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Sydney Fishs Market

A maximum fish market is in Sydney, Australia in the Southern Hemisphere.The name is "Sydney fish market".

The writer visited the world fish shop and fish market in various ways until now as well as Japan, but let's report the fish circumstances because we went to Australia for the first time at the end of October.

At first Tasmania that there was off the Australian south end decided to leave for Tasmania to check the "fish circumstances" with the first priority because I heard it with "the treasure house of marine products".


Australia map Tasmania map

I was going to go from Sydney to Hobart in the Tasmania downstate directly, but transit does not go well and will go to Hobart via Melbourne.

Tasmania is latitude of the Northern Hemisphere; just of Hokkaido the size is about the same with Hokkaido, and, as for the population, approximately 500,000 people, 200,000 people of those concentrate on state capital Hobart on being located.Because Hobart is located to the distance near the South Pole, it develops in old days as a base of the whaling and the history is old and is that the construction of the town began from Sydney in 1804 of the delay for 16 years.A purpose of the whaling was to adopt whale oil, and the meat seemed to be thrown away without being inflected.

Some fish lined up in the plot of the meat sales floor of the supermarket called coles in the Hobart city when they checked the circumstances of the fish food in a town with such history what it was, but a fillet or boiling prawns were the center, and, as for them, a round fishs did not line up to one at all either.

I want you to imagine contents to see the image of following three pieces with the state.


On the way to east Port Arthur of Hobart, I found a fish shop along the shore.It was great surprise and, judging from the sense of the writer, has been amazed at the shop.

This was because the assortment of goods of all products of the fishmonger was only this.

I thought it to be "... which would be unreasonable in this" even if I said anything because it was a fishmonger.

There was only a little only a fish in the refrigeration case, and the surface of the fish came to dry up to know it to some extent even if I looked with an image, and the fillet changed color in an unpleasant feeling.Judging from a freshness sense of a Japanese common-sense fishmonger, there was the scary thing which became really wintry.

If this was one of the actual situation of fish circumstances in Tasmania, you seemed to have to take it and have thought that I could hardly express Tasmania in such a thing with "the treasure house of marine products".

However, I changed my mind and thought whether it was the thing which was not seen with a state for marine products of Tasmania even from the outside in the nursery of the famous Tasmania salmon and left for western Huon by car.

The traffic of the car of Tasmania and the whole land of Australia is keeping to the left same as Japan, and, as for 80km per an hour, there are many places to be able to start commonly even if the suburban way is not an expressway. The driving manner of the car which came and went was very gentlemanly, and the driving of the rent-a-car was easy.

Though I had already experienced it many times until now in that in the United States and the U.K. and France about the intersection called "the round about", it was a scene to run it because after all there was not it in Japan and was a new intersection method, and to care about most. Because it was the almost same as Japan, other than this round about, I was not worried about the driving in particular.

And I thought that it was Japanese car heaven so that approximately 70% thought it whether it was a Japanese car in Tasmania. The car was keeping to the left and the speed indication was not mile/h and was km/h, and it was not necessary to change structure of a steering wheel to the left like the United States and, in Australia, supposed it because I could sell it it as Japan specifications when it would be convenient on a sale side.

It is a place approximately 150km away from eastern Port Arthur, and the western Huon is a place with the nurseries of the salmons which is well known in Japan as a production center of Huonsalmon.

This salmon transplants Atlantic salmon of the Northern Hemisphere in the Southern Hemisphere, and, as for the cultured work, it is with local industry to represent this ground because water temperature was suitable for culture. Generally, I seemed to be called by a popular name of TASSAL in Tasmania salmon and the field and arrived at Huonville of the Hugh on river river mouth where Huonsalmon was cultivated.

There is the place that was provided red on the map of the following images positionally.


I understand that Tannin melts as for the water of the Huon river, and red one watches the upper left image. The Tannin is the peel of a plant and the material which has begun to melt from a seed, a leaf and is a mixture producing solution polyphenol acid of yellow or the ecru. Not only Huon river, all the rivers in western Tasmania seem to be water of such a red color. There are many national parks of the world natural heritage in the western part of Tasmania as a virgin forest of the ancient plant, and it seems to be with the water of the color that the river of most in western Tasmania is red concerning the ancient plant.

Though I went down the way via the side of the Hugh on river and looked for it whether a nursery was seen a little, I was not able to find at all the facilities which unfortunately seemed to be it.

