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Tuskfish usutsukuri sashimi

It is the emergence of minor fish for the first time in a long time.

Formal Japanese name of this fish is Ira, in areas facing the Sea of Genkai is referred to as a dove.

Belong suborder of Labroidei,order of Perciformes,family of Labridae, it is Wrasse fellow.

Since when viewed little resembles tilefish, alias Isoamadai, and is also known as Okiamadai.

Top's vivid Tuskfish of image freshness outstanding color.However, this fish is becoming blurred a little over time and the color vividness as the bottom of the image, become anything lukewarm color.

The fish if you because there is good freshness about colorful thought "get high prices?", No matter how not impossible that even well freshness is greater than or equal to 500 yen / kg, is at most about 300 yen / kg, in can hear Some fishermen to give out to be "Take for free."

That is typical, but is the fish that receives the handling of "lowly fish", why lowly fish of whether, the apparent reason is unclear.

Tuskfish is a fellow that belong to the same Labridae familly and parrotfish and Blackspot tuskfish, called "parrotfish" without distinction tuskfish a real parrot fish in some areas, some areas have a lower fish treats with them there seems.

In the area named Makubu, is a big difference and Okinawa the Blackspot tuskfish fellow same Wrasse is treated as luxury fish.

Past featured in Blackspot tuskfish, in FISH FOOD TIMES "Makubu Yushimo thin sashimi" August 2011 issue 89, and that of parrotfish, since wrote in "Irabuchi thin sashimi" July 2006 issue 31 , I want you to see.


Blackspot tuskfish


parrot fish

that are common to these three species including tuskfish, the shade is a "fancy colors." And people rather than feels beautiful its flashy color scheme, by perception and seem to feel that it is "grotesque".

When certainly look at the up of the face of the image below, red eyes and rounded like a dove, there is a large the forehead, sharp teeth protruding from the mouth, such as the Asian sheepshead wrasse, not that you can never cute and representation, this figure-shaped maybe some people shy away.

However tuskfish, this grotesque also say "feature of the face" is, he features of the delicious this fish.

That is the best feature "protruding the forehead" is, have tinged with elasticity to the touch, feel that the that's gelatinous just the feel, this can be understood which is a mass of collagen.

When the halves of the head, the portion surrounded by oval image above is quite obvious that a gelatinous translucent. And when you are halved in the head with a kitchen knife, since there is site just like stone at the top of the upper jaw, it is not put knife with care and it would cause a broken blade.

I think that it should be like the image above when selling a head that was in halves. Maybe the fish with this grotesque face, should people buy less willingly, this is would be better to have thought that it is lucky if sell.

However, if there is no head this very selling likely is, is a most delicious part in this fish, when you boiled it becomes taste like melt in gelatinous the head of the mouth, and he just becomes the exquisite taste.

The image above as it is stewed firmly, although taste also firmly attached, under the only cook lightly to the extent that the red color remains of soy sauce of color there is little level as the bottom of the image, flavor is less collagen that you can not feel the delicious, time I want you to keep in mind that they should be in the longer you simmer.

Well, In this much about the head, the next will change the subject towards the body.

When to handle the fish tuskfish, and to the first hard it is to take the scales. Scales of tuskfish are hard be greater, since it is attached to the firm skin, usually scales easily in such a way that the fish is he not take.

So, just as large, yet struggle to remove the insistent scales, how was conceived from the experience, which has been processing the parrotfish and Blackspot tuskfish of same Labridae familly, I will introduce below.

It to be in the image above, is a method that slipped your thumb under the scales.

This method, although the author is named arbitrarily "thumb diving", and press the my thumb from the direction of the edge of the near tail fin so as to dive under the scales, together of slurping and also many pieces scales it's coming off so as to lead.

If you use an ordinary scales up tools, and without leaving the skin even in just one of scales, there is a fear that damage the body to become with brute force. But it is scales is much interesting out subsequently also many pieces about strange that it is this way.

