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Carp arai Sashimi

It's that when you want to laying in ice in the bottom of the dish in the above image, it is not intended that assumes the scene in a restaurant eating on the spot, which are supposed to be sold in packs, so unfortunately I can not.

I have been told season of carp and delicious time of winter called Samukoi is good ride of fat. The lipid content of about 6%, about 17% protein content, it is about the same as white fish of the sea, farming those thing that's about 10% lipid content is a little more than that of natural.

Thus, in spite of the fact that it is said that in winter season carp is delicious, and take up that of carp at a time that August of midsummer dare In this issue. How to eat it and refreshing summery in the carp cuisine called "Arai sashimi" is because you feel the perfect for this hot summer this.

How to make carp arai sashimi
‚PCStun by hitting the head with a blunt edge of a knife. ‚XCI put the knife under the abdomen bone
‚QCI put a kitchen knife from during of the tail fin. 10CBody the opposite also remove abdomen bone.
‚RCI open up the back side. 11CI remove the abdomen fin.
‚SCI cut off the head. 12CI remove the skin outside pulling.
‚TCI carve out the the backbone. 13CI cut thin sashimi knife remains half body.
‚UCI remove the internal organs so as not to crush the gallbladder. 14CI make a hot-water washing with hot water of 60 Ž around.
‚VAIt on its top middle bone, and carve out from the direction of the back. 15CI wash with ice water slice When you're shrinks.
‚WCProceeding cut towards the tail, and separated. 16CI will firmly draining.

By the way, this's a recipe of Arai of carp, but whether there will be that you have to eat the actual washing of carp that was made in this way readers.

I think who have never even people who are engaged in work that is related to the fish to eat, Arai sashimi of carp saw, and that you've never eaten course and or not than not uncommon.

It had the skills and knowledge that can be seen Arai sashimi of carp is what is displayed on the fish counter of the supermarket less, and not only that, but to dismantle it purchases carp live, to finish to market it now I like are no longer very few people.

This is because, for the fish department of super being promoted to fall over the efficiency and rationalization, products that are not sure whether you sell like that Arai sashimi of carp, such as those discard by cutting from standard items first and foremost the most because it is there.

It is a fact of the real thing itself that you purchase alive fish after all, that carp, it will not be easy now. Actually, struggling to purchase the carp live when planning this issue, there was no In stock in the store in that it "will purchase if the order" to be carried out in the purchase to the river fish shop nearby. And it has become to go to purchase up to carp fish farm suburban eventually.

And not as a supplier of professional, visited as general visitors usually there, purchase price of carp of 1.2kg encased into a plastic bag along with the oxygen and water as shown in the above image was 900 yen / kg .

1 fish per cost of carp since it has been about 1,080 yen, it was possible to calculate with about 270 yen and just raw material cost where it was in Arai sashimi products Intro image.

I think I even delegated to judgment of the readers what is worth how much this product in terms of the selling price, and get to understand that it is not so high as the cost.

In this way, it's not such as luxury goods that ordinary people can not buy If you look at the price the goods carp, but carp It was no longer seen as an object of fish to eat now, it is a fact undeniable in Japan today.

But when you consider the food culture of Japan, you will need to know that fish called carp that an important position enough to not talk to you without mentioning its existence.

For example, the Monster Carp Fishing in Japan - carp and food culture of Japan - page, one aspect of the historical in Japan carp cuisine because it is marked, a point rather than the content is still the contents below Let's tell the excerpts.

In Nihonshoki and the Kojiki, it suggests that cooking of seafood many appeared, including carp, food culture of fish had been developed from ancient times in Japan.

The food culture of the Nara period, reliance on meat is small, is a time when the importance of fish has increased, salmon freshwater fish, trout, sweetfish, carp, and crucian carp were the most important fish among other fish meat .

At the time, the fish is first thing in the first, the bird comes to the next. And river fish in the position of the upper Among the fish, the fish of the sea will be positioned below it. In addition, it was said in the most carp Among fish, Suzuki, and become the next.

As a background, it is believed that sea fish good freshness is not easily transported to the city of Kyoto of inland, freshwater fish that was fresh fish you caught in a place nearby is a big reason.

The Heian era when the Emperor Kammu transferred the capital to Heian-kyo, in the time that the origin of the fish dishes of Japan has been created, for example, a dish of raw fish and vegetables seasoned in vinegar, sushi, Atsumono, Aemono, salted, pickled, grilled, baked wrapped, steamed and had already finished.

Carp cuisine emerged as Gozen cuisine also Tsurezuregusa is the work of the Kamakura period, it is stated "Only cooking of carp is cooking," said Muromachi In "Shijo-type knife Form", freshwater fish dominance continued in this era had.

In this way, when I watched the Japanese food culture, farming culture even began to develop, fish has been a center than meat, it is believed that the effect of Tenmu era and was left until later this.