I returned to Hobart unwillingly after all without being able to confirm one state of the salmon on that day. And I decided to order a dish of "tassal" at a restaurant called Smolt, and to eat.


tassal salmon cheviche,crisp radish,pickled fennel &celey goat curd cream $17.9

grill tassal salmon,faro & du puy lentil braise,chimcurri,chorizo & herb salad $33.9

The left is salad of small plates, and the right is a grill of mains plates.

Though it was the grill using the Atlantic salmon in restaurant Smolt, the lower image is a grill of the trout salmon which ate at another restaurant on the day before.

Confit Citrus Ocean trout $33

If anything, the feeling of the slightly live smell remained to the trout salmon of the day before. I thought whether this was a problem of the freshness, but the thing of upper Smolt divided a similar quantity into two and thought that I might do invention to make just what of the fire better by this.

By the way, the lower image is a scene in the fish market of the day after next,

When I watch Australian dollar of the end of October with 93 yen and convert it into Japanese Yen because Atlantic salmon is $17/kg, and the trout salmon was $19.5/kg, I can calculate the Atlantic salmon when it is with 1,581 yen/kg and the trout salmon is 1,813 yen/kg.

It is thought that the quality does not have any problem because the brand is a thing of familiar Huon company in Japan, but is an impression to say that it is the field judging from a price, and not to be particularly cheap.When "most things were percent higher than Japan," as well as the price of salmon, I felt the prices of Australia.

For example, the train called the city rail of Sydney is high $ 3.6 (335 yen) in one station lowest section. Because the meal at the restaurant does $ 15 (1,400 yen) - $ 19 (1,800 yen) with a just light thing, and about $ 35 (3,300 yen) are mixed up even if one dish of the main dish is not luxurious, the dinner at the restaurant cannot be satisfied with two if it is light and does not prepare for a thing more than 10,000 yen. Because it is a fish dish, they are not high, and even meat dishes are beyond $ 30 in the same way.

In Australia, there is the on the conditions of a country that it cannot be said that there is much population to act under the influence of from the principle of White Australia era. Therefore, there are the circumstances that cannot but raise personnel expenses, and high personnel expenses will be just added to a product price, and it seems to be connected to a general expensive feeling.

With the principle of White Australia (extract it than discovery in Australia)@

The regulation by the race was not established about entry to Australia to 19 turns of the century.

@However, much gold digging suppliers come to enter at China and show a stronger repulsion for the non-European system emigrant, and "a principle of White Australia policy" will continue by the emigrant limit method that started in 1901 until the latter half in the 20th century, and Asia, African people will be excluded from an emigrant object to Australia by this policy.

@The government arranged the emigrant qualifying examination to conceal the fact that a racial discrimination policy was performed openly. This was inspection only for forms with the thing that an emigrant examination official tried ability for European speech understanding of the emigrant applicant virtually. I asked you a question with a choice of a language considered that an applicant could not talk on the spot if I judged that an examination official did not want to accept an emigrant applicant in the case of an examination. The very rare languages such as Gaelic (one of Celts various factions languages used in Ireland) or Transylvania word might be used in some cases.

@ On the other hand, as for the nation except the British system who had already lived in Australia, it was demanded from society of mind and the culture in U.K. system regardless of one's hometown that it assimilated you. In other words it was demanded that I followed the Australian social custom of Anglo-Saxon who spoke English, and occupied predominance line. In addition, many basic rights were not accepted to an aborigine at the time.

@However, the later government came to cannot but gradually relax the limit of the emigrant policy from the need in the economy. At time of economic revitalization after World War II in particular and the rapid economic development, I needed the work force from the foreign countries in Australia with a little population. Therefore I have begun to accept non-journeyman as an emigrant positively.

@It came to be thought that the principle of White Australia was against a principle of the principle of equality in the Australian democracy society again in the government from the interval of the nation afterwards as ties with Asia were gradually strengthened on an economic culture side.

@It was 1972 that the principle of White Australia was abolished formally, but, as for the principle of White Australia, the influence gradually weakened through the 1950s and the 1960s.

@Of World War II approximately three-fourths of emigrating was the U.K., an Irish native place acceptance, but this ratio decreased to 40% by the mid-1960s, and an emigrant (mainly Southern Europe) from other Europe came to occupy the about the same ratio instead just after that.

