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Jan. 2014 issue No.121

Unachirashi sushiiAn eel boxj

It may become "a good news" to be informed hurriedly for New Year holidays.

A glass eels fishing of 2014 starting at the beginning of the month in Taiwan and China on two month ago November is different from these past approximately four years in the situation, and it seems to be with very good fishing, and the price of glass eels market price which a pond enter in Japan, and does it becomes in late December, and 1 kg falls down to the 600,000 yen level.

The glass eels price that 1 kg exceeded 2,500,000 yen last year and the year before last is to have been depressed to approximately a quarter of the last year at the end of December. Because eel market price just soared year by year for these four years, the eel product has completely deviated from a sale price, but it may be with "the good news" which possibility to regain force of the eel sale for a person concerned with industry which this falls into extreme sale dullness, and has been tormented again visits.

When this compares two months from November for the past 4 years to December, this is because the unloading situation of the glss eels in China, Taiwan is clearly different. A big difference right appears in particular in '13 and '14 to understand it by the following graphs.

Amount of a pond enter in Japan shown in the graph is the total that a pond enter, and did a glass eels imported by China and Taiwan.There are still few a glass eels from Japan, and a pond enter from now on, and a glass eels produced in Japan will be done. (most of the Taiwan glass eels enter via Hong Kong)

The glass eels fishing that started in China and Taiwan in early November is peak form like this graph. On the other hand, one Kagoshima of the glass eels chief producing center delayed a start of the fishing by a point of view of the resource conservation on 20th from this term when I said how about Japan. In this way, the good or bad of the fishing gradually becomes clear from the new year by having become shortening during the period that starts on December 21, and is expired on March 31.

It is not the thing which still knows it how much quantity is added to this to the end of March of the end in fishing season. And there is a really bold person predicting it when it may be like the following graphs if I will not agree in same Japan either, and a good flow in conventional China, Taiwan changes.

I think about the numerical value until 2013 shown in this graph with results level to work throughout the trade and must be it. However, I want you to watch this by agreement in this "being only a predicted value" to the last because periods more than half still remain for the glass eels fishing of 2014.

When it may be to a price of 250,000 yen at the same level as 2009 at 1 kg, according to it, the price of a glass eel that 1 kg exceeded 2,500,000 yen as of last year predicts it. This is approximately a one-tenth price of the last year.

I think that your freedom to receive is enough for it whether you think seriously because you laugh off this prediction with "such stupid ..." whether "it is why, like it to be able to predict which is bold".

I can understand it at least if I watch an upper graph how the glass eels market price for approximately these two years was abnormal historically. I think that the person concerned with industry with the relation prays the sale of the eel for being settled down to a proper level early more or less.

However, the eel culture is not developed for the technique that the complete culture from an egg is still carried on an economic basis. Therefore I will be now glad now sad at a spike of the market price to still depend on the good poor catch of the natural sand bar now and I am swung around in it.

And it is good, and it is known by the scene captured with a net by the fisherman whom I waited for in the shallows of the river with TV when a natural glass eels goes up from the sea to the river. As for the natural eel, all does not go up in a river. "The eel which does not go up in a river" called "the sea eel" which has habitation in only in the sea without the natural eel living throughout the life near sea mingled with fresh water area of estuary without going up in a river, and approaching the sea mingled with fresh water area of the whole nature eel approximately 84% are. In other words, as for the eel going up in a river, it becomes clear as a result of a certain investigation that there are only overall only 16%.

In other words it is that it is difficult that a glass eels captures even if what stay in the sea waits for a river in the river where a fisherman is almost how much without going up, and this can think that it may become one of the fishery decrease factors.

I will think about a fact of such a "size of the existence of the sea eel". It seems to be still unknown among experts whether originally the ratio of river eel and sea eel was such a thing even if an eel going up misses the river because the human fishery pressure that established "the barrier of the fisherman that returning as for going is scared" which it captures the silver eel which goes down the river to leave for the laying eggs when it is autumn with a beam and waits at estuary in winter, and captures a glss eels with a net is strong whether few whether it is which. However, it is that a fish called "the eels" does not seem to be the animal which is weak so that it is put in "an endangered species" so simply that see from there.

