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Nov. 2016 issue 155-2

Shanghai crab


shanghai crab

Shanghai fish cuisine

Shanghai No. 1

Finally the time has come to eat the Shanghai crab. Immediately a short walk from the hotel, was visiting to 17 o'clock in Shanghai MK has recommended me Shanghai No. 1.


Inside of the restaurants are gorgeous, I understand to be a first-class restaurant.

Menu booklet is also a splendid, but none was wondering how can I order, first chose the whole steamed the Shanghai crab. Size is only one kind, because the price is such that 140 yuan, was ordered without any hesitation.

And as another fish dishes, with a batter that jumped out like a pine cone in mandarin fish, I chose the cuisine of Son shoe Gui Yui wearing a sweet and sour fried it whole.

Fish pronounced Yui in China, because this is referred to as the completely same Yui also in Okinawa, the old days of the Ryukyu nation was allowed to guess that there was a thing that is common in China area and culture.

上海魚料理 Son shoe Gui Yui 157 yuan, which has been first carried

Although this is interesting batter, such as the pine cone that jumped out, it is only the bottom line of fish less about do not know where they are, could not become somehow to feel like eating just batter, eat all It was.

Then, came doing much delayed from its cuisine, it's Shanghai crab of the biggest theme.

上海蟹 Daajaashie  Steamed Shanghai crab 140 yuan

Look at the size of this Shanghai crab, I had involuntarily groaned as "Wow, small ...".

As a author, when I imagine it would be adult about the size of the blue crab, it is only about the size of an adult fist, was a big disappointing.

Since that salvation was a female, it was that the ovary there was plenty to like the image.

上海蟹 上海蟹

I will be I think it was a failure that chose the restaurant not only assortment Shanghai crab of this size, it had to blame the Shanghai MK who recommended me. I had to regret remains, as the final finish of the day.

Therefore, in the thought of the not go back to Japan, leaving this regret, it was to be the next day Shanghai crab revenge.


Now, checked on the net, page turning the guide books, decided to search for my power, it was not allowed to leave later regret. And I chose restaurant was Jiujiang restaurant of "Chenglong Wanfu". This restaurant is that of to have their own farm, the Japanese also many, was determined here because such things and also a good crab food specialty store reputation.

The evening of the next day was rain all day, if also carried out before o'clock opening 17 with the intention of the first one this day, already 10 or more people to avoid the rain had to hang out in the restaurant of the Hall. There are three sets of Japanese couple who seems to enjoy the trip to China after retirement with a guide, was supposed to be a somewhat nostalgic think to hear from are talking about Japanese addition Kyushu accent . Author is also up to two years ago, was enjoying at one time of overseas travel to the year every year to take a wife. But destroy the father physical condition of his wife, which celebrated its recent 90-year-old, for that to be hospitalized are transported by ambulance worry have repeated several times, was supposed to leave the wife this year following the last year in Japan overseas travel had a feeling sorry and regret.

Its restaurant, not only in Japan people, Europeans and Americans, Koreans, such as Chinese, to see that about dozen people from the previous opening is coming a lot, I'm sure there is no mistake, if here the I was convinced.

Once inside the restaurant, inside has a first floor and the second floor became the stairwell, was a good atmosphere is the stage also had to be able to also play musical instruments.

上海蟹料理専門店 上海蟹料理専門店

Since the author of one customer, became the other customers and Sharing a table in a round-table. Korean female one, a Chinese mother and daughter duo, Chinese parent-child trio, was supposed to surround the table with a total of 7 people. And, although the three sets of six than I was ordered to choose a prematurely course meal, Author had looking through the in the carefully menu I think that'll not fail precisely this time.

The main Shanghai crab is in the matter of course be chosen separately, we decided to choose an intermediate 388 yuan of magnitude which corresponds to one of magnitude 5 stages of the Shanghai crab shown Hall staff. But is 388 yuan price I felt quite high, because I felt a huge dissatisfaction with the previous day 140 yuan, it was decided to buy the feeling of satisfaction to take the plunge. The staff if the male, not a female, has been recommended towards the more larger than the male, it was the female declined of course.

Only the author chose separately rather than a course cuisine, beforehand to bring that it is Shanghai crab this is to steamed from now, her showed me a thing of the following image.

And move around during transportation, or each other hurt with scissors, because the foot would take, bind crosswise In this way the Shanghai crab in a straw.


Since it is a course meal, other guests of the same table that does not show me in advance Shanghai crab is, was willing to look at this as "Ho' ...". But Author is quite the contrary, it was was disappointed with the "Wow ...! Not only in such a magnitude".

And a look at the steamed finished the Shanghai crab, was a further disappointment.

上海蟹 上海蟹

And the size of the last night of Shanghai crab, how much difference it! Of about three times near 388 yuan price Shanghai crab is, Are not only this magnitude? ...

Although it turned out, Shanghai crab is he also the standard ones less in a 200g ~ 250g, about length 6 ~ 7cm. Enough to fit in the palm of your hand is of an average size.

And I was finally convinced. Shanghai crab is because they are at best not only in this size, was of that there is unreasonable to try to find the ones originally large, was understood by finally try to act on their own through this day as the day before experience body It was.

The day before, the Shanghai No. 1 Shanghai MK had recommended, just mostly locals, had been felt to be less tourists, locals in the reverse has been less the only tourists to the other party "Chenglong Wanfu" It is much more conscientious in fact than Jiujiang restaurant, towards the Shanghai crab of Shanghai No. 1 seemed to be the cost performance was high.

