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Rockfish sashimi

It has been a season of catch rockfish, called the fish tell spring is increased.

This image is a kind of "red rockfish" Among the rockfish, and are divided into three types: white and black rockfish like silver and dark black rockfish to others.

These three were considered as the same rockfish before, but is difficult to tell as there are circumstances that came to be treated as a separate species from the results of the DNA test in recent years.

Rockfish has been living in coastal areas around the country from Hokkaido to Kyushu, has been a way of calling a variety across the country. There is also a region referred to as the scorpion fish part of the Seto Inland Sea the rockfish, it is a fish that is not handled very confusing.

Rockfish belong to Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenoidei Scorpaenidae rockfish Sebastes subfamily, some 30 species in Japan for more than just the same genus to be edible and nearly 400 species, only fish of the grouper family. In other words, he will be "fish called rockfish" of figure similar is that they are inhabiting in various ways in many places in Japan.

It is a fellow of rockfish genus is not known surprisingly, is a high-quality fish Pacific ocean perch with a firm favorite in the Kanto region, and the like Alaska ocean perch called Akauo familiar as a frozen product.

The coastal areas of Japan, including scorpion fish, ocean perch, rockfish, and stonefish, fellow of rockfish've often profusely anyway.

Seawater temperature is coming up little by little it is around April, to come one after another increase fry have been born in the spawning of various fish in the coastal waters of Japan is as bord.

That physical fitness has also been recovering rockfish also finished the "spawning" until around February, it will look for bait actively seeking food such as fry increased in coastal areas, rockfish during this period as well as fishing can take on such nets is also increased, landed appreciation is more to come.

However, it was a sign of rockfish as "spawning" in the representation of the above, but there is "larval fish release" instead of "spawning" to be exact it.

Is to come out and made ??it a "form of the fish, not the egg" from the abdomen of the female as "larval fish release", it is rare for fish rockfish It's a "live-bearer."

The image below is the larval fish of the fox rockfish have been born as a live-bearer, to come out with such a figure from the abdomen of rockfish, and grows up while eating plankton in the sea.

Come born in live-bearer in the shape of fish in this way not only rockfish, guppy is a tropical fish and surfperch is also the case, that stingrays and sharks's a live-bearer.

The called embryonic fish,, so a born in the form of fish when they are in abdomen, the act of fertilization by sperm and ovum is carried out before that, it rockfish is mating with each other stuck the body as a mammal - they will be.

The image below is something that is greatly enlarged image of rockfish that was attached to the front page, but the red protrusions can be seen only a little in a circle that is highlighted.

This is considered to be or not "male reproductive organs" to imagine perhaps.

Is so definitely such a thing because I do not found in other fish, I like to have had that you can watch such a thing, it becomes even want to imagine what "that female" and would have been.

Then, it will introduce the act whether the movement what on earth, is not the image of it itself, video and seems Before taking looked like because it was found.

Courtship of rockfishH - YouTube@

The "moment", to raise the face towards the sea level with each other, it's that stick in the stomach with each other, but there is no choice but to believe the words because it does not actually seen.

Now, to refer to reproductive behavior of special rockfish Among the fish to try to to so much. That with the increase of fry which is the bait, activities that seek to feed becomes vigorous rockfish, that fits into the trap of fishermen as a result also increased from around April, landed also that come more and more already mentioned above.

In the Tsushima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture in late April, the image below is the state department at the corner selling raw fish naked face of super fish department.

Is sent directly to the shop immediately rockfish and tilefish seasonal catch has been increasing and extended into April, after being landed in fishing port, was ordered packed with place remain freshness them great to fish department .

Rockfish in the size of 300g before and after, one fish had been sold in 100g160 yen was about 450 yen per fish, but it was sold out as early as the time of the afternoon we sold one after another from the morning.

Cooking needs of our customers is the "removal of internal organs and gills" Most people ask the cook to sashimi was none, but there was a thing to feel that it is a wonder good at this.

Indeed the term "rockfish = boiled fish" is like a "mathematical formula" so to speak, there is no difference in cooking the best way to eat delicious rockfish.

Let me introduce you to the following since it can not boiled fish is its cuisine orthodox remove.

Boiled fish dish of rockfish
‚PCRemove the gills and internal organs, put a kitchen knife decoration ‚SCI cook together the bamboo shoots and rockfish
‚QCCooked commercialization ‚TCI boil over medium heat
‚RCI cut to comb the bamboo shoots boiled 6CServe in bamboo shoots rockfish as garnish

Because it is the white meat of refreshing system of about 3.5% fat content of rockfish, and stewed with sugar and salt remains of the figure of the round with a seasoning rather deep little, can taste the season feeling from spring to early summer when cook together and bamboo shoots.

It's a recipe which can be called classic exactly, but because not is determined that should not have to do this leave the appearance of round 1 tail necessarily, how can you think a little more, sashimi not only Simmered whole also to taste at the same time , Let me introduce below.

How to sashimi and fish cuts 1 rockfish
‚PCTake the scales and remove the gills ‚UCState that the removal of the lower body
‚QCI put a kitchen knife to the abdomen from the side of the sickle lower body ‚VCI carve half beside the body with bone
‚RCTo connect with the cut side of sickle put the knife underhand into the anal fin of the body under ‚WCThis Cuts to become not only boiled, grilled or even fried
‚SCTo remove all the internal organs of the abdomen, and wipe off the moisture in
‚TCI remove the lower body in the process of dismantling one side from the cut end of the anal fin ‚XCBone-in half of the body and the remaining half of the body to Cuts of boneless and, to sashimi

Half can add value to the sashimi if rockfish freshness great just landed, but can not be expanded to such a form of time has thus passed, so that it can only food cooked .

Even popular fish is called "boiled fish" how, and if the heart that is purchased within good freshness as possible, to go to the item while the freshness not fall so, the called fish also is ever it is that of being able to promote a high added value not.

I think Those who have a question: "I've never eaten sashimi of rockfish but I wonder what delicious" and also not less.

Those who inspire a feeling of such thought, and got a wonderful freshness of rockfish at this particular time, I want to try to cook by applying even sushi as well as sashimi it.

Common sense that has been condemned and fish not only is boiled, should be able to enjoy the taste of about overturned.

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