Tenmu was issued a "prohibited by law eat meat" in 676 years, but this was something that you do not eat meat cattle, horse, dog, monkey, chicken. Tendency to dislike the quadrupeds Buddhism has become popular, honor the fish is because had been fixed to life as this historical background.

It is no exaggeration at a later, this prohibition law, to say food culture Nara, Heian and Kamakura era, and was dictated later the "fish-eating Japan" even.

However, sea bream are now relish in the home territory of the Shogun in Edo when it comes to the Edo period. It is considered to be because the seafood fresh sea was distributed in abundance because it is home to the sea in front of Edo, the superiority of carp and sea bream is reversed in this era, sea bream fish called "large position" This whereas was, was a "position higher" is he became a figure of "small position" carp.

It's carp cuisine with a long history in Japan, carp were not the grilled fish in general. Grilled of carp because it was being used as (Omiozen) Omio Zen seppuku before The reason, grilled fish of the carp because he has been considered a cuisine in the case of the sinister.

As shown in this description, carp was a special luxury goods that can not be eaten rarely usually Among the varieties of fish from the old days in Japan. And, it seems there was also thinking of another that shall not eat while it is believed that the disease is cured to eat carp, force is and become stronger, to the contrary, since the animal mysterious.

In this way, the fish called carp from ancient times had been regarded as a representative presence of fish-eating culture of Japan. However, there will be provided, such as river fish restaurant professional's called a "carp eat" in modern Japan, but the scene of eating people of households bought a carp in Super, less definitely in Japan have been.

On the other hand, is a carp as ornamental fish in the same carp "Nishiki-Koi" is, seems to have been widespread inspire interest not only in Japan but worldwide, koi are called "koi" in English name.

For example, the image below is a Koi,They keep still I will buy at 500 yen per fish fry at the pet shop. There is a presence of about feel and move around a healthy appetite so, growth is very fast, swim in a lordly manner around on the inside of the aquarium, other fish and has been relegated to the corner.

Koi but may be skipped if you are not interested and not a "carp eat," but I want to mention also its historical history only a little koi because a kind of carp.

To begin with the advent of Koi is whether such from time time, does not appear to be accurate literature, it's that near Ojiya including Uonuma district and Yamakoshi in Niigata Prefecture in general. It is said to have started from the fact that it was bred as a pet for carp not only as food since I was a Tenmei year.

This area, because that irrigation water is also insufficient arable land also land be made of the slopes for the mountains there were many, Tameike large and small are made here and there, the road is also closed by snow in winter here it seems to have been bred carp so as not to trouble the intake of animal protein.

However, in the carp, which has been bred as a food emergency, when there, "carp of color" colored mutation appeared, carp of the color kept as pets for the name "Koi" I have been referred to as' s about time Tempo year (1830 -) began to be, that is breeding became popular.

Later, Koi spread to Japan under the name "carp that unusual of Echigo" or "pattern carp of Echigo" By the time of the Meiji and Taisho. And, bred one after another as ancestors of the great two Higoi and black carp, Koi more than 80 kinds of is you're spreading named Nishikigoi and Koi all over the world now.

Well,'s fine to also ignore the image below this is also because it is not related to the "carp to eat" In addition, this is the "ink painting of carp" that have been placed in a fine frame.

This is the ink painting that is hung on the wall of my home, of that ..., "works? Masters Maruyama Okyo of ink painting was painted in 1990" is a joke, this is my father who died 14 years ago but, it is a work that drew in 1990.

Because they hung quietly on the wall of his living room in this picture always, he never goes to the public in any way, but will be exposed to the eyes of the world through the Internet this time, my late father also in the shadow of the grave would that you are surprised.

When you say kidding aside, why and how has been put out this kind of example, that it was the center positioning of Japanese food culture of that carp in the manner described above It's a course, Maruyama Okyo that was active in the mid-Edo Period On the other hand and he was also the artistic object to draw and is favored.

"Okyo masters of ink painting" Maruyama Okyo "carp diagrams" Source Kodansha

Carp, seems to have been regarded as a special fish that supernatural forces are given a mysterious, it is drawn as ukiyo-e or ink painting of a number of carp.

And also that carp had been seen as "a symbol of strong courage", to be understood in the carp streamer of Boys' Day can be.

It 's Boys' Festival is like a custom that has been done in China, that day is a day to pray for health by eliminating evil spirits, and there was a custom of drinking Shobuzake.

Then, by conducted to Japan as the Boys 'irises eventually, iris is the same reading (spirit to cherish the martial arts) Syoubu made ??in the Edo period, this custom is gradually established as the Boys' for the boys in the class seems to have.

