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The Japanese anchovy nigiri sushi

This nigiri sushi is not the thing which anyone can easily taste anywhere. I think that it may be considerably difficult to offer this nigiri sushi for even a famous sushi bar of Ginza, Tokyo.

This is not a problem of the money, when I say whether it is possible if I take out money. This is because there is difficulty of the characteristic that the Japanese anchovy has. The cause of the difficulty is "freshness deterioration speed being too early".

The image of the lower japanese anchovy is just landed, and only approximately three hours have yet passed. Most are rigor mortis states, but there is that the head is about to turn red early among them.

It is serious treating them I carry it to the distance of 15 minutes by car from landed the fishing port.

The sale in the fresh fish is not simpleas for the freshness,because the japanese anchovy deteriorate in the intense speed,and the fish section does not want to treat this fish which the sale price can't raise willingly.The sale is difficult basically only in the fish section of the shop where I can go directly to in a short time from the landed fishing port.

In the case of several of them or the mixed blue sprat in an upper image, the deterioration of freshness is early too,but the blue sprat is easy to treat than the japanese ancyovi,because it as much as the body is relatively still solid, and the abdomenis hard to rupture than an japanese anchovy.

Because not only a head and an abdomenis turn red, but also the body is soft and the abdomenis ruptures immediately too, anyway by a game with the time, I must sell it out speedily.

From such a reason, for example it is a considerably difficult thing for offer the nigiri sushi of the japanese anchovy in the famous sushi bar of the big city.

They often make process it immediately at a place produced exclusively, because the value might disappear immediately depending on progress at time even if we carry the japanese anchovy at a place of large-scale consumption from the fishery place.

A model example is Dried small sardines, Dried sardine, small dry sardines, Chilimen, Tatamiiwashi.

The local special product made there the product with a good anchovy of the freshness, because that is possible simply an unloading place in fisheries processing ground adjacent to the local fishing port of each place of the whole country.

As for the japanese anchovy,around 500,000 tons a year is fished in each place of the whole country, and the japanese anchovy becomes the Chilimen or Dried small sardines and is a familiar fish melting into it in the Japanese eating habits well from old days.

A japanese anchovi become to Shirasuboshi and Chilimen when an anchovy is still fished at the age of a fry, and it will be processed into Dried small sardines or Dried sardines when it is with a big adult fish.

There are various names in each place innumerably, because the japanese anchovy is produced in each place of the whole country.

The lower jaw looks very small to confirm it with an upper extended image,and the name called "Half mouths" was prefixed it for an official name by a characteristic that is greatly only lower jaw to the bottom and the part of the upper chin does not move.

Though I am called "The mouth which hung down" below in the Kyushu district, we can understand the etymology of the name if there is upper knowledge.

In this way, it spoke on the top that it can't be eats anywhere anytime as raw fish it is just, even if it is possible the familiar anchovy to eats this with the artefacts such as dried fish.

However, there should be the shop of the location that an japanese anchovy of the splendid freshness and it is a waste if such a shop does not exhibit the product such as the first page image.

Let's introduce below the very simple method, though because a fish is small, the cooking to give such a product is slightly troublesome.

This is a method performed commonly in the district in Seto around Hiroshima.

At first, I cut a packing band to approximately 10 centimeters and I round it and fasten the edge with a rubber band.


I am slide to grind off in the position on the bone by a band in from the side of the gills lid, and to take it.


An upper body and an under half of a fish are taken off and become three pieces.


I am wash it under running water many times kindly and remove the remainder of the internal organs or the scale under running water with the body of the japanese ancyovy which I cooked.


I wash it under running water with salt kindly next, and remove slime or dirts, and finally I wash in water and finish it.


I arrange it to a paper towel to finish it for the last time, then I wrap it from top and bottom, absorb moisture.

I will wash in water many times after the body to cooked it three pieces, but It is a wonder that a taste is not spoiled even if I repeat washing in water,so that it is said from old days, "it is the taste of the sea bream if I wash seven times the small sardine ".

I think this to be able to breathe in moisture, if wash in water such many time, but for the reasons of doing that it has been seasoned with salt, it seem to act osmolar action on the way and seem to miss water outside.

Because the japanese anchovy is save fully fat to a whole body before laying eggs as for the time from March in particular to April, I feel the oiliness that resists water even if I handle a fish.

I want you to eat by all means, if there is the opportunity when an japanese anchovy is available as for the present time. It will be to feel the taste that slaver is over for a person eating a fish of the bluish-skinned fish to eat willingly.

Of course, for how to eat, it is delicious with not only the nigiri sushi but also the sashimi such as the bottom.


A japanese anchoby with chopping leek grated ginger soy sauce 280‰~ A japanese anchoby with white sesame wasabi soy sauce 280‰~

Is it ... whether it is cheap,or the sale price of 280 yen is high in this?

It is the same companion that these were sold in the plate like a lower image and you will can guess the cost price of the sashimi,because the cost price of this plate does not half of the sale price either.

We may not come across frequently such a scene when I live in the city. It is the powerful charmand and the special privilege of this living in the district near the production center fishing port.

However in the world, only a expensive product such as the Otoro of the tuna attracts attention for admiration, on the contrary, there is the reality that is not almost interested in in the district either as the japanese anchovy of the cheep product.

This is a result of the necessity that ignorance and indifference to fish food caused nationwide in historic, and It will be the symbolic phenomenon that the taste of a really delicious fish is not understood.

The ringleader who paved the way such a reality is the fish section of the supermarket itself.

There is the process that We avoided "... which We do not want to treat it in the fish section",because a freshness omission is early, and handling is difficult, and it does not lead to sales for a sale price being cheap.

They took my ease and was going to sell without having a hard time that collected only the fish of the comfortable condition such as to selling and generally I was known well, and there were cultured and refrigerated one, and there was the stable stocking, and the price was relatively digested, as a result, a fish is driven into the situation not to sell in the fish section of the supermarket.

If we want to bring it back the sales of the fish once again, by to bring it back the secession from the consumption of a fish, we should sell "the cheap and delicious fish" such as the japanese anchovy positively.

If we will comes to eat cheap and delicious fishs such as the japanese anchovy steadily , we comes to grow to other fish naturally, and it should be connected to revival of the fish food.

We shoud review the existence of the japanese anchovy and want to sell it very much.


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