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Grenadier anchovy whole fish sashimi

In this issue, it is not known almost all over the country, but it is known very well in the part of a local, yet this June is the climax of the season, let's introduce the fish minor little.

Time of the season comes, it becomes to hear well of the fish by the transmission of information of each media, but opportunities for people in the area eat the fish not many in fact, the target tourists exclusively it is a fish of reality's a specialties to be.

The name of the fish is "Grenadier anchovy".

This image is Grenadier anchovy, it is also called "blade shaped fish" and also known from the shape such as the edge of the knife.

The classification, belong to Clupeomorpha, Clupeiformes, Clupoidea, Engraulidae, Coilia, it is like a brother and anchovy, its price higher price so as not to be able to compare the anchovy one fish that dozens yen price level in the transaction, the image above is something that I purchased at the local fish shop that Grenadier anchovy is landed, but they are also 2,000 yen, it was a price in three fish total.

Fishmonger of the local is a shop of individuals in Okawa-shi, Fukuoka, which is located in the basin of the river Chikugo River flowing through the Fukuoka Prefecture. In early May, I had the opportunity to eat Grenadier anchovy cuisine in sushi shop name of that bias Shinmisehonten which is located next to the shop. And I bought them stop by the store on the way home.

For Grenadier anchovy fishing lifting of the ban in May, fishing is allowed only for a period of about three months until July, enjoy the cuisine Grenadier anchovy seasonal products only for this period of time basically.

Grenadier anchovy start to run up the river for the purpose of spawning from around March. And spent in brackish water thin salt until around October, fry born in the river to move to a seawater depth of field in the winter, and mature in about 2-4 years. Upon completion of the spawning back to the river in the spring, they're also that end their lives as it is.

Having said that to run up the river to spawn, run-up of Grenadier anchovy is like had been limited to rivers in its neighborhood and Chikugo River now in Japan, regional specialties that can not be viewed mostly in other regions it has become a rare species of fish, and has been designated as endangered‡Usuch as the Ministry of the Environment from its rarity.

According to the briefing paper by Grenadier anchovy gillnet fishermen of Fukuoka Prefecture, there are annual catch of about 140t in 1975, it was up and down the 100t platform after that, but at a stretch in 1985 after the Chikugo Large weir began running it drastically reduced to around 40t, Grenadier anchovy was caught only about 20t in the case of 1995 in particular.

It is movable weir part of the facility moves for water level control, Chikugo Large weir has received the handling of multi-purpose dam which supplies irrigation water to the purpose Fukuoka and local flood control of the Chikugo River. In particular, meaning made ??as one of the water jar of Fukuoka City suffering from water shortage is large, there is a conflict with the fishing cooperatives and around the problem of the environment and the dam at the time of construction. Not only had been a cause of poor catch of laver culture of the Ariake Sea, it is of had such a profound impact on the fishing Grenadier anchovy.

Near the Saga side of the form across the Chikugo River, there was a catch of 30-40 tons a year to 1997 to 2004, but has declined rapidly thereafter, single-digit of less than 10 tons in 2008 or later catch is that he has continued.

As can be seen in that it belongs to Engraulidae, the Grenadier anchovy of early freshness dropped quite in the same way as anchovy. Grenadier anchovy three above image is a landing that day, even though the time is not after half a day, E Grenadier anchovy two of the symptoms the same "around the eyes turn red" in the case when the anchovy is freshness degradation already is are coming out.

There is also the Grenadier anchovy has a feature that "only quality small bones are often" found in common to fish our Clupeiformes that Etsu belongs, and is one of the difficulties in terms of abundance of this small bone is eating this fish.

So if you eat sashimi in the Grenadier anchovy, the task of cutting thin bone within freshness is good only small bone often are required.

Commercialized way of Grenadier anchovy sashimi
‚PCI drop off the head ‚UCI remove the middle bone by the method of left underhand kitchen knife
‚QCI scrape out the internal organs, and then to the wash ‚VCState after removal of medium bone
‚RCI remove the back fin ‚WCI remove the buttocks bire and ventral bone
‚SCI open from the side of the buttocks bire of under body ‚XCI remove the Ventral bone of under body
‚TCThe state of being in the Ventral opening 10AI will cut thin bone



Such "small bone cutting work" because it requires all Grenadier anchovy cuisine basically, it means that characteristic that made ??this small bone cutting comes out as a figure form.

For example, the image of boiled and grilled under It's a Grenadier anchovy cuisine that served the Okawa-shi, Fukuoka in Shinmisehonten but, as can be seen when you see well, such as decorative kitchen knife of countless fish surface of Grenadier anchovy I can see the cut. But not just a decoration, which is of a cut after a bone cut from the surface of the fish.

Grilled cuisine


Simmered cuisine


Cut like Grenadier anchovy cuisine is the same is clearly also fried the image below, we will introduce in the image below because I can taste the Grenadier anchovy various cuisines in addition to this in Shinmisehonten.