The samurai, are arranged in front of the house and climbing or Hatasashimono that marks the crest, and prayed for success and health. Then enters the late Edo period, make a habit of carp townspeople class is likened to water the sky of May appeared to be established.

Well, I think it was in this much buzz about "carp do not eat" and let's mention "carp to eat" again.

Carp are a major food Tanishi and Freshwater clam, insects, and waterweed and algae in the omnivorous. There are teeth cotyloid called pharyngeal teeth lined up in three rows in the back of the throat, eat chewing crunchy and crayfish and Tanishi with a hard shell in this tooth, pressure of the pharyngeal teeth are bent in half 10-yen coin it is said that it's about put away.

When carp eat the bait, by chewing the inserted, the only food in the mouth mud every bait, spit out only the shell of the crab and shellfish, and mud. Since there is no stomach carp, secrete digestive enzymes from the esophagus section, protein changes in amino acids in the intestine, carbohydrates are broken down into monosaccharides such as glucose, and they will be digested and absorbed.

For this reason, the intestine of carp so is longer than the fish of the stomach, if you do not care that the Arundinaceous unpurified smell may remain When you cook without Kiyojime "be bait Opener about 2 weeks" carp does not.

It is said that carp is a fast-growing fish, usually male and mature in three years in the case of female and mature in two years. Carp to mature to start spawning from around April the water temperature is 15 degrees or more.

It is that the origin of the carp that Central Asia, that fossils of carp is found from the formation of the (16 million years ago) the third century layer of Nagasaki Prefecture and Fukui Prefecture that it was natural distribution from ancient times in Japan I know in.

It has been eaten in different places around the world from that you had to eat from the old days the carp, not only in Japan, carp is widely distributed in the world.

For example, in China, carp as is referred to as the "head of the various fish" is a position of enough points to the carp Speaking of "fish", in Japan "Maruage sweet and sour sauce carp" is one of the carp cuisine it has become popular menu also.

In Korea in neighboring, carp is like eat well, it's that in the sashimi meat of carp, and the eat wrapped in lettuce and sesame leaves on both sides of garlic and Kochijan, condiments.

The carp are often eaten in Europe. Once upon a time, it was that of the fourteen century carp that were brought from Asia in the expedition of the Crusades, but the farming of carp seems to have become popular mainly in Germany after it.

Which was boiled wine whole carp remains scales attached by removing the internal organs is issued at the time of the banquet in Germany. In addition, in Hungary and Austria in Western Europe, Greece Southern Europe, Poland in Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic, the Nordic, carp cuisine is a cuisine very popular.

There is a legend that become rich at Christmas, and eating carp in particular, to eat with grilled herbs, soup, and fly. In Austria, it is that the "boiled red wine stuffed carp" stuffed with ingredients in it to take the internal organs and bone that as one of the Christmas typical dishes, among others.

Also in Bulgaria in Eastern Europe, is in the habit of eating carp that have been the use of St. Nicholas Feast of Saint Nicholas (December 6) rather than Christmas. The Jews of Israel in the Middle East eat carp on the day sacred or Sabbath. Thing that there is a dish in the form to open the back and leaving the scales of carp, painted sauce and characteristics salt, and baked across the fish baking machine of large, eat by hand that seen in the Arab of the same Middle East more 's.

Thus, there is a surface with excellent nutritional as food, but also I think I can understand the carp is being eaten all over the world. By contains a lot of vitamin B1, called nourishing food-rich proteins, lipids, calcium, and iron content, in addition to being a panacea for diseases of respiratory and heart from the old days, the meat has been also useful as a nutritional diet of recovery of post partum were.

According to the project report on the "Development of extract containing drinks carp" Miyazaki Prefectural Fisheries Experiment Station went to in 1998, as a result of extracting the extracted component of carp by shochu, to extract component of the carp, it is known as the healthy functional ingredients the thing that has been found that in the nutrition that is, taurine (113.93mg), histidine (36.59mg), glycine (7.48mg), alanine (9.21mg), glutamic acid (16.96mg) and the like are included.

In this way, carp nutritious are eaten and become a cuisine of various forms all over the world, but it had gone no longer eat most in Japan today it is the same as that described above.

Consumers want to be me eyeing more to carp as a food was excellent, the side to provide a fish rather than to ignore from head carp, what you want reviewing as the quotient material of potential sales again is.

Finally, we introduce is also a representative of carp cuisine of Japan "Koikoku", let to an end this issue.

How to make Koikoku
1, it is cut into round slices and leaving the scales. 6, I add the mirin and sugar.
2, It was then halved the head also use. 7, I add white miso to soy sauce.
3, I heat with fire water plus sake. 8, I add the cooking liquid to the miso and soy sauce.
4, I weaken the fire cooking liquid when boiled. 9, I mix well.
5, I weaken the fire while taking the Aku of cooking liquid. 10, I poured a miso sauce in the pan.


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