@After the 1970s, emigration to Asian Australia suddenly increased. In addition, Australia accepted a large number of Indo-Chinese refugees after the Vietnam War. The acceptance of the emigrant is recommended in modern Australia, and, regardless of a race, sex, a color, age of the skin, an equal right is guaranteed by a law by all nations.

@In Australia, the right that the nation receives service or the medical treatment in the community equally and the equality at an employment opportunity are guaranteed in addition to freedom of speech and culture, the security of human rights such as the religious liberty. I gather up the Australian society where a parliamentary government and a legal system and English hold good by a variety of races.

Country Australia of high prices of commodities accepted an emigrant positively now so that the explanation mentioned above included it and there were many Chinese people too much in the Sydney city and was outstanding everywhere.Although it was thin, the African racial presence was black, and there were many Indian people of the deep face of the carving, and various languages such as Spanish and Russian, Italian flew again in the downtown of Sydney, too. It is right a feeling that various races gather in Australia from all over the world.

By the way, let's correct a talk about a fish. It will be about a oyster that I cannot forget to be marine products of Tasmania.

oyster plate dressed & natural jumbo, micro & standard oysters $23.9

This was the thing which I ordered at a restaurant named Smolt of Hobart, too, but large small and medium size knew size, and there was three kinds of taste of the dressing and was able to enjoy the taste.

he history of the oyster in Tasmania is old and is that the evidence that was the important food of an aborigine living in Tasmania stays in the shell mound which is the life trace of the aborigine as a trace of a large quantity of oyster husks. However, the current Tasmania oyster is a thing called the oysters which Japan transplanted as one of the compensation after the war from Hiroshima to Australia not original old field raw oysters.

It is different from "a hanging down method" to hang an oyster from a Japanese raft in the culture method of Tasmania and drives a stake into the shallow inlet and is "a shelf method" to bring up an oyster in the basket which I picked up on the stake. When it is ebb, an oyster comes out on the water and cannot eat bait, but is that it is exposed to air in this way, and it is to the oyster which cheerful, is healthy because growth becomes late.

I watched that I was distributed and was sold with the size of the oyster like an image in the Sydney fish market. I rarely saw the oyster being sold in the fish section of the supermarket and was like the product of the positioning to eat not a popular thing to eat at home exclusively at a restaurant.

There was not the feeling that residents of Tasmania ate fish well basically, and there did not seem to be the dietary habits that utilized marine products in the island among the seas of the size like Hokkaido in this way.

By the way, next is one of Sydney, but the fish circumstances almost virtually resembled Tasmania, and after all, in the country of the Commonwealth of Nations, there seem to be the dietary habits with influence of the U.K., too.

However, I seem to have an existing meaning a fish market because after all it is the big city more than a population of 4,500,000 people, and the stomach circumstances are huge only as for it in Sydney.


This is the appearance of the Sydney fish market. It is the Australia's greatest fresh fish wholesale, retail market. It is full of a citizen and tourists as well as a broker of the fresh fish and the stocking person in charge of the food service industry.

Almost monopolize the marine products needs in the Sydney wide area of approximately 4,500,000 population;, as for the marine products volume of the 2008/2009 year, 13,600 tons, sales are 152 million Australian dollar. According to the announcement of the official web site, the scale is with maximum in the Southern Hemisphere.

There seem to be the second most fish taken for auction in the world when I remove Japan in 100 kinds or more every day. Fresh fish shop and greengrocery, Delicatessen, restaurant, cafe for general visitors enter it, and there is the number of the retail stores more than 20, and, other than auction facilities in these facilities for jobbers, an auction and a total area to retail it are size of 9,812 square meters more.

Because there are many complicated Rias coasts in Sydney, fishery is limited by environmental regulation strictly. Therefore, fishery products source of supply and the circulation base such as a fishing port and the fish market are not seen in the Sydney suburbs.Even if it is a seafood restaurant and a fresh fish shop located in the seashore, there are few shops which just provide a fish produced in the sea in front at store, and most of the fish supplied to the shop seem to depend on Sydney fish market.

And there is big one floor when I enter inside and a big electric signboard is hung from a ceiling, and sofas of the stairs ground line up first and sit down as if the person called the buyer that there is many it there facing an electric signboard.


Fish are displayed in the ground between the huge electric signboard and the sofa of the stairs ground. You should think that it is the same as the method that is held at many vegetable and fruit markets in Japan.

