Jul. 2014 issue No.127

Syunsen sashimi Assortment

(Crimson sea bream whole fish sashimi inclusion)

For the first time in about a decade, "Syunsen sashimi assortment" is the appearance after a long time.

First of all, as a catalyst for one purpose to want inform the world the benefits and significance of existence and positioning, and value of the product called "Syunsen sashimi assorted", Web version of this FISH FOOD TIMES was started in January 2004 was for.

Have taken up "15 points assortment Syunsen sashimi round dish" in December 36 of 2006, but this is an application version that utilizes Syunsen sashimi assortment, the New Year, a large sashimi assorted not apparent most usually it is as if we had proposed for "auspicious day".

That is not the product to meet the needs of special daily like this, it's take up Syunsen sashimi assortment that are intended to be "a normal day" in a normal life, FISH FOOD TIMES of between January-March 2004 it's become a 1 ~ 3 since.

It has been noted as follows: The Web version of the first issue of FISH FOOD TIMES which started in January 2004.

I want you to consider before you lament sashimi is not sold recently. Whether would not make you feel that your question, whether you are satisfied with the thawed fish and farmed fish of the same lineup all the time. In stable price every day in the same way as tofu though, the good thing to come on at any time, "fish made??" is, or would not have made ??the sashimi with a combination of the same fish always in the name of basic sashimi at sea. How many people would have noticed that it makes a sales limit of their own, and that they tightening the his neck. Whether Should there I mean "sashimi fish shop", it would be do not you think back to the origin once. By using rethink, it may prove to be finding the "gold mine" that I did not notice until now Possibly.

@ Ten years have passed since this description, just how would have changed the sashimi fish department.

Some of the companies that we have been involved in guidance in the last 10 years, on an understanding of the benefits of Syunsen sashimi Assorted, Efforts firmly to measures to realize about it, is different significantly the gross profit rate as a result where it has been improved to a level is also present.

However, people in the field level as well as being able to understand the good, for you do not get an understanding of the management layer and management layer corresponding to the top positions on the other hand, without the necessary environment is ready, enjoy the effect necessarily some companies that are not able to.

Can have is the person who understands the part of the management layer, There seems to be a case that has repeatedly sashimi of routine work as business-as-usual level do not have the ears to hear people in the field to Conversely.

Opened since the Web version, FISH FOOD TIMES has grown to 120,000 hits a month total level now. Also since opened a English version in March 2013 it has put readers abroad increased, hardworking reader is willing to access the FISH FOOD TIMES and every month on a regular basis overseas, not only in Japan I have now are a lot also.

I think if and only such an avid reader, and would not stubborn hard head like recuse change. But it can be assumed two types of people not the case with people who are tied to a step in the evolution, a hint of business that was able to meet luckily happened in the world still is present.

There are people that were not tied to the product of the form, for example, as I had a chance to learn about Syunsen sashimi Assorted 10 years ago, has evolved this in one hand, act prematurely also have come to realize the benefits and vice versa, should Some people are bound to result as praised the point of one's observation from the periphery in the form, such as the credit for his like. Yourself will that belong to either the exactly.

Ten years have passed since then, but for those of the significance of the product called Syunsen assorted sashimi again this time, I would like to mention from the standpoint of now is different for example the Crimson sea bream of the season.

On the following image in the Crimson sea bream, below is referred to as a small sea bream in juvenile red sea bream.

Crimson sea bream

Small sea bream


It is easy to understand when you side-by-side comparison of up and down doing this, but I think Whether not for some people it is not easy to determine whether the either the case of a single.

Such a person is, Notice to the site of the image below.

The end of branchial mantle of head image below, blood is so blurred, but it is a feature of this has come to be called such as blood sea bream or blood small sea bream.



In addition, the left image below in the Crimson sea bream, right is red sea bream, the end of the tail fin, whereas that is bordered in black only a little, that it is not the black parts Crimson sea bream on the left red sea bream right there is a difference.


