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Jan. 2019 issue No.181

Revitalization of fish shop

Is it true that fish will not sell?

"How to do a fish shop ...?" Certainly fish may not sell like old days. In Japan surrounded by the ocean, fishes were the fastest way to ingest animal protein from long ago. And since meat was forbidden to eat in Buddhism, it is no doubt that Japanese eat fish as compared to the past when it was such an environment.

And now, in contemporary Japan, diverse food knowledge and methods of cooking are entering not only as information but also as commodities from countries all over the world. Since various miscellaneous foods that had never before seen or eaten in Japan have been overflowing, it is surrounded by such things on a daily basis in Japan and "the existence of old fish dishes is getting diminished" It is a fact.

In other words, there are now many countless food and cuisine options in Japan, so if you do not make consumers purchase more fish materials to be used for fish dishes, sales at fish shops will not rise . It can be said that it is not easy now to win the fierce competitive environment because it is chosen from such various options. The reason why the sales of the super fish shop has recently stopped rise is because the opportunities for fish to be chosen as home cooking are decreasing among various such dish candidates.

Reasons why fish can not be sold include (1) Japanese hate eating fish, (2) children do not eat, (3) Western lifestyle has increased, (4) fish prices are higher than meat, (5) fish have bones , (6) Cooking is troublesome, etc, various excuses for which fish can not be sold are so to speak as a trivial problem. If we were to take the cause of these fish unsuccessfully, the fish sector will admit that "the fish will never sell for the foreseeable future", and the fish shop will be admitting a dark future as a declining department .

In fact, I feel that there is a tendency for fish sales to shrink more and more at the AEON Group stores actually, and perhaps for the management of the AEON Group "The fisheries department can not increase sales and representative departments that are hard to make profits" I think that it is captured. I guess that the idea that "fish shops are one of the pillars of fresh foods", which was a fundamental form of Japanese food supermarket from long ago, already has losing substances among Aeon Group companies.

Certainly, compared to the meat shop, the fish shop requires a lot of people and is inefficient and not profitable, so it is to be moderate to put emphasis on the fish shop, and instead It is possible that they think, you can mechanize and preparethat, handling items are few, and those who put efforts into the meat sector who does not need deep and advanced technology are reasonable to manage supermarkets.

I will not deny that idea. I think that probably it will come to such a conclusion if so-called "smart people" rationally build up thinking with logical thinking. AEON group reigning as a major distribution group in Japan has an unwavering position is confident that it can do with such thought,so it would be better.

If that goes forward in such a form, in the opposite sense, regional small and medium-sized retailers take advantage of weaknesses in the fish sector, which the Aeon Group consciously and strategically weakens, by putting in the fish sector, you can create a charm that is not found in major retailers like the Aeon Group, which can enhance its presence.

Sales in the fishery sector are more than doubled in 10 years

I will present it because there is one typical example. The graph below shows the numerical trends of the A fisheries department in the region where the author has been involved in the guidance of the fisheries department for 11 years. Sales in the fishery department were 220% sales in 10 years, compared with the time before the author did the guidance.

Since the number of stores increased only 4 during this period, the factor of increase in sales due to store expansion is insignificant, mainly due to the fact that the fishery department of existing stores has steadily increased sales. Of course, other divisions of Company A did not have such facts of sales growth, only sales in the fisheries sector progressed. For this reason, the division sales ratio in the company was about 5 to 6% 10 years ago, but now the composition ratio of sales in the fishery department based on all stores in 2017 exceeds 10%, and the fishery sector It has increased its presence within the company year by year.

This graph does not show concrete sales figures, but this is because the author's permission was granted by Company A under conditions that do not give concrete figures. The numerical change graph up to the year 2015 is a material that has already been publicly announced at a lecture meeting and this time it is a new addition of 2016 and 2017. For the sake of precaution, I would like to affirm that there is no exaggeration of 1 yen in this graph.

