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Sep. 2015 issue No.141

Figure sales of amberjack slice

It is in a high-level fish that are positioned at the top is in the yellowtail class

Amberjack is, Perciformes, Suzuki suborder, horse mackerel family, yellowtail genus, belonging to the kingfish species. Local name in Kyushu is Hirasu, in other western Japan and is referred to as Hiraso.

The image below is a natural Amberjack.

Amberjack becomes the largest size among the horse mackerel fishes, adult fish will be around 1m. Elongated back and forth, the color of the body back is blue-green, belly silver white, there is a vertical band of thick yellow to side.

The image above, is a natural yellowtail image of the timing of 9.5kg size of most fat increase in late January in the year.

Amberjack, since very similar to the yellowtail, people who are not used to seeing is does not attach easily yellowtail and distinguish. The difference of the portion surrounded by a circle of the images below, is a point to distinguish amberjack and yellowtail, the left is amberjack, right is the yellowtail.


For this How to identify, I want to reference it because it touched even FISH FOOD TIMES 59 Fukuragi figure sashimi (November 2008).

By the way, the famous Kinki University in the full farming of bluefin tuna to a little confusing, with cross and amberjack high commercial value than the yellowtail as breeding of yellowtail genus, gave birth to a crossbreeds of fish that Burihira in 1970 . (Burihira to fertilization over and sperm of amberjack, yellowtail of eggs)

Although the growth of Burihira is slower than yellowtail, about the total length at the age of two fish 65cm, so grow to weight about 3kg, there is an advantage that increases at twice the speed of slow amberjack of growth for farmers. Its taste and sashimi of tint, and also such as chewy and freshness maintenance, are obtained from fish officials and cook the reputation as is yellowtail or more.

Unfortunately, the author is difficult to comment anything since it is not that you have to eat also saw Burihira but, originally difficult to distinguish yellowtail and amberjack, Yet, the crossbreeds can probably discerned by exactly How do, a simple question of theIt is the result.

Also, try to introduce because there was an interesting article, such as the following with respect to amberjack and yellowtail.

This is an article that had been published in the August 19 issue of the fisheries industry paper Minato newspaper, the details of which I want to read the article yourself.

When referred to the main points of the article briefly, the farming of skill in the art yellowtail and amberjack, and farmed in another cage at the same time, yellowtail the increasing needs in winter is shipped in the winter, and to ship the high demand amberjack in the summer in the summer . In such form, it is possible to ship to concentrate at a time when increasing demand, respectively, it is to have introduced the attempt of farmers and that let to stabilize the business lost sales height difference between the summer and winter.

Color change is slower than yellowtail, resembles a firm meat quality, a greater amberjack of that is comparable with the amberjack, are traded at a higher price than the yellowtail, the aquaculture production volume had 40,465t in 2010 . By the way, aquaculture production volume of 2013 of yellowtail is 158,300t, it is four times the production volume of greater amberjack.

Amberjack, on the other hand, only it has been produced 4,500t in an order of magnitude less level of the year than greater amberjack in 2013. Compared with the major presence of yellowtail and greater amberjack as farmed fish, it 's not only too weak in existence yet.

This is because the aquaculture seedlings of amberjack is dependent on most things natural, planned production is difficult, yet is the inhibitory factor in order to increase the production volume as farmed fish that natural seedling of amberjack is expensive .

Natural amberjack is seen in Japanese waters in the south of southern Hokkaido, to inhabit the shallow waters of the coast and offshore, prefer the high temperature of the water than yellowtail, spawning season is the time of the April-August slower than yellowtail.

The image below is a natural amberjack of Nagasaki Prefecture Tsushima production that arrived in early May, it had a size of 11.8kg.

When opening abdominal of this amberjack,

It came out fish eggs in a state in which so admirably mature, at the time of the beginning of May, spawning could be imagined to be imminent.

"Amberjack is summer from early summer is a season" is has been said that, although he is a summer of image, the amberjack which finished spawning in early around April-May, also physical strength by the time of the autumn recovery are doing. That it becomes delicious increasing fat by the time, from the time of the summer spawning from early summer, there is more of autumn is also evaluated as delicious, I also the opinion is that I think or not than not wrong.

Amberjack is positioned as a material for high-grade sashimi or sushi, because fat is not too many as yellowtail, it is possible to taste firmly the taste of the meat quality.

When the natural amberjack of 11.8kg dismantled in three pieces, and became like the image above.