In some cases, does not know that the season of the Crimson sea bream is the summer season from early summer, it does not clearly differentiated from small sea bream fry life of the red sea bream to spring too is the season of winter. However season of Crimson sea bream is of such summer from early summer.

In Yamaguchi Prefecture, by analysis of Yamaguchi Prefectural Fisheries Research Center, crude fat percentage analysis of the Crimson sea bream have been published in the graph as follows. Graph tells us vividly that period until around September from June is the season of Crimson sea bream according to this.

But it is common, if anything, tend to Crimson sea bream can be seen in the positioning of the lowly than red sea bream, it's that it will not so high in price basis.

One of the image below, it is a thing which I purchased in the supermarket of some two companies. Those contained in the white trays above in a state of being rigid, it was two fish 480 yen by the size of the front and rear 200g. And those of the transparent tray below was two tails 506 yen 300g of things before and after the state of the pre-rigor fish.

Cost is would be good to see it 's about six percentage of the selling price, which took off a consumption tax, purchase cost of one fish is guessing that's about 140 yen and 130 yen, respectively, will not be far off it.

A natural product yet it is a pre-rigor fish, the sea bream in the size of 300g When it's 140 yen, choice to sell remains of the round without the sashimi this just to pack too good a story.

But even to the sashimi fish of 300g or less, without a sense of volume just that alone, it is in fact is hard to appeal to their sense of value.

It can be considered by such, by combining various kinds of fish, it would be to sashimi assorted balanced overall.

What is called sashimi Assorted being sold at the fish counter of the supermarket in general, which has assortment the five pieces such as 4 pieces of thawed fish and farmed fish, which are well known, even selling price thing anywhere similar I can not see any big difference.

As described above, had been warned of the thing to the Web version of the first issue of FISH FOOD TIMES of January 2004.

Then, in the third issue of March 2004 of two months later, it was described as below.

What is referred to as sashimi assorted fish department of ordinary super is used as a basic material thawed fish and farmed fish, which is available at any time anywhere. There is almost no difference in the contents basically even if there are differences in the good of the poor in technology companies for this, I have a side that tends to be price competition for similar merchandise. However, there is no case less is still a company that is aware of the existence of commercialization like this for now, is to expand it go this this "Syunsen sashimi assorted", this product by differentiation of the specificity it has become a happy cash cow and selling well. The "Syunsen sashimi assortment" is that sashimi using such a "raw fish". Super running the idea without using the thawed fish and farmed fish basically is "high stability" and to "sashimi assortment" using fresh raw fish there is little still. To put it a little exaggerated, this product feels or not a product with hidden "potential to change the working system of the fisheries sector, changing the benefit structure." Sashimi individually made ??from fresh raw fish is not uncommon lesser extent, the example is tied to "Product" the thing "strangely combinations" which is made possible by combining these small. These can be on top that can be more than the common sense of the markup rate in the sashimi assortment so far, to appeal to the extent you can be thought as "unprecedented value" to our customers "cheap". Moreover, it would be that this becomes to sell more and more, profit margins will be improved in proportion therewith.

In other words, the answer to the problem is had as "Syunsen sashimi assortment".

For example, let's look at the case of Syunsen sashimi asortment below.

In addition to the Crimson sea bream of the season, it is "in full swing assorted sashimi season" you have served grunt, true horse mackerel, squid, raw Bigeye Tuna, which is the climax of the season in the same way again.


Cost was 130 yen As a result of one in the tail whole fish sashimi Crimson sea bream smaller purchased. 1/4 only true horse mackerel became 40 yen , ¥ 50 in grunt 1/6 only, ¥ 70 small squid half-length, will be 100 yen in 70g small raw bigeyetuna, tit is 60 yen in total Ashirae. When calculated in this way, the sum of the cost if you do not include the cost of container is 450 yen.

