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Basic way of thinking of the fisheries section education

Ⅰ We assume the satisfaction of the customer raised at the fish section.

❶We aim the assortment of goods made the satisfaction at the customer not easy narrowing.

We aim the establishment of the service system and what can be solve the dissatisfaction of a customer peculiar to the fish sales floor including the cooking demand.

We aim the realization of the cost performance to realize relative added value not absolute inexpensiveness.

ⅡWe make the profit structure with the ordinary profit at the fisheries section.

We aim the establishment of the high profit structure utilized the merit of the fish section and match the manufacturable side.

We make to use of "the exquisite beauty" of marine products and raise profit planning as much as possible and aim at the high profit rate.

❸We promote the low cost operation by a part technology force.

Ⅲ We bring up a talented person with the consciousness of the professional.

❶We bring up a personnel of a professional posture to work on the work of the fish section proudly.

We bring up a personnel of the technology included the new times flexibly, intellect insight, with the acting power.

❸We bring up a personnel of upbringing of the talented person who can do calculation and work management while utilizing the apparatuses such as PCs freely.

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