Grenadier anchovy other dishes(Shinmisehonten Okawa-shi, Fukuoka)
Tempura Fried
Sashimi Nanban pickled

Grenadier anchovy is the variety of cuisines in this way, but it also leads to the difficulty to eat as it is large number of small bones still. Would be supposed to be of eating while removing it and start eating the boiled dishes, in silence the small bones that remain in the fin, and a quiet meal scenery as if you remove yourself from shell crab dish depending on the type of cuisine made.

I think some disadvantages small bones that often Grenadier anchovy dish, but it will be able to instead of the ugly fish never, to assess that it is "delicious fish with the taste" if anything.

In particular, sashimi is recommended if you like "Segoshi", so you can taste the same as the characteristics of crunchy which was only a little craggy.

It was also felt it is hard to eat boiled food because the body collapse and ragged, and is hard to lose yourself, you feel it is easy to eat grilled unexpectedly because it is easy to grasp with chopsticks one lump in reverse.

Grenadier anchovy in areas with limited smaller in rural areas of Japan, it is representative of a minor fish that are not eating only a limited period of constant yet certain. And it is a fish which is located in the counter at all with such major class of salmon that momentum dominate the world with its popularity now.

Without having to show a decline in global demand for salmon, aquaculture production in spite of the firm, such as Atlantic salmon and Troutsalmon, the trading market continues to maintain a high price recently. On the other hand, there is the fact that natural fish minor, such as the Grenadier anchovy is not attention from fish retail stakeholders of local origin other than the catch, has been positioned as a special fish as a tourist opponent almost.

Multipurpose dam that Chikugo Large weir was made for the purpose of effective use of water resources, but its economic rationality significantly affect the ecosystem of the sea, it is also considered production destabilizing factor of laver of Ariake Sea specialty. It has become a rare species of about not only that, Grenadier anchovy belonging to Engraulidae it is one of the species of fish of caught many are also doubtful the survival because of that reason, it is that their prices are soaring.

The menu of Shinmisehonten that can be eat Grenadier anchovy cuisine, Grenadier anchovy set meal cheapest can order from 2,160 yen, and feel not satisfactory as the content is not prepared for about 5,000 yen per plate.

It is because that pay 5,000 yen to "sardine cuisine" so to speak, it can not be said that it is never cheap cuisine.

Fish that Grenadier anchovy because belong to Engraulidae originally, it would have been caught in much throw away the past as a kind of species fish of catch large, must have been a representative existence of cheap fish as the masses fish exactly. But it's became a high so fish, would not be of a phenomenon that is generated as a result you've been through in order to take advantage from the point of view of economic rationality artifacts such as Chikugo Large weir.

For example, in the Ariake Sea, the Isahaya Bay reclamation project "levees received the tide" is closed in 1997, fishery damage such as discoloration of laver and death of fan-mussel began to come out later in the same way now. And the result, it is you're turned into a very high price that the fan-mussel of the Ariake Sea to eye almost disappears, even if there is fan-mussel recently.

Tidal flats, which is also 6m at most 3m is tidal variation of the tide is characterized, in addition to the Grenadier anchovy, Ariake Sea Hira, Ariake whitebait, Yamanokami, Koichi Suzuki, Warasubo, goggle-eyed goby, Hazekuchi, Ko Lai red sole, Kumasarubou, the total angular, Umitake , Ooshamisen shellfish, green Shami Sen shellfish, such as sea anemone Ihiwake, organisms, such as is seen only in the Ariake Sea are almost a large number of habitat in Japan. I can not help feeling something like a touch of uncertainty, such as fish and shellfish whether these follow what fate in the future.

I have thought the cause of the abnormal weather of the earth put a step distance of thing due to global warming caused by carbon dioxide in the "carbon dioxide criminal theory" exclusively. It is considered to be no doubt that artificially large structures such as Isahaya Bay evees received the tide and Chikugo Large weir has changed the course of the river and the sea, and has had a major impact on the ecosystem of aquatic organisms.

I think to par with the popular masses fish such as mackerel and horse mackerel the Grenadier anchovy and does not make sense, but if there is a mackerel and horse mackerel, the problem especially fish minor, such as the Grenadier anchovy such may not be present I think not, truncate the theory they are violent.

In retrospect the retail industry of fish, the idea of a "do not sell easily fish the presence of minor fish other than that to which it is generally well known as mackerel and horse mackerel", at the shop in the supermarket so far I've narrowed down the fish species to handle. And should remember that the "strategy of suffering the consequences," As a result, sales of fish department that will not go up is supposed to be fish department will eliminate the charm has hit themselves.

For example, even as not uncommon in the store of the region, which is landed locally, "fish sales floor Grenadier anchovy seasonal is assortment" If there is a fish department to which it has been implemented in a remote location away from the production area , that the selection of the fish department or will not than can be evaluated and has a lot of charm.

This is not a story that is only Grenadier anchovy. That we're warned against fish department to a narrower fish species that can be anywhere anyone "in price is likely to sell, and sell as much as sell, a fish that seems to sell" that is, of whether unattractive how .

Charm assortment is a powerful weapon differentiation, in order to maintain the attractiveness of the assortment, know-how to enable it is also of which must be retained.

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