On this day Author paid a lot of money also 5,800 yen in the Japanese yen against the Shanghai crab one animal of about the size of an adult fist. Partial to eat, red ovary part, gut gland in yellow, and only is only a little bit of white shoulder meat, there is no place to eat too small even try to eat the legs. Such Shanghai crab, very poor cost performance, is that he a indescribably luxurious food was found at last.

In China, Shanghai crab is like to have something like arouse a man of romance. Not intended to be eaten so willingly because very upscale food, "one of them someday, I want to become the identity that is eating heartily the Shanghai crab" for China in men is the presence that I think, speaking replaced in Japan, "someday heartily want to eat the puffer fish in a Japanese restaurant" Japanese seems something similar as yearn with.

Such Shanghai crab not only eat only itself by steaming, it can be increased for the first time its value by the variety of dishes like image below using these.

上海蟹料理 上海蟹料理 上海蟹料理

 Steamed crabs 125 yuan    Crab powder tofu 48 yuan     Crab meal 32 yuan

Shanghai crab

To begin with what that the Shanghai crab, Author did not know anything, not even examined, such as its size, came to Shanghai in a haphazard. For this reason, so to speak with the body, but was supposed to understand it, let's organize to below even the head rather than the body it.

English name Chinese mitten crab "mitten is derived from the fact that the nail is reminiscent of the mitt-type gloves" is a kind of China and the Korean Peninsula east coast part native Grapsidae of crab, was called Sina Mokuzugani the old days in Japan.

Shanghai crab is distributed over a wide area from China's Yangtze River basin Liaoning mainly to Guangdong Province, also distributed in the Korean Peninsula.

Shanghai crab's freshwater as the base, but because larvae that grow in a brackish water from seawater, parent crab must be moved to the estuary and the coast to spawn in both male and female, female seawater after reproductive estuary in autumn move lay eggs in, to protect the small eggs of not short of 0.4mm to hatch suffer a lot to neuropodium. When you release the hatched larvae into the sea, and even after repeated spawning and two or three times copulation in winter, it does not return to again the river to death by exhaustion.

Shanghai crab is famous for a long time as invasive alien species, it has been selected in one of the world of invasive alien species worst 100. While expanding the widely distributed so that you have a life force to expel the native of freshwater crab, all of commerce in order to prevent the spread in the United States is prohibited. Shanghai crab that can diffuse distribution while quickly is because the ability to penetrate into other aqueous move the land.

Also be specified for a particular alien species based on the Invasive Alien Species Act in December 2005 in a Japan, is bringing to the Japanese domestic living individuals are strictly regulated, but the living was imported from already China as food in Japan individual has in circulation, seems to have been made also farmed in Yamagata Prefecture and Akita Prefecture.

Japan of Mokuzugani (scientific name Eriocheir japonica, English name Japanese Mitten Crabs), although it is said that the closely related species of Shanghai crab, but the situation that Mokuzugani (Tsugani, Zugani) and Shanghai crab are discussed yet whether the heterogeneous of the whether the same kind . Either is also said to have regional diversification, since there is no difference of enough to be referred to as a subspecies, speaking of Mitten Crabs refers to the Shanghai crab (Chinese Mitten Crabs), has been that it most of those scholars Shanghai of the crab and Mokuzugani same.

Well, try and soon also enter to wrap up this month's issue.

Although Author was interested from the previous country of China, had come missed the slurping and opportunities to visit ever since it is not necessarily in particular have their own work.

This time was chose dare to China, which has made it clear that's one of the countries that should not be the feeling that my wife was not able to be accompanied to go to the absolute travel from earlier. Last year to South Korea was also the same reason.

Author also, Japan and the political relations and that it can not be said that never good between China, there is also such as both of public antipathy emotions, it was not without those feelings to be some hesitation. But there is a think of that there is no substitute for his experience to also know the fact, as the countries visited a single trip without my wife was of China has been determined that it is the best.

And the other one, because it was the timing that was finished reading "Sterope of welkin" just Author Jiro Asada on the back of such a decision, Shanghai is the stage of Beijing and Tianjin and the location of the novel is changed to the same China but different rather, it was was not overwrought feeling of want to see look absolutely China at one time.

Because it is only four days this time, but may not be said that nothing was found end to the superficial only, after making and before going, the image feel that was considerably changed to.

Shanghai to act alone, but was so many of experience can not be very write in the paper in this issue in that, when all is said and done most worryingly, it is English was to not-class at all. But to go to a foreign country is Japanese not be surprised in any way because such a matter of course not to-class, also went to where really in China, why so much English that not-class in China was a big surprise.

Mean this fact is, is controlled also Chinese society shows a "that you are or action or considered to be within the scope of the Chinese" very limited, addition by foreign information on the country of control because with that, society is a reality that the opportunity to know that foreign is deferred yet Among the little closed society.

From social disparity between the court and the people up to large Qing era, and later turned to the now of the People's Republic of China, the basic living standards of people of food, clothing and shelter, but seems to have been remarkably improved, have been cut off long until large Qing era improvement of the "cultural" side of the common people is believed or not is going starting from now.

That whether to break the closed nature is of a "network society", or whether the burgeoning "foreign travel" for right now. China is just to feel that with the coming beginning of cultural development.

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