It is written down that the eel is an interesting fish with the really mysterious habits so that even anyone is easy to know Professor Katsumi Tsukamoto of Tokyo University atmosphere Ocean Research Institute using an easy sentence in the book called "the story of the eel most detailed in the world".

In fact, I put it in one's thought while borrowing content written down in the book and, in the sentence that I mentioned above, write it. In the book, there was deep one node concerned on the theme of this "fishery accident of the glass eel". In this, is to spoil the meaning of sentence not the same sentence; if let's be, let's introduce by the expression that added interpretation for oneself.

The Japanese eel lays eggs in west Mariana Islands ridge in the Mariana Islands west of the east of Philippines, but the spawning ground goes south by the position of the salt front (and I read a book, and this meaning was understood) and goes north.

The north equatorial current flows from the east through the west in the southern whole area of the west Mariana Islands ridge. The leptocephalus (fry of the leaf of the willow-shaped eel) which form turned into is played to this ocean current to the west by an egg.

This north equatorial current is divided into the two groups in form to conflict on the Philippine Islands. I call this byfurcation. An ocean current flowing through the north side becomes the Kuroshio Current and comes over to the southern coast of Japan from the east of Taiwan. It is the route of the glsss eel that this comes over to the East Asia.

On the other hand, the south side part of the north equatorial current becomes the Mindanao ocean current off the east of Philippines and goes to the south of the opposite direction with the Kuroshio Current.

When a leptocephalus gets on the Mindanao ocean current, I cannot arrive at the East Asia and become the invalid dispersion. This is called the extinction excursion and is dispersion not to contribute to next-generation breeding.

In other words, quantity of visit of the sand bar eel to the East Asia depends on the latitude of the laying eggs spot which spot of the laying eggs ground of the west Mariana Islands ridge laying eggs happens at.

When "the by furcation" goes to the north at the time of El Nino generally and La Nina occurred, I know that I move to the south, and this affects the quantity of a glass eel coming to the East Asia.

It is thought that extinction excursion increased and it became the main factor of the poor catch of the glass eel from 2008 through 2011 because laying eggs ground was considerably the south.

However, the salt front desk of 2012 was considerably than previous three years located the north. Therefore it is clear that the laying eggs was carried out at a north position.

Because it is thought that a leptocephalus comes over to Japan to the Kuroshio Current from the Taiwan east offing in the fishing season of sand bar eels from late autumn, 2012 to the spring of 2013 without a big weather change at the turning point of the Kuroshio Current and the Mindanao ocean current, judging from the fact, the poor catch of the glasss eel may be relaxed to some extent.

Professor Tsukamoto was written down in a book in this way. However, although being disappointed;; it did not follow that was predicted. After all, as for the fishery of the glass eel of 2013, it is newer in memory than the last year to have been a poor catch.

However, this never extracted the sentence mentioned above to deny an opinion of Mr. Tsukamoto.

The cause of the glass eel poor catch of 2013 might have effect of the weather change at the Mindanao ocean current turning point so that it was written down here. In addition, it might turn out such because, in addition, there were other factors that I had not been able to yet elucidate.

However, I hold the expectation that the guess based on scientific grounds of Mr. Tsukamoto may realize by "a one year delay" judging from the situation of the fishing glass eel in China, Taiwan from this November to December.

When the poor catch of the Japonica class glass eel continues in succession for four years, I worry when an eel may disappear from the world. However, it is written on the eel in that near present Borneo in the times in the Cretaceous approximately 100 million years before the African Continent and the North American Continent did not still separate definitely to be an animal with birth and vitality strong at all that a descendant spreads out in the world afterwards, and continue growing when it reads "the talk of the eel most detailed in the world" that Professor Katsumi Tsukamoto was kept in.

The eel seems to have toughness as I think whether it is one in an animal surviving persistently even if the human was annihilated in some kind of influence.

Therefore you should think that there is not the need that a human being worries about the extinction even if the poor catch of the glass eel continued during three years and four years.

Japanese Ministry of the Environment appointed a Japanese eel to an endangered species, but, on the other hand, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) clarified a prospect not to include a Japanese eel in the Red List of "the endangered species" to revise in November. This seems to have the data which International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) has more abundant and right knowledge, and it is thought that some Ministry of the Environment might do a prejudication.

Anyway, the human being wants to attach spirit after the vitality of the eel in the New Year than I do worry of such extinction by "eating an eel".

