of such thawing fish mainly, because the height of sashimi of the price is 20 yuan in one mountain 3-4 slices (300 yen) from 25 yuan (375 yen), there is a high wealthy of basically income It seemed to be business to the other party.

Just look at this situation, I think that does not mean that know the Chinese fish situation, I decided to move to the next location. But in fact, Hisamitsu the department store arrived before more than 20 minutes o'clock opening time of 10, it will be to spend about 20 minutes until the opening time, the place that carried the foot to the Jing'an Temple in the just next to, so to amazing coincidence I met an interesting spectacle.

Jing An Temple

上海静安寺 上海静安寺

Jing'an Temple is derived from the third century the Three Kingdoms period, which is one of the famous temple that affected the long history of the Gangnam area. In 1953 Jisho priest founded the altar field of the Shingon sect in the precincts, esoteric Buddhism of the training hall that had been extinct long since the Five Dynasties was established. But Buddha statue and broom at the time of the "Cultural Revolution" of 1966, met with exhaustive destruction, Jisyo priest is the face of persecution, the monk was exclaustration reluctantly. After that part of the temple was rebuilt, it becomes a plastic factory, also Buddhist sanctum that remained in 1972 was destroyed by fire becomes a fire, Jing An Temple and became the ruins of one side. The Chinese government in 1979 and designated as a religious temple again, the State Council in 1983 approved the Jing'an Temple as one of the Buddhist nationwide emphasis temple of Han district, is currently Jing'an Temple Shingon Buddhism training hall of the most important esoteric Buddhism of inland China It has become.

上海静安寺 上海静安寺

上海静安寺 上海静安寺

It needed 50 yuan to enter the inside of the temple. Once inside the grounds, such that is has been done as of something Buddhist ceremony, and have seen for a while the state, was found to be a familiar Hojoya in Japan.

Hojoya will release the captured fish and wildlife in the field, it is a religious ritual to admonish the killing. Consists of the Hojoya China founder Chiken of the Tendai sect of Buddhism is mercies to see the state in which abandoned the small fish that are not in money that fishermen have been fishing, that sell their belongings, and bought the fish, it had been released into the pond It is beginning to.

The author is in Ho Chi Minh visited in 2011, have put the birdcage on the streets of the nearby temple temple, and pass the money to the woman who is in near that, there is a thing that I saw is it business to release the birds from the birdcage but, this is also probably a one in the form of Hojoya.

In Japan, over the 18 days from September 12 every year in Hakozakigu of Fukuoka City, is grandly performed as one of the Hakata three festival, there is a festival that has been popular as the fall of the event, generally read as "hojyoe" Hojoya that is, reading the traditionally "hojyoya" in Hakozakigu and Hakata, it has become a festival to dedicate gratitude to comfort the spirits of living creatures.

As the author has encountered happened to Hojoya in China Shanghai Jing'an Temple rather than in Japan, because he felt that it is something destiny as those who are involved in selling fish, try a donation to the main hall monetary offering box It issued a wallet. Then wallet itself slipped from the hand, went down to the monetary offering box, I was very surprised. But with the help of the thickness of the thick became wallet with fortunately 100 yuan bill, wallet without sliding down the gap between the monetary offering box will stop at the last minute, finished all his his money in the nick of time without donation . Not become a really tremendous thing, there was somehow one relieved one-act.

There is no more expensive bill 100 Motosatsu in China, so is pretty thick also wallet without having to exchange the great amount of money, made to feel like a rich somehow suddenly. However, when 30 sheets exchange for the 100 yuan bill back in the country, 10,000 yen bill does not become only four.

Shanghai Qibao temple

To learn by experience in a small incident to cool the liver, it decided to withdraw the Jing'an Temple early. On this day because the author has chartered a taxi that can run the 100km, and tourism go from the center of Shanghai to Qibao Temple of riverside district Ancient Town located on a side of the suburb of about 15km, to return from there to the city center while, was in route to visit the shop of the distribution relations.

上海七宝寺 上海七宝寺

Since the China coastline facing the sea in spite of the vast country are not many, eating fish is not a center of marine fish, river fish that live in fresh water is the main. This image is a waterway next to the Qibao temple, but the fish that are caught in such such Creek is as lot of as edible.

Narrow alley leading to the Qibao Temple, was a number lined tremendous crowded the food shop and souvenir shop for tourists.

七宝寺 七宝寺 七宝寺

七宝寺 七宝寺 七宝寺

七宝寺 七宝寺 七宝寺

七宝寺 七宝寺 七宝寺

七宝寺 七宝寺 七宝寺

As you observe the foods that are aligned in the narrow streets crowded with tourists visiting from all over China, many things that most of it was the material the rice flour, and even more in addition to the vegetables chicken and quail meat and eggs, pork, there is abundant to sheep meat, which was the fish and material was nothing.

In other words, the more fish dishes in China is that it is not rooted in the common people of life, fish food culture just to look at these in China has been able to understand is that not as strong as the base.