Half of the fish body is divided into only the back of the body and ventral, to remove the skin.

As you divide this into strips, this amount of long strip can be.

And you further short strip of the product, in this way a lot of the strip product can be.


When these to sashimi hiratsukuri and usutsukuri, to look like the image above,


When making this sushi, it was in this way.

Since these all not interesting than to sashimi and sushi, it was decided to try to be in slice.

Amberjack basically higher purchase price than yellowtail, from the fact that selling price is also high, usually because slice of amberjack is not able to see much. In the only packed put the tray fillet of amberjack, there is a possibility that looks can also be seen to be the same as the yellowtail, as long as you do not put any in a tray with a sense of luxury, differentiation of the yellowtail is there are things difficult.

Therefore, in the aim to convey that these slice is not a popular specific yellowtail an upscale amberjack to customers, than is tried in the form of "slice figure selling" Intro image.

As how to proceed figure selling slice,

First, for example, side-by-side low striped bamboo trees plate for face-to-face sales, and laid a long commercial cooking paper on it, put a bone out of one of a fish that remain with a head on it. And the head is not cut off with a knife, while bending folded by hand spine, and make toward the jaw towards the top.

On top of the bone out of one of a fish with a head, arranged at regular intervals the slice that were cut in order from the side of the tail fin.

Weight amberjack of 11.8s has 3.5s more weight in half body, which was dismantled in three pieces, was able to secure a number of 44 pieces at the half body if it is cut at about 70c around.

Since this natural amberjack had been purchased at 900 yen / kg, the cost per piece was in the calculation of about 120 yen. So one piece selling price sold is set to "1 slice 180 yen" on the assumption that the mark-up rate mix in with the sashimi and sushi.

Amberjack because fat is less than the yellowtail, as the dishes using slice seems suitable for such meuniere than teriyaki and simmered dishes.


Examples of amberjack meuniere cuisine

I think that the sales promotion POP figure selling, may be proposed by also cooking image, such as the above attached along with a description of the features of the body quality.

Technique called "figure selling" is, as a method to sell slice in its freshness feeling and a sense of value, is very effective in other relatively large fish sales not only amberjack.

The image above for example, has been selling figure natural yellowtail that can be purchase at a very cheap price to seasonal.Slice of this case, since the purchase price was cheap and 500 yen / kg, it was cheap selling price of 100 yen cut into a big 100g of near size 1 piece.Slice uses only dorsal of the meat, abdomen In large serving of hiratsukuri sashimi, which is also sold at the same time, we have a sell the Slice and sashimi by the method of the mark-up rate mix.

And this picture's how you sell figure with only sashimi rather than slice large size natural sea bream of about 6s. This is a natural tie you got great pains in the live fish, purchase price was also more than 1,000 yen / kg. This is at the discretion of and too good sell in slice, and he was to sell the figure of usutsukuri sashimi instead of the slice.

Such "figure-selling" approach, even if the slice, even if the raw fish, "the cooked the fish, this!" That, even if not described in language customers, to convey silently it will be.

Pack of slice that are arranged in the shop fish department "was caught in anywhere anytime, fish of any freshness, where dismantled, it becomes slice at any time any place, any time and whether lined up in this place," that, we can hardly know. However, this figure selling sales approach "the fish so much of freshness that you can see with your own eyes, perhaps definitely was disassembled in the workplace in the store, it is something that has been arranged in one that does not lapse of much time yet" that, customers also it is can be Judging easily.

When you sell the slice of fish, for example slice of salmon, it is to hear the voice, such as easily hard to sell is 100 yen or more of the selling price. If it is a no way sell no ingenuity in the manner as in the past, that become a thing there is nothing that rely on inevitably cheap price would be the unavoidable.

But in the manner of "slice figure selling", when we change the "sell styles and ideas", as well as 200 yen and 300 yen piece 1, not that you do not sell even slice of selling price of more than ¥ 500 1 piece.

In advancing the work of the fisheries department, rationalization, labor-saving, in efficiency, such as the idea of the original, and priority to only simple and easy sales method that does not put the manpower, such things as such slice figure selling would have been shunned . Such slice figure sell such a method is not that hard, if carried out that only the "adding one effort", it is also should be able to obtain a real fish lover of your confidence that is not snapped up in just cheap.

An opinion and the communication are to iinfo@fish food times

Date of updating Sep.1, 2015