But in this way there is one drawback, it's there is a fear that stabbing your hands thorns of fin. Actually author stabbing many times, there is a painful memories.

Therefore, the authors with the painful memories, that then figured out it is the following method.

It's to use this as a spoon for the curry, which is also where the home as instead of thumb.

Although thumb about profound effect is not, than using the tools of scales removing, I want you to definitely give it a try because by far the efficient work can be of no doubt.

Then After removing the scales, although he would be to open the abdominal to retrieve the internal organs, there is a Considerations specific to fish at this time also Labridae familly .

Some of the above image, visceral that look like white teeth parts is named throat teeth in the cardia of the esophagus entrance, in general, have been referred to as the "throat teeth". This is crushed and crunchy like shell of bait of crustaceans and shellfish in this tooth, by discharging the crushed shells, seems to be the structure that eat only its contents.

This is a site, such as the stone is very hard because breaking up such as hard shells, if you try to detach this site forcibly with a kitchen knife, because there is a possibility that the knife would cause the blade broken, and care when dismantling it's a must have.

About of this throat teeth, "Makubu Yushimo thin sahimi" August 2011 issue 89 and, since touching each in issue "Irabuchi thin sahimi" July 2006 issue 31, in this case Let me shed lightly at about this.

It Although described previously simmered of tuskfish is delicious, goods for simmered When Serve with something like the following, including the head, usually would be may be if looking at about 100 yen cost.

And, tuskfish which is also one of the fish of Labridae familly to welcome the season in winter, it is delicious but it is also as a material for the stew as well as boiled, who do not know this thing is so very often.

To cut for cooking pot is divided into vertically fish to cut it into bite size.

And this is also the dish out with fillets relatively inexpensive opaleye as the season in winter, so that the following image.

Because it stew material set that combines an inexpensive white fish comrade that tuskfish and opaleye, cost should go up a lot cheaper, it should be enough to at most 300 yen from this for 200 yen.

Whether the selling price sell if to much, I think it depends on the concept of the store, you think or stew set of raw fish only is not than sell immediately if the selling price of 580 yen without the frozen fish.

Since not Serve the vegetables for the pot cooking together, commercialization work speed as early, it is also equipped with value sense of raw fish. I think this way, the cost can be suppressed, pot cooking products that also markup ratio high and or not than not so much.

While increasing the Value case rate, the called also cheap goods selling price, rather than not have been strewn present in the side, and make the products that mix the markup ratio to take advantage of the cheap fish that have been referred to as the so-called lower fish if is become possible, this is What soon idea of that person.

The better freshness of Tuskfish is, and to of course also become sashimi, it also becomes the sushi.


The color of the body is the white of crystal clear feeling, there is no strange peculiarity.

If dared say, peculiarity but is much unsatisfactory without, because it is not farmed fish and greasy feel unique, you can relish the authentic taste of natural fish.

Its appearance is not that it can not be said to be somewhat similar to flounder. But it is clearly different to be honest, that the called nigiri sushi whites such as flounder, if you can eat at a cheap price enough to not be compared, I wonder it is not satisfied with it.

Of course, if used as a story of assorted, markup ratio mix it is to allow for interesting such cost reduction.

"Fish that are seen in prejudice" as Tuskfish are traded is suppressed in price low, it is in derision in the market, it has been left without being noticed. But so do have is why what's that seen, those who know the truth, I suspect that in the not so many.

Since farmed can stable purchase, products that assumes that the use of such yellowtail and red sea bream and salmon, are self-evident that basically difficult to increase competition on the markup ratio.

But if and When you can deal with "fish that are not interest on prejudice" very well, because there no other party to essentially competitive, but there is a possibility that can improve any number of markup ratio.

Do not pay attention to just major farmed fish, let's pay attention to minor fish.

There are, never seen "bottom may not amount of gold mine" might have buried.


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