Tongchuan Fisheries Market

The Qibao temple tourism in the modestly, for a little more know the distribution situation of the fish, the next was to be directed to the Tongchuan Fisheries market is located in the Putuo District of Shanghai City, northwest.

Tongchuan Fisheries market opened in the 1990s, there fisheries wholesaler hundreds in the site area 14,000, it is open from early morning to early evening.

上海魚市場 上海魚市場

However, this market is it has been written in the red curtain of the upper-left image to be closed with just the end of October I visited. Already under preparatory work for closure as the upper right image is in progress, but fortunately it comes to was able to see the last figure of the old fish market.

Coincidentally, that is exactly with the time to transfer it to the Tsukiji Fish Market is Toyosu, is indescribably interesting timing. It becomes a big problem in Japan, but not progressed smoothly, What will become really the case of Shanghai. In China, it seems there is also the fact that it is 10 years from out rumors of relocation, but it seems that there is no almost certainly being closed and look and appearance of the pre-construction work, there is no such thing as Toyosu in the relocation destination anxious whether.

上海魚市場 上海魚市場

Although I think it's because it is the stage of cut for a week until it is closed, the level of clutter and filth and dirtiness of this fish market, as in the two images of the above, there is no thing that I've ever seen it was severity. More than anyone else I wanted to run away even the author, which are accustomed to the smell of fish.

A number of wholesaler's in the store, the live fish aquarium is the main, freshness management of the box products that are not in the water tank is lousy, as it can in sashimi and sushi is felt can only choose from in the tank.

上海魚市場 上海魚市場

上海魚市場 上海魚市場

Was noticeable in marine fish, pomfret, yellow croaker, hairtail, and the like Suzuki, also freshwater fish are in the grass carp, such as carp and mullet of the half blood, in as Black fish Japan called Taiwan loach snakehead, such as mandarin fish like a small Common lentjan, it was conspicuous.

Among them is an image of the following was a little surprised.

上海魚市場 上海魚市場

I think it is probably that it is the raw Atlantic salmon that has been brought from Norway is that was selling at room temperature wrapped around the block to the film, also on a styrofoam lid, cut the required portion to the customer , removal of skin also was to have been carried out on it.

This without even health management freshness management, even in now China, the raw salmon as a raw material, which boasts the highest popularity as a material of sushi and sashimi, was supposed to worry seriously whether all right in such a treatment.

The author is resulting in long in this kind of place for work if the original, and will look at this spectacle, became want to head to early to another location.

Carrefour and METRO

And toward the next place, I went to Gu bei Carrefour in the hope that there is a full-fledged fish department. Arrived to the store without the need for much of the time from the fish market, it was stopped by at the entrance of the security guard upon entering the store. And the author is asked to put in that camera in the bag bring, I was of in accordance with the begrudgingly that indication.

Although the store of fish department was also such as naked selling of fish on the ice, the basic is the principal assortment of frozen fish, was a state, such as the opening leave that to the fish department customers not almost. Since this shop not interesting and not be achieved half of purpose, toward here also decided to leave immediately to the next destination.

According to the description of the driver, the next step is that the largest in Shanghai retail store, there was a METRO Mai zhu long store of Germany-based distribution.

When the author is about to enter the store from the entrance, it had been stopped by the employees here.

So was called from female employees, and I will respond in English, seems to have determined that it is a Japanese rather than Chinese, and "Is Japanese? Does not put the non-members is in" in Japanese It has been described. With me is troubled face, she said, "Please wait because it creates immediately a membership card", who pass the handwritten number immediately to the paper on the spot. She told me to put in the store to say that the show it at the cash register shopping it's okay.

It could be particularly entering without being pointed out problems with that holding the camera. And slowly toured the store, was supposed to be some of the shopping.

First of all is the state of the fish department.

metro metro

metro metro

As shown in the above image, the kind of naked selling of raw fish on the ice has also been enhanced, there is also a live fish aquarium, the number of frozen fish a lot, especially for the Shanghai crab, large 88 yuan, in 45 yuan, small 26 original, and three types are arranged in the law of Sho Chiku Bai, I was impressed with this store's pretty big deal.

Although the store is fresh food, including fish products it was also quite substantial, also was a highlight when all is said and done, was dry food, and other non-food in general, such as the below image. They are piled up like a mountain to the high ceiling of the warehouse store, was I think a glimpse into the future of the Western type membership store in China.

metro metro

metro metro

Upon completion of the visit of the METRO Mai zhu long, because one end of the distribution of fish was felt to have been little seen in China, taxi rental but was up to 17 o'clock, I went back to the hotel to pay for 16 at fee. And, it was supposed to be preparing for a time of the greatest purpose "food fluent Shanghai crab".

It is a restaurant for his recommended Shanghai MK, it was to be the No. 1 ride in the nearby hotel "Shanghai No. 1" to the 17 o'clock opening.

State of the future ahead, trying to be referred to the next page.

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