June 2013 issue No.114

Grunt sashimi of fish-figure for leather parboiling


The beginning of the rainy season of each place seems to be early this year than an average year of the whole country.

It is a grunt to become delicious at time of the rainy season and is called by another name of the rainy season grunt.

The lower image is the live grunt excellent at the freshness and the body has not been yet firm landed in this May.

It is the present time that we can eat a grunt most deliciously during the year.

In the district, it is called Isakgi(Kansai), Ittusaki (Kyushu), Isegi (Shikoku).

The lower image is a grunt of the body which became hard and upper small size is a young fish, and large size below is an adult fish.

Three striped patterns are included at the age of a young fish from the time of the child and the feature is that it disappear after becoming big.

The lower image is the thing which I took in March, and the adult fish does a very slender figure, I think that it can be understood by an appearance what the body of the fish does not yet have fat.

On the other hand, the lower image is a live grunt landed in the companions same as the thing of the first page in May, The stomach bulges with a metabolic syndrome state like a balloon and that live grunt saves fat well and is fat.

When I opened the stomach of that fish, several of them of the inside were burst with the size of an eggs of the fish and the soft roes in this way almost.


Though all grunts did not become like this at a stage of May, For laying eggs from June to about July,It was sure that the middle of collecting nourishment in the body of fish well.

However, when the eggs of fish and the soft roes grow big like this,because the nourishmenta collects it in the body of fish in form of the fat is taken very much by the eggs of fish and the soft roes,although it is very better, after all the taste declines after laying eggs a little, and then after all some taste fall.

The grunt in such a state comes to have very high ratio of the internal organs, Therefore, because the residual ratio of the possible meal part weight will turn worse too, we must be careful the cost accounting when we put a kitchen knife and do the sales system to measure weight.

In addition, because the freshness deterioration speed becomes early when I keep the internal organs intact, You should do the work to produce the internal organs early for the reason of being a fish to sell mainly on the summertime.

In the seasonal timing, the live grunt of the first page image is the best choice.

If the good grunt of the figure in this way is available in a best timing, the excitement of the feeling that wants to make the product utilized the figure is not suppressed.

It is a method that the sashimi fish-figure of the first parges isolates the middle bone and the tail fins and head, I name this "a separation type of the sashimi fish-figure", but there is the method of "the one type" below separately from this, too.

When I explain a separation type and a one type difference, At first because I lay a head in solid-looking form about a separation type for one of a first page image, I do this as a substitute for a bridge and can wind up a film in the whole.

On the other hand, "the one type" is hard to stabilize the part of the head, because tail bire is one from a head

Therefore, this method is not suitable for a pack product assuming the film winding very much.

As use, the separation type is suitable for the pre-package sale that wound up a film,on the other hand,the one type puts the sashimi fish-figure as a part in a large dishes of various kinds of a shimi, I cover with a film lightly, and it may be said that I turn when I do not have any problem even if a wrinkle stops by to some extent.

I introduced only a method of "Leather parboiling" to here, Of course a grunt which I stripped the bark off can eat deliciously commonly this time.

A left lower image is a separation type, and, in the case of Leather parboiling the one type is the same the lower right.


Because if subcutaneous fat is plentiful, the grunt of this time is saved, It seems I am dark in some cream and, not the color that the surface of the skin fish body is bright red.

Therefore, a kitchen knife does not have resistance, and skin is not crowded and is easy because there is much subcutaneous fat.

As for the image of lower skinless fillets, subcutaneous fat covers up the whole surface of the body, It is expected enough that it is really delicious just to have looked at this state.

Though this product assumes that I sell skinless fillets for one of them, A sale price becomes too much high in the sale in one of them, and there will be it at the time of market price that it is hard to sell.

There is that I make fillet for the half of the body when I do not come and sell for a choice, but, After all there is a slightly weak thing to appeal to you for added value in this.

Therefore when, like the following images, increase added value by making the half of body made with the sashimi fish-figure; how.


Because it is the quantity for the half of the body, some trays become small, and the head is only as for one which I divided into half.

One head becomes to top and bottom reverse, but there is not the problem on an appearance in particular.

Because there is only one tail bire, I do not use the middle bone for only one halfway either.

I think that I am enough for even the method to do in a "Usutsukuri" not "Hiratsukuli" like a left upper product.

The sale price is controlled low by doing it in this way, and it is thought that I can raise markup rate.

Furthermore, in a meaning ”as a figure”, there is not added value in particular, After all I cannot take off "one figure thing for grilling fish with salt" at the orthodox point of the following images.

It has been said, "the grunt turned to the north and ate" in Hakata from old days.

A stomach bone, a bone of the dark colored flesh of fish meat are tense when they add heat to a grunt in grilling fish with salt.

In a meaning to promote attention when I "will be laid in turning the head to the north if I hang a grunt bone on a throat " ,It is the epigram which conveyed that an old person eats to the hard bone of the grunt well with caution.

The lower image is the product as the attractive "figure of the grunt" sold in the shop where the writer is related to recently.

A dried fish for one grunt with this vacuum bag is not cheap with sale price 680 yen, It is a level not to think even if it is the high sale price that a hand is never over, Probably the person liking the opened dried fish thinks that it is a price to purchase in without question.

The charm of the sales floor increases when there is such a product in the salt dried opened dried fish section at this time,

And finally, it does not apply to condition as "a figure", It is "the nigiri-sushi of the natural rainy season grunt" not to have to forget.

I want to prepare both the leather parboiling by all means if there is no skin.

The taste that is refined in nature that I can hardly taste these sushi with the frozen material and the cultured material is an unrivaled article.


Simply because there is the product of the natural fish which can appeal to the fish shop sushi corner for "season," I may be proud of "fish shop sushi" in a true meaning.

I want the nigiri-sushi of the grunt to make assortment of goods in the nature rainy season in around June during the year.


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June 1, 2013

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