Hand-Held Type Tea Plucking Machines


This is the most popular model and is being used at the most of tea plantations all over the
world where black tea is being cultivated.
These tea plucking machines are held by one or two people and harvest tea leaves while
walking along side the tea bushes rows. The tea leaves are harvested by hedge trimmer type
reciprocating blades and are blown into the attached tea collecting container automatically by
the air stream created by the blower attached at the engine. One man type is used at
comparatively hilly areas where two men type cannot be used.
Two different blade lengths, 1,200 and 1,400 mm are available, so please select one which
would fits with your planting distance. 

The fresh tea leaves are cut cleanly by the pairs of reciprocating blades and are then blown
into a tea collecting container by the fan.  Since high-powered and reliable engine is mounted,
all the functions performs very well.



H140-DNHorizontal Blade / Straight holding handle  NEW!

  with skids                                                                                    without skids


 Horizontal Blade / Straight holding handle


H120T  Horizontal Blade 



              Efficiency per day 
  Model    Blade Length   Blade Material   Blade Shape   Weight   Engine    excluding the time
              for bag exchange. 
 H140DN   1,400 mm.   Razor Blade   Horizontal   24.4kgs.
 (with skids +4.5kgs.)  
  Mitsubishi T320MVD 49.4cc.  0.8 ~ 1.0 Hectare
  H140D   1,400 mm.    Razor Blade    Horizontal   27.0 kgs.   Mitsubishi T320MVD 49.4cc.   0.8 1.0 Hectare
  H120T   1,200 mm.    Razor Blade    Horizontal   17.0kgs.     Mitsubishi T320MVD 49.4cc.   0.8 1.0 Hectare

These types can be used for harvesting lavender as well as tea 
Miracle start means that less pulling power of recoil starter is required when starting the engine.
    Bags: Collecting bag at rear part of the machine, replaceable, 20kg capacity of green leaves/ a bag. 




( NE233
 )    *NE233 is the knapsack type engine which is carried at the back of operator
                          and works as the power source of both NVⅡ60H and NVⅡ45H.


                                                                                                            NVⅡand NE233



  Model   Blade Length    Weight      Engine 
NVⅡ45H   450 mm.     3.3 kgs.        NE233
NVⅡ60H   600 mm.     3.6 kgs.       NE233
 (NE233)   MitsubishiTB23  5.8kgs.

Reciprocting (Hedge Trimmer Type) 
Blade Sharpener Model N-828


Needless to say that it is important to maintain the sharpness of reciprocating blades all the
time. It is, therefore, necessary to sharpen the blades when these were dull. 

However, it is considered to be a difficult job to sharpen the Reciprocating (Hedge Trimmer
Type) precisely and accurately. This sharpener has overcome the difficulties.


1.   It is not required to disassemble the blade from the equipment when
      sharpening the blade.
2.   It is possible to sharpen the blade’s edge accurately by fitting to the
 original angle by means of Angle-Guide Jigs.
3.      Two types of jigs are provided, Side Angle-Guide Jig and Tip  
Angle-Guide Jig. So, it is possible to sharpen both angle edges.
4.      Specially designed angle grinder is 4,300 rpm Max. So, it prevents
the edges of blade to be annealed.


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