By the way, do you know if you eat which season "season of the eel" suitable most is?

The river eel seems to be particularly delicious at the time when I save nourishment hard in the days of the early winter before beginning hibernation and am crowded. In addition, it was on the early morning of May 22, 2009 in Mariana Islands sea area of the east of Philippines that the egg of the natural eel was discovered for the first time in the world, and a thing is written down in "the story of the eel most detailed in the world" of Professor Katsumi Tsukamoto, and it is proved from April at the ovipositional time by the fact that it is at the time in June.

Judging from some such facts, I think that you may watch it with "about March from December same as the capture time of the glass eel in Japan" to hit it before inviting spring as for the season of the eel.

By the way, how about when I expand sales of an eel in such a thing in "seasonal January when an eel is delicious".

"The Doyo-Ushi in the cold" of January, In the case of 2014, it is Thursday on Friday for 30 days for 18 days.

I want you to sell this eel product which suffered from sales decrease for years well from a beginning of January in the case of this year.

When it is sale as one Japonica eel long firing, unfortunately I am available to a very high thing with the current market price. Therefore, with length half as a sales system as three limits, the cost is controlled considerably if I do it to "the bowl of broiled eel on cooked rice" such as the following images.

However, it is not at all a low sale price when still it is half quantities of the Japonica class eel.

herefore the product which I devised to hold down the quantity of the eel more is the eel chirashi-sushi of the first page image.

The eel quantity approximately "half half." In other words I can do the sale price to less than 1,000 yen because it is only five slices equal to ¼ of one eel.

The first page image makes "eel and rice in a box" wind after the New Year dishes nest of boxes of New Year holidays, but this is "chirashi sushi of the eels".

And the following images are the same "chirashi sushi of the eels"too.

I decided to slice eel kabayaki in that, and to put it in only five slices to offer the Japonica eel which soared in the cheap sale price that was less than 1,000 yen.

However, as for doing such a stingy commodification, there is no help for it now, but wants to do "farewell" with such a product by the end of this year if I can do it.

It is right up to future eel market price whether "farewell" is made. However, in an eel product of this year, one of what is concerned about is the existence of "the different kind eel" which gained power for these 2-3 years and a future trend from now on.

When I arrive about a different kind eel, I want you to refer to it because you touch it in a sentence of No. 103 July, 2012 issue "Bad money drives out good money" of this newspaper. On earth the different kind eel will have what kind of significance of existence if a Japonica eel will more greatly than the last year slump this year.

The merit of the different kind eel is not thought about other than "inexpensiveness". Therefore the significance of existence is not thought about basically if a price does not have a big difference.

The eel product raised a lot of cases such as disguised problems in the past. And there is particularly much time when "the eel of the probable winner” more greatly than the last year dropped in price in the timing when these problems happen.

I can erode for the sales of the domestic production eel with the inexpensiveness if I sell an eel made in cheap China at the time of market price that a domestic eel is high in why it is. However, nobody will give it if I have a product made in China which I treated at the prices sometimes more than domestic production eel market price before when the speculation of the domestic eel has fallen down to less than it let alone domestic regular in the last year when I buy a product made in high China of such a price.

Therefore I think about the person thinking about a bad thing feigning an eel made in China when it is domestic production, and selling it. And many people caused a similar case many times so far.

In the case of to this, they often camouflaged a production center with a basically same Japonica class. However, some problems seem to become difficult because the different kind eel except the Japonica class becomes a target this time.

19 kinds are confirmed including a Japonica class in eel department now. As a replacement of the Japonica class which rose suddenly, the different kind eel came to be carried in Japan from the Philippines, Indonesia, Africa, the United States, Australia, other world various places. However, I have not heard the story that they were found to be useful as a replacement very much.

As for the different kind eel which has been already carried in Japan, there will be a destination where if there is the sudden fall of the market price of the Japonica class this year. I want to pray for the thing that it is small and is cut not to understand an original figure possibly and is not disguised as a Japonica class.

At the new beginning of the year called January, the person must have possibilities to be swelled with hope and expectation each. Because there is that eel speculation of this year is settled down to some prices in the prospective situation about the eel, I want you to come back to the situation that you sell and buy it and are easy to do past once again.

I want to pray for an eel becoming age to sell steadily in 2014.

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