I think that it is good to say such numbers as "It is impossible figures! Tell a lie!" When the world is lamenting that fish can not be sold, but the author who actually taught the company A fisheries department for 11 years It is easy to prove that it is not a lie because it holds all past figures. However, since we are promising not to disclose specific figures, there is a limit to the expression inevitably and if we are told that it is lacking in concreteity, we can only withdraw.

The reason why the fisheries department of Company A was able to increase sales more than twice in ten years, in a word it is because policies and tactics based on the trend of the times and the environment put in place were successful , I am thinking.

In the region where Company A is located, it seems that "Rationalization, efficiency improvement, labor saving" was being shouted out loudly as a trend of the times from around 10 years ago in the retail industry. And the company that realized with the direction at the forefront won one situation, for example, a company introducing "centering" as a policy had enjoyed the spring of our world.

While the region is in such an environment, there are many companies trying to pursue after their success, and as a direction of company A, I suggested different policies and tactics from the concept of "rationalization, efficiency improvement, labor saving". The author expressed its position as "fundamentally against the policy of centering" and I guided to make it a fish shop where "customers can offer products of high satisfaction in terms of quality from price" when purchasing products at stores.

It does not ignore ease of buying, but we did not hesitate about the idea of offering goods at a price suitable for quality rather than forcibly realizing cheapness, while giving priority to something delicious, even if it is somewhat expensive. In order to realize the value-added product suitable for quality and price with the fish section of the store, it was necessary to train "human resources combining kitchen knife technology and product knowledge". For that purpose, the author has been conducting education on the fisheries department constantly every month every month, with the aim of converting part-time workers and mid-career employees into new employees and other mid-career employees.

As a result, the appearance of a fish shop displaying merchandise for sushi and sashimi, purchasing 40 to 50 kg class of aquacultured raw bluefin tuna every month every month now is a common scene. Companies that have the power to sell such aquacultured raw bluefin tuna in this supermarket at a supermarket size of 3,000 yen / kg or more in the form of GG says that almost no other company can find it even if it searches the whole country You can see. This is possible because human resources with knowledge and skills that can realize such things are growing up.

In other words, it can be said that one of the reasons why the fishery department of this company increased sales was "human resource development investment."

Strengthen sales of fish customers want to eat

In the first half of this article I wrote about various excuses that fish can not sell, but the environment that we want to make such excuses is almost the same in the region where A company is located. It is not in an environment where something is working advantageously to purchase and consume fish, but sales in the fishery sector have been growing every year.

What is different between companies that mourn that selling fish does not differ from company A, considering the contents that I wrote so far, I think that the reader is aware of the difference between "strategic and tactical differences" and "human resource development investment" , but that is not all.

Another factor is one of the success factors that has been strengthening sales by targeting fish products that Japanese consumers feel that they want to eat and needs are increasing. When customers buy fish, there is a growing need for items that can be eaten immediately without troublesome cooking, based on the background of the era, a strategy is set up to strengthen sales of "immediate food products" at the fish shops, author is to do proposing and implementing various tactics to realize is also a major factor in the increase in sales.

The first one that will represent the immediate food product at the fish shop is "sashimi products" that existed from long ago, the second is "sushi goods", which has greatly increased demand in recent years, and thirdly it is still developing "Fish prepared goods"

Among them, sushi products are particularly noteworthy. In 2007, before the author entered the guidance of company A, one store was doing a small number of sushi shops in all the stores, I remember the composition ratio of sushi in the fishery sector is nearly zero figure. It is now impossible to divide the monthly sales composition of sushi products within the fisheries department by less than 20%, and on average even in the year, the composition ratio in the division is about 27%, which is the number one sales merchandise group in the fishery sector.

SUSHI has become a very popular all over the world, and even in Japan it is a regular that can be positioned at the top of the popular dish menu regardless of age and young. I have been thinking that it is bad to not handle fish products such as this popular sushi, as it relates to fish in the fisheries department.

This company A also raised sales of the fishery department by taking tactics to strengthen sushi sales. And at company A, as the sales of sushi goods rises as the year goes on, it is thought that the sales of fishery division as well as sales of fishery division have been brought to accompany it, so it is good to think that the sales of fish farming sector Is definitely a sushi product.

