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Chirashi sushi docks with sashimi


Syunsen sashimi chirashi sushi


This image is the sushi,It is not sashimi. You may not be identified as it by the appearance, but it is chirashi-sushi. Because I use the fresh raw fish, I named syunsen sashimi chirashi-sushi. The freshness and quality is not a level of the existing sea foods chirashi-sushi. It is the product of the radical mark evolved and it is the chirashi-sushi of the sense to eat sashimi. It is the suggestion product for people not to be able to be satisfied at the existing chirashi-sushi level.

Generaly speaking,The chirashi-sushi is not bound to high-quality image. For example, Gomoku chirashi sushi is just product of the popular level. Vinegar maker begins to Show commercial. That was exposed suddenly when in February every year too much. "Gomoku-sushi EEE`ô" It is the phrase I hear it forcedly and learn. In March, it is the time when "chirashi sushi" enter the most limelight most during the year. This commrcial is a sales promotion method for the biggest sales battle during the year.

It does not need to say the Doll's Festival of March 3 chirashi sushi salles most. Something like Nare-sushi is hard to decay at the time of Doll's Festival outdoors in old days, I seemed to take it out into the open air as a lunch of the Doll's Festival. An appearance is gorgeous and changes into Gomokuchirashi-sushi for women soon, It seemed to become the constant seller dish which was indispensable to the Doll's Festival the current indoor.

Doll's Festival sea foods barachirashi-sushi

And this image is the impossible thing from an old lunch scene. The product with the freshness called such Sea foods barachirashi-sushi adds to force now. This seems to have already become the growth stock for a product than Gomokuchirashi-sushi.

While, a image under one is a thing called so-called Sea food chirashi-sushi. This use the thawing material and the boiling material and we can judge contents even if anyone looks to ingredient materials, It is the product which does not go to "syunsen sashimi chirahl sushi" full of a feeling of freshness such as the first page image.



Sea foods chirashi sushi (the big)@@@@@@Sea foodschirashi sushi (the small)

In other words,Syunsen sashimi chirashi sushi which these sea foods chirashi sushi evolved. I am going to response the need or the thing which it is fresher, and is delicious. And syunsen sashimi chirashi sushi with a first page image as a mini-version is the following images.


Can you understand immediately what materials using for the syunsen sashimi chirashisushi of the first page image.

It is eight kinds of the contents, fresh tuna fatty, fresh tuna red meat, natural sea bream heating the surface of a fish, the mejina, the stomach body of Hiras, Kasago, the skin which I roasted of Medina, the fresh Atlantic-salmon.

The syunsen sashimi chirashisushi can demand for a person want to eat it to the full delicious sashimi , and wants to eat special sashimi not a certain common sashimi anywhere, Besides, I meet a luxurious demand to want to taste a feeling of full stomach with chirashi-sushi.

This is the quantity that I cannot eat and you share it in two people, and is just right. It will be certain that the big eater is satisfied if you eat alone.

Anyway,not only contents of the sashimi and the quantity but also quantity of the Chari are plentiful with 400 grams.

As well as the Doll's Festival, it may be most suitable one article to raise an image of the chirashi sushi.

On the other hand, Clam is an indispensable part to can not forget in the Doll's Festival. As well as chirashi sushi the clam show upsurges like another world.

Because the clam cannot join other shells, With all a wish of the monogamy,and it is attached to table of the Doll's Festival a soup.

Originally is Kyushu Okinawa region; on March 3 (as for the new calendar of this year April 12) of the old calendar, There were manners and customs to gather shellfish and a clam shellfish at low tide, and to eat them.

But, With revised edition Red List of Ministry of the Enviroanent announced in August, 2012, The clam appointed to endangered two kinds, "danger of the extinction increases"

Generely,the calms you can buy cheaply at the supermaket are differ from standard Japanese name.

It is what's called "China clam" imported in large quantities by China and Korea.

China clam

The China clam is strong roundness, and there are a lot of chevron sturipe, and the surface is dull like an upper image.

The domestic thing called the ground clam is the Cyosen clam as standard Japanese name.

There are two kinds of domestic clams, and there is a large-scale thing produced the open sea and at small size produced in a bay,

The clam of the bay is a blackish color like a bottom image and there is produced mainly in Ariake Sea or Isewan.

The cyosen clam (the small bay)


The other one of open sea is whitish color in the sea of a slightly deep place of Miyazaki and Kashimanada like a bottom image.

The cyosen clam (the large open sea)

The clams are classified Veneroida Veneridae department, and the Ruditapess too. The life is in 7-8 years and exceeds 5cm in five years and seems to become around 10cm at the maximum.

Company is demanded display the place of origin, but it is not demanded until indication of the standard Japanese name, it becomes all the brand name called "the clam".

In late years, that imported China clam was discharged into the beach in large quantities, It seems to become difficult that distinguish domestic production and import one by mixed blood with domestic clam.

The clam nutrition is saved in winter dating back of the water temperature, and become rich taste. In spring the clam body gains weight for the breeding season of the summertime when it is spring. In old days, the Doll's Festival (this year April 12) of March was considered to be having last chance of the clam in the old calendar.

The domestic clam circulates at a price of 4 times from 3 times in comparison with an import thing.

Therefore, I cannot be determined to sell quantity, and cannot bring myself to keep up sales too.

However, there are the consumers as "I buy it by all means even if a little high because it is only the annual Doll's Festival"

So it is a important fact for the assortment of goods of domestic clams.

Even if the same domestic production clam, as long as changes capacity and bring one like a lower image in various ways, it may support various needs for example, place and qualitiy customes.


The distinction of a freshness is important that clear husks and it close mouths well,but it may be dead even if I close a mouth, we confirm it by the sound that struck a clam. When it lets you pat on a clam each other, it makes a clear sound when live, but because it becomes the dull sound roughly when dead, I change a partner and must confirm it.

The clam was enrolled in Red List now, and has become the scarcity value. It will be sure that positioning selling quantity and it does not have it more in future, and It will be right choice to pay more attention towards the Ruditapess for the same bivalve.

The clam terminates in the business chance in instant called the Doll's Festival. The Ruditapess is the long run when I can sell it very much for two months from March to April. We want to big chance of government not a moment small chace.

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