Will you be able to see only the combination of raw fish material, yet is worth how much the selling price of sashimi assortment of whole fish sashimi of sea bream entered. It is considered that seems to be to come changed greatly over the difference in area of the store and the business category of the store is loc

The combination method would then use the Crimson sea bream large as the top image, a sense of value further enhanced if six points assortment and also increase the number to dish out.

And, it is also possible to make a product, such as the following to change the taste a little from the one figure building like this was in, was served a Yushimo of Crimson sea bream in without a whole fish sashimi.

ushimo of crimson sea bream true horse mackerel crimson sea bream grunt raw bigeyetuna


As well idea sashimi, if the product of "Syunsen nigiri-zushi assorted" as follows: Further, the value markups' s so that it is possible to increase significantly more.

raw bigeyetuna tenmi raw bigeyetuna medium-fatty raw bigeyetuna abdominal
crimson sea bream true horse mackerel crimson sea bream yusimo

In this way, and "Syunsen sashimi assortment" or "Syunsen Nigirisushi assortment" one, with a name of "Syunsen" all the way to a sushi and sashimi that used many raw fish of the season. This is for that in the name of "basic sashimi", Assortment sushi and sashimi only thawed fish and farmed fish was served, regardless of the season now, are assortment in the form of the same day in and day out as industrial products like , do you may be without any doubts about it as a seller? ... And, it was because you want to play the alarm industry.

And in the last decade, not only a raw fish of the season, if take advantage of relatively inexpensive small fish, for example, as crimson sea bream this time, has received less attention, while keeping a low selling price, the markup it seems to have come to know little by little to be able to increase the percentage. After trying to implement this thing, companies realize that there is a possibility of "relationship of Win-Win" with the benefit of each other also the seller side of the customers seems has emerged.

Name a variety rather than under the name Syunsen, Syunsai, Kaisen, Sensen, local materials, the name and, freshly caught necessarily is attached, but products that appeal to that you are using fresh raw fish is, here and there you are looking at that you came out here and there in the fish department of the supermarket and would be welcomed.

But there is only a part it still, the idea of protecting backward-looking "product Filter, labor-saving, part increase, rationalization, reduction of working hours, to reduce labor costs, such as ..." and is the mainstream as ever. For example, the excuse "It's not do it even want to do really," because time That it is manpower shortage is such as not enough, the work troublesome fine and for cooking a small fish, such as the crimson sea bream you pick up this time, that there is such a reality is also a fact imperative.

And there are super managers who lament "fisheries sector unprofitable hard labor costs just hanging" he said. But to sushi and sashimi that is easy to set a high value markups among other fisheries products, raw fish natural purchase cost fluctuates every day is a feature of the fisheries sector, and been able to build a working system to make use of in a way that is linked by the absence, super management is'd realize that such trouble comes out.

There is a trend of high stability exclusively, thawing fish and farmed fish differentiation is difficult, few benefits other than the side of reliability and quality stocking stable for the purchase price of the side-by-side everywhere. Sales because not rise what is referred to as the basic sashimi that are commercialized in accordance with the manual every day these, because there is no fun and not much different anywhere in the store, customers will not be the feeling to eat such a sushi and sashimi some.

From now on, the fact that everyone is not pay attention too much raw fish it natural but then gaze relatively inexpensive raw fish with a great freshness, to create a delicious "Syunsen nigirisushi assortment and Syunsen sashimi assortment" with the help of these I should work to build a system to get willing customers.

Value markups, the higher the higher composition ratio of "Syunsen nigirisusi assorted and Syunsen sashimi assortment" which was used as a material of these is higher and, the more purchase of raw fish natural, the more by doing this. And it is considered that there is likely to be higher gross profit margins and accordingly, to that customer satisfaction for the product of fish store is also increased at the same time.

The Syunsen nigirisushi assortment and Syunsen sashimi assortment ,, it is the existence of such.


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