In addition, the author believes that sashimi products that existed long since the fishery department greatly influenced sales and profits are indispensable to fish shop sushi. For example, if you are trying to set a product using aquacultured raw bluefin tuna with a very high purchase price as the centerpiece of a fish store, not only sushi but also sashimi should be strengthened, and it is thought that it will be one-handed down and the success will be farther away.

And also sashimi is one of immediate food products, it is considered to be one of the goods suited to the needs of the times. However, commercialization of sashimi has a very high technical hurdle. For example, a product of 10,000 yen class such as this special ordering dishes image of this sashimi was made for publishing in a pamphlet in a company in October, but it is a technique to make such a product well you can not make it well with experience of one or two years. It is difficult to reach the level that convinces customers unless they have experienced a considerable number of years and have accumulated expertise.

However, how about sushi? For example, if the product is in the 3,000 yen class such as the bottom image, even a beginner's part worker can train for several months, it will be possible to create products with less problem. This image is not a product made by author, but an item of sushi the special ordering dishes actually made by a part worker of a company that the author is teaching.

In other words, fish shop sushi is not a product field with so high technical hurdle, and basically there is no fact that male regular employees are involved in sushi manufacturing on the shop floor anywhere, and there is a fact that they work almost exclusively with part-time employees . If you do good product development of fish shop sushi and you can get high evaluation from customers, it becomes a product group that is extremely attractive and productive in terms of labor costs as management.

Just one year ago in No.169 fish shop sushi style (January, Heisei era issue), supposing that the superior president would read the merit of fish shop sushi, "Still not notice? I wrote a subtitle of "The merit of fish shop sushi ..." and described fish shop sushi, but I do not know how many super presidents at that time could read it.

Another fish store that has received high praise from customers

Well, I think that some of the readers may also have a small supermarket manager. As a question from such a person, it seems that there is also a doubt that "Company A has made it possible by having a chain expansion with multiple stores and because of the scale advantage." As another reference example to answer that, I would like you to see the graph below.

This graph shows the sales trend of the fishery sector for six years at one store in one regional Super B company. Author started teaching the fisheries department in 2013, and the annual sales for 2012 that had not yet been taught and the annual sales (from January to December) from 2013 to 2018 In comparison with each other. Among them, figures for December 2018 are not exact figures because the figures at the end of the final month are based on guesses, but please allow me for details as it is only a small error in the year.

The B company fisheries division's sales in 2018 was estimated to be about 176.3% compared with 2012, slightly below the previous year's sales in 2017, but again in 2018 the sales have risen again. The rise in fisheries sector sales over the past six years is still continuing, and the author has confidential support that in 2019 the sales of the fishery sector definitely will grow beyond the previous year.

The composition ratio of sales of the fish shop sushi within the fisheries department of company B is maintained at almost 30% stably and can be evaluated to be higher than that of company A in terms of the support rate from the customers of the fish shop sushi . Since the sales composition ratio of sashimi products is also always 25% average, it can be seen that the composition ratio of sushi and sashimi does not divide 50% in total at company B. By the way, Company B continues to purchase more than 2 fish aquaculture fish tuna that goes over 3,000 yen / kg in one store in average in the form of GG a week on average. You should be able to understand how great that is, if you are a fresh-fish leader who operates a fish store.

In this way, in the case of company B, we set up a strategy to strengthen the sale of immediate food products as well as A company, focusing on products that are particularly popular among them, and using various means to strengthen sales Basically in terms of increasing sales of the fishery department. Both Company A and Company B are lawful on the principle that "It is important to position strong lead items as a major pillar to make sales" which is one of the fundamental theories of business.

However, the decisive difference between Company B and Company A is that unlike a mid-sized company that has multiple stores chained like Company A, it is not easy to train human resources over time from new recruits, It is almost impossible at all.

