Mar. 2015 issue No.135

The fish-figure of Halfbeak sashimi, halfbeak nigiri sushi, halfbeak vinegared

This year's harsh winter is not visible end still, but seems to be frozen and are local north to the cold, while in Japan the south finally also approaching the end winter, has come to the spring of signs is felt.

And also lineup of fish landed, so that the conspicuous fish to inform that the spring came.

That cited as one of the fish that tell the spring is a needle fish ”halfbeak”.

Halfbeak is to live in seaweed are many grow thick rocky, since it enters to the spawning in the spring deep into the inner bay, the greater the catch in the timing of spring.

The needle of the character is being used to fish name, or because the sharp mandibular of the mouth of the tip is long and slender as a needle, or whether such because the whole body to be shining in silver is still as needle elongated, you do not know whether that refers to either, but Well it would be better either.

In short, halfbeak is elongated fish, yet the fish is bluish white shine to silver, the body is the white of the more translucent.

Is more good is very appearance in the fish, because it is seen in the delicate impression in its figure, speaking in the human is a fish that is treated as a "slender face of beautiful woman."

The lower left corner of the illustrations are those that mimic the right of halfbeak image in human-like, it seems to be seen as something like a woman.


But this beauty (beautiful fish?) Has been likened to regardless of the apparent "scary woman you do not know what you're thinking in my mind."

Because it is black peritoneal membrane of belly as this, "apparently is a beautiful woman, scheming woman you do not know what you're thinking in the belly" it is of such that.

Fish in which the translucent body is to grow the food is exposed to light of day at a time of transition from zooplankton to phytoplankton, bubbles of oxygen are generated phytoplankton taken into the digestive tract by photosynthesis , so that it becomes bladder swollen digestive tract, can occur problem that on the belly surface.

Since when halfbeak also grow so seaweed also eat, this way the abdominal lining is that the black color, block the light by the curtains the black color of the membrane, there is photosynthesis the purpose of suppressing of seaweed eaten seem.


When you cook halfbeak, because this black membrane cause of fishy smell, it is necessary to take grazing clean using such as toothbrush.

Take a black membrane, then as a way to dismantle the halfbeak to three sheets, because the fish is elongated, techniques of daimyo-oroshi is convenient.


Have been dismantled in three pieces of halfbeak, state that have not yet removed belly bone.


When removing the skin after removal of the ventral bones, as the points to prevent cut in the middle of a thin skin of Halfbeak, abdominal fin near the fish rear anal before opening the abdomen, as above image knife the use of blade base, is that you remove tension by the principle of leverage.

When removing the skin in sotobiki methods, skin is not cut off and in this way use the back of a knife.


Trimmed the edge, which is used as an the sashimi for rectangular products.


In the case of small halfbeak, I will be one of the nigiri sushi at half-length.


Rectangular sashimi that was in three divided or four divided into the side of the body.

When the rectangular in thin sashimi,


Located in the Intro image, The fish figure of Halfbeak sashimi is completed.

If you want to vinegared dishes is,

By sprinkling salt, to reduce the water fish body.


Pickled in vinegar soy sauce, put the taste hidden in citrus.


I chop to fine condition.


By placing this to the dish, vinegared dishes of Intro image is complete.

Since there is no sense of volume for halfbeak you have a small, elongated fish body, somewhat When you open in appearance will be better.

To Sebiraki, put a knife up to the central bone between sickle and head.


Towards from the direction of the head towards the tail, we will open so as to slide over the central bone.


Voila of halfbeak Sebiraki with head.


Lower jaw, such as the protruding needle, dish up the tray to cut in the middle.

Halfbeak is but a small fish, the elegant taste because Japan good usability in cooking, since the Japanese craftsman is also one of the fish that are useful, I will introduce some of its cuisine uses below.

Halfbeak commercialization of various
‚PAAnd cut off the head of halfbeak, then to Sebiraki. ‚VABy winding from the direction of the head, halfbeak shiso winding is complete for the tempura.
‚QAInternal organs were removed, put a knife on from sitami side of the central bone. ‚PAThe Sebiraki of halfbeak be divided into two, leaving the tail fin.
‚RAUse a knife to separate the part of the central bone and meat. ‚QAKnot halfbeak (for tempura)
‚SAI scrape the belly bone in sashimi knife. ‚PAIn the middle of halfbeak of half the body of Boneless, I open a large hole in the vertical.
‚TASprinkle the salt and pepper, and add a secret ingredient. ‚QATwisting to put your finger on both ends of the hole.
‚UAI put a shiso towards the body open. ‚RAPut the right and the left edge of the part into the hole (the material of the soup)
Products for halfbeak of tempura and soup material

Well, in this issue have been introduced various SKU of halfbeak up here, in your shop halfbeak would of being sold as any commodity.

Because halfbeak is a fish that is often caught in time from March until around May, enumerated as one of the fish that tell the season arrival of spring, and flying fish is the same Beloniformes fellow and halfbeak is a summer season, more same Beloniformes of saury is autumn.

Considering the fact that appropriate fish in season, it will be in that March is neither flying fish in saury, still want to be more selling "halfbeak" as fish that appeal the spring season.

Halfbeak the same as saury, because going up the price as large as possible, if you can buy a little small and treatment is cheap troublesome price halfbeak, if you increase the degree of processing on them to issue this month in various ways to introduce the method , it would be to be able to be transformed into a commodity of selling price with interesting about exquisiteness.

The taste of the fish that halfbeak, I want to tell our customers on this occasion.

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