It was the photograph which the upper left image got into the Japanese parsley ground without permission and took and the person who seemed to be the person concerned immediately flew and was thrown when "I did not enter here, and the photograph was no use".Therefore it was the right image to have taken from the glass window of the dining room as the next hand, but the red skeleton letter has come out together.

There was a cafe wind erosion temple across a glass window, and there seemed to be some restaurants which did business against a general shopping expedition person and tourist there as well as the fish market person concerned. And several fish shops entered the same ridge to be mixed and confused in turn with a restaurant.


The shop was already in condition to be leaving for the war preparation in terms of time though it was just past 6:00, and it was at the time when fish lined up in the store of the fish shop from now on, and it was not able to be yet said that the fish which, therefore, were enough lined up.

There was not the shop of the fish shop only to the big ridge, and there were some fish shops of the outside independent building.


One is a fish shop called Claudio's. Red prawns and crabs lined up in the place outstanding most in a row in front as soon as I entered at the entrance of the shop, and what was outstanding was impressive.

And the shop was divided into right and left from the front, and the showcase was made by the form of the oval, and the showcase inside was a workshop for cooking.

Including the case of the wall, ice was spread on the top of the fish below well there, and various fish were exhibited on the top.

This Claudio's seemed to be a rival to Musumeci of the independent ridge one more. Both companies seemed to have to be what they competed for with a delicate price difference so that how to sell Atlantic salmons of two pieces of lower images (the left Claudio's, the right Musumeci) showed it.


Because I did not count how many fishmongers there are in total in Sydney fish market, one of a correct thing does not know it. However, the fishmonger seemed to work together in competition while doing the great interest of the price in such a form between each other's shops.

Various fish were sold like the following images in those fish section.


Salmon trout $18.99/kg Mackerel $7.99/kg Calamary $25.99/kg


Smoll tuna Mackerel$18.99/kg Yellow Tail Scad $6.99/kg Mackerel Pieces $19.99/kg


Yellowfin Bream $19.99/kg Silver Perch $16.99/kg Medium Whole Snapper$13.99/kg


Various selection of fish such as a fillet and the slice fish Assortment of goods of a lot of fillets Tuna Steak$24.99/kg

From the round fish which it does not refrigerate in this way to a fillet and a block, various straight fishmongers products lined up, but it is the following images that felt when it will be to the center product which probably stretches out sales now in that on the current of the times.


Under a corner named "Sashimi Bar", the woman like the Chinese commercialized sashimi from a tuna block.

Though there were so few a kind and number of sashimi blocks, and there was the sashimi product only a little in that, the presence was still thin. However, the sashimi product felt that the positioning would change from now on.

As for thinking so, there seems to be the cooking class of the fish in the second floor of the fish market so that there is it to this signboard, and seafood school seems to be opened several times there in a week.

There seemed to be not only fish dishes through the fire but also the course of how to cut and the sashimi dish of the fish, and there seemed to be the many participants as such, too.

In current Australia, the presence of "the fish food" is very light. However, I thought that interest would increase to seafood from the viewpoint of health in the future from now on as there were many people who thought about a healthy aspect in big city Sydney, and jogged, and watched.

However, the price of fish and chips is it in reality of the height of 2,600 yen now, and a price is the obstacle, and, as for the fish food popularization in Australia, time seems to still still suffer from the realization.

Fishs & chipps $27.5

On the other hand, I did not think that there were such many Japanese restaurant and sushi shops in the Sydney city, but found a takeout sushi shop as one of the Japanese foods that there was few it in the city of the city center.


I had been got angry at again in this place by a salesclerk when "it was not good to take a photograph", but was after I already took several photographs.

As for these sushi products, 325 yen and back winding and eight of the nigirisushi entered one back winding, and 700 yen, a lot of cut back winding set eight entered, and a set 700 yen, a salmon nigirsushii, and it was with 880 yen, and a lot of sets felt it when these products were very reasonable prices.I judged this probably to be a price to be made takeout not a restaurant.

I was not able to confirm the taste for not having purchased the product because photography was blamed by the man of the storekeeper. However, the appearance was gorgeous, and the volume and the balance of the price were good and felt the first possibility this time.

Australia is mineral resources large country and, furthermore, it is an agriculture stock raising large country, but does not yet show the glimpse of the fish food large country. However, probably it will be certain that demand for seafood becomes higher in the future to see the movement of Northern Hemisphere American and European countries.At that time, there is a pleasing thing in the future how becomes the role of the Sydney fish market.

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