In any case, it is not easy to adopt new graduates' employees, so the fisheries department must inevitably rely on mid-career recruiters who experienced fresh fish work by other companies. If we recruit employees, if male fish experienced person submits an application, it is still a better one, and when it is impossible, we rely on inexperienced female part workers. Partner workers still have few people who work steadily for a long time. Small-scale companies always have common troubles with struggling human resources. In other words, it is always difficult to develop sales of the fishery department on the premise that it is not limited human resources, that is not necessarily highly skilled personnel.

Because the average age of people working in the company B fishery department is not young for both men and women, and it is a group of people who have repeated experience of life, it is not easy to summarize department management concepts and methods into one direction . For this reason, male regular employees who lead the department at the above position are always struggling to put together their opinions.

In company B fishery department that has such circumstances, a consultant like the author will be of some use there. Normally the author is older than anyone who works there, fish experience is over 40 years so it's longer than anyone in the field, knowledge of fish has been stored for a long time, and also knife teaching techniques have been trained. So the author can give various advice on the operation of the fisheries department.

I enter B company every month for 2 days, and are doing business such as fish shop management method, technical guidance and product proposal. When it comes to the sixth year, the author is more concerned with advice on how to operate the fishery department, such as how to respond to event festivals, how to work at busy times such as Bon-festival and year-end and new year shopping battles, rather than technical guidance and product proposal It is more common to be devoted.

For example, it is about the operation of "naked raw fish face-to-face selling" which is often discussed as one of methods of managing the fish shop that has been raised many times.

Differentiation based on immediate food products and naked raw fish face-to-face selling

From the beginning of the author's guidance six years ago, Company B has conducted raw fish face-to-face naked selling. And since the difference between good and bad time of raw fish is so big, everyone in the site knows that it is very difficult to maintain naked raw fish face-to-face selling in a figure close to the ideal . In addition, the author proposed to make a fish shop of naked raw fish face-to-face selling at Remodeling shop and a new store as one of the appearance of a fish selling place at Company A, and it has been realized. However, it is still a fact that there are only rare stores that can make an ideal figure even at A company.

But in this era, the author believes that naked raw fish face-to-face selling corner is an important differentiation weapon for the fisheries department. So the author has taught both companies the importance of the selection of raw fish face-to-face naked selling corner so far. Unfortunately, it is usual for both stores to be far from the ideal that the author is ideal. However, I decided not to forcibly shape just the shape, and I will seek to do as much product selection effort as possible on the day based on the landing and arrival status of the day.

The sales floor of naked raw fish face-to-face selling should never be high in terms of productivity per tsubo, but should be considered lower. From the manager of the company, it is such a place that asserts that it is declared that "such products are not selling so much, only by location and time and labor, such an unproductive sales floor is not necessary." So as far as we go through the history of the past at the fish store in the supermarket, the corner of naked raw fish face-to-face selling was erased one after another from the fish shop by a manager with such a way of thinking is there.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to produce results unless "face-to-face seller" is attached to such nonproductive sales floor to follow up promotion. However, adding a face-to-face seller to the fresh fish-to-door sales department can only be done at an urban department store with a very large number of customers or at a large supermarket fish shop with a strong customer attraction, and at a general supermarket very much It is not to be able to do.

For this reason, when the naked raw fish face-to-face selling is carried out in the supermarket of the normal scale that the author is guiding, (1) Set up a chopping board behind the counter, (2) put a doorway with a swing door next to it, (3) Employees proceed with the normal work by cutting board, (4) Take the fish to go out quickly from the side of the doorway if you enter the cooking order from the customer, (5) without getting tired of the conversation, such as the customer and fish cooking while the cooking, (6) At the same time, the sales of other fish products lined up at the shop will also be face-to-face seller, so that the work of any role can be received by one person, and it is made to improve productivity even a little.

Furthermore, if you bring an Incomprehensible index such as "man-hour productivity" to such naked raw fish face-to-face selling section with low productivity per tsubo, It will be impossible to install a face selling corner. In the first place, as in the fisheries department, man-hour productivity, and man-hour sales amount in the department where great difference of human resources by kitchen knife technology, experiences, knowledge etc. comes out, the ability to have skillful kitchen knife technology and abundant knowledge of fish It will be higher if the person holding it is, and it will be extremely low if there is no such ability.

To put it in extreme argument, if you gathered at the worksite and collected more than 30 years of players, it would be possible to realize very high human-time productivity, but then the department's profit and loss would be a big deficit. Such an index should be referred to as a result theory, but it is not useful as a target value at all, and human sales and human productivity are not something to set as target figures.

It seems like that at first glance, in fact the figures which are almost useless in the field are tightening the workers with numbers to make them breathless. And it was used as a tool to cut people in the fishery department where it is difficult to make profit and loss of department easily, and fish sales area was saved labor and we lost the appeal of product contents. As a result, we should realize that one of "numerical values that can be said to cause fish not to be sold" is human-time productivity.

In the previous issue No. 85 (January 2011 issue) about naked raw fish face-to-face selling, "In the course of the fishery department's guidance this year, fish face-to-face selling There is a sentence called ..." and then it is mentioned also in No.133 naked raw fish face-to-face selling recommendation (January, Heisei 20 issue), and in the September 2012 issue of monthly food commercial magazine " Contributing with naked raw fish face-to-face selling and strengthening cooking services ", if we had the opportunity, we have often communicated the importance of it.

And, it seems that the manager of the supermarket which understands author's idea in various places in the whole country has increased little by bit, and thinks that it is a phenomenon which should be welcomed recently. On the other hand, the fish shop should strengthen immediate food products that have increased processing degree like sushi and sashimi, while the origin of the fishmonger that sells the material itself, which is the opposite side of the market, is naked raw fish face-to-face I want more super managers to know that the way of selling is also important.

Even if there is an unproductive sales area called naked raw fish face-to-face selling in the fish shop, like the fish shop sushi of company A or company B introduced in this month issue, It is important to provide products that make me think that "I want to buy it once again because it is a bit expensive but delicious." If that makes it possible to increase repeaters rapidly, sales in the fishery sector will continue to rise.

Fish can sell more depending on way of thinking and method

As the theme of the January issue of the start of 2019 I have mentioned the method of "activation of fish shops" in the title "What to do fish shop ...?" As my idea. Have you read anything so far that you can reference somewhere?

Among the companies to which the author concerned, I introduced two examples that left the track record of revitalization. Of course, it is also true that there are firms that are not able to produce much achievements of activation guidance. Whether it falls on which condition will be involved, various conditions will be involved, but also whether you can or can not produce the results of guidance for activating the fishery department, the biggest branch point that becomes the division point, that person listens to someone's opinion I think that it is whether it has a frank attitude or not.

The most difficult thing in teaching activation is "person who is confident about their own power." Such a person is mostly ignorant of the world, and seems to think that he is the greatest. Because he judges everything within his narrow range of action, do you not know that there are many people with over power in the broader world, or he wants to know it daringly It has a conspicuous character which can not be felt.

In the end, if you catch the possibilities of things in a narrow category, the choices will be less, and if you think negatively with this, you will end up with nothing in the end . Certainly fish may not be sold compared to the past. But if you capture it from the minus side alone, sales can not rise. We have to make sales of fish in a positive attitude that it can be said that it is a bit optimistic, to boldly intensify it if there is even one, if any, and to draw out possibilities there.

Perhaps, if you think that the faint light that you see ahead may be the fish shop sush, if it might be the savior of the fish shop, thinking positively in that way firmly and positively , It is possible to revitalize the fish shop.

Companies that develop not only food supermarkets but also fish shops such as department stores and specialty shops capture the trivial phenomenon that fish does not sell, and if there is no definite grounds and neglect the fish shop as a declining department , It should be prepared to actively lend a hand to the decline of Japanese food culture. If people in a responsible position of such a company wants to carefully leave the roots of Japanese food culture, I would like you to take a more positive look at the fish sales area.

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