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Broiled mackerel hiratsukuri sashimi

It is a season Speaking of October, mackerel become delicious soon. I had the opportunity to treat brand mackerel the other day Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture, the "Ina mackerel".

I think I can understand the size of this mackerel, as compared with a box of cigarettes, but the weight is an extra large size of about 1 kg, in the state of the ticking in rigor mortis, the freshness is farmed or farmed mackerel degree of fat it is not a greasy as mackerel, but the degree of good fat was a good feeling just to sashimi as seems natural fish.

In Ina mackerel just been caught in fishermen's cooperative Ina Tsushima Kamiagat town, approximately 300 animals have been shipped to the Fukuoka district primarily a day this mackerel.

From the degree of fat is good only is not tightened at large, is Ina fishing cooperatives than in 2008 this mackerel is caught in rich fishing grounds bait offshore about 3 to 5 km west of Kamiagata town, its own brand "Ina mackerel" it is obtained by selling named.

It is a pole and line using pseudo bait sardines or old-fashioned, 10 vessels belonging to the fishermen's cooperative tube is fishing, the fishing seems to lifting about 30 animals per ship on average.

Time the fishing is thriving is up from August to October, mackerel ordinary increases to about 700g position in three years fish. However, Ina mackerel in Ina off thing in larger ones and catch a mackerel grew up in 1s`1.5s from those around 700g.

In order to maintain the brand image of "Ina mackerel", it is inserted into the head tags, such as in the above image only mackerel that was clear certain conditions, it has come up with the difference between the mackerel and the other in Ina fishing cooperatives.


There is also Ina mackerel that are not tagged as this image, but it is not able to understand not so and tagged for now is whether they are sorted in any criteria.

However, this Ina mackerel so that you can imagine from the image, extra large size of about 1 kg before and after is on 6 fish is enough freshness, was commercialized into sushi and sashimi nigiri Broiled top image.

This Ina mackerel is "Chub mackerel", about the difference that it is a kind of different from the Blue mackerel, wise readers who think the thing you know, of course. But the troublesome little things are not seen clearly "sesame grain pattern of the ventral" which has become the feature in the Blue mackerel.

For example, mackerel of the image, seems to be no difference in the Blue mackerel since it is seen thin sesame pattern on which it was caught in the same Tsushima off the coast in the spring of this year, but the big fish body weight exceeds its 700g, and high withers height than rounded the noticeable or else, when it comes and there is also fat in moderation, judgment will it is hard to select whether the moment either.

On the other hand, "mackerel broken neck" of the image below, withers height is low, elongated and rounded, sesame pattern so well clear of is "Blue mackerel" is obvious.

By the way, the form of such a "broken neck" is a highlight of the things you have to bare the gills in the fish department, show that the gills are bright red, it's fresh. This is expressed also be a killing alive that broke the neck as soon as the fish is landed on the ship not only that.

As How to identify Blue mackerel and Chub mackerel by visual judgment like this, there is no sesame grain pattern as a feature of the first fish is Chub mackerel. It is also called "flat mackerel" it becomes a flat wheel and cut in round slices. On the other hand, in the case of Blue mackerel, are also referred to as a "round mackerel" since it is rounded from Chub mackerel When you cut into round slices.

And trying to introduce it might be less relevant to people of a position to sell the fish, but since there is a scientific method when wanting to tell the perfect Blue mackerel and Chub mackerel.

Chub mackerel is more than 12%, the ratio of the base length of b for "length to the tail from the head" of a in the figure above, is less than 12% Blue mackerel, this number was derived is clearly in both it is that different.

In other words, since it will be the size of the first dorsal fin to the length of the case fish the Chub mackerel is relatively large, Blue mackerel is relatively small it, when encountering such scenes doubt to determine if it will be a clear decision can be then measured the length of the fish and the back fin, if the calculation of b / a.

In addition to the Chub mackerel and Blue mackerel, there are kinds of mackerel that is not in Japanese waters called (also known as Norway mackerel) Atlantic mackerel in the mackerel. There is a momentum as if had dominated the needs of the workpiece on the premise of freezing and salt mackerel in Japan now, such mackerel A pattern of the back is clear thick and, as a commodity, such as the image below I have been widespread in Japan processing manufacturers.

There was no opportunity to hand the Atlantic mackerel in the state of fresh so far the author. So trying to just introduce this by to comment on this mackerel because there is a diagram with that refrain, know the habitat below.

Well, to mention to identify and how the type of mackerel in the this much, the next trying to migrate the topic of eating mackerel.

It will not be to say again that familiar deep in Japan enough to be called a scientific name Scomber japonicus is Chub mackerel, are very popular as the fish used in fish dishes at the table of the Japanese.

However, as the authors who live in Fukuoka Prefecture, there is a phenomenon that can not understand very much recently with respect to its "mackerel cuisine", I want to mention a little bit about this.

Such as the image below, which is also one of the mackerel dish "mackerel sashimi", in the fish department store front of Super located in Fukuoka, phenomena such as whether the disappeared like that but because they come to be apparent it

Of course, it is not than that it is not possible to see the figure at all in supermarkets and fishmongers in Fukuoka city. Its presence has become as small as much, he is also where there is no selection of the product at all supermarkets of some.

Hakata in Fukuoka, in the form of "Sesame mackerel", eating habits in the sashimi raw had been rooted since ancient times in the region as a "food culture" sashimi mackerel among the Fukuoka Prefecture.

It is not that of "Blue mackerel fish species" with sesame mackerel. As shown in the above image, so eat over the "white sesame" on top of the mackere

There is a fact that things like denying the eating habits has been popular as a local food culture from ancient times has been performed by the business judgment of some of the super.

Speaking why it is or become a "denial of food culture by management decisions", attached to eating raw mackerel although the company has been trying to avoid the "incident by Anisakiasis", measures that do not generate a hand to those companies is dangerous , it is because something has been executed by the management decision to exclude from the fish counter products of mackerel sashimi.

If poisoning by anisakiasis have been reported to public health centers, to go eating study, the symptoms investigation of the patient, are you supposed to like this, to be told the diagnosis of "food poisoning caused by Anisakis" from doctor it is treated as a food poisoning. The facilities provided the seafood, since will be subject to sales suspended two to three days.

Operating suspended by the health center, there is also an example of five days is not or anything 2 to 3 about in recent years, it has been implemented in the form of suspension of business disposal has been escalated by the judgment of the health center.

Even not say until the force majeure, Anisakis poisoning such, not be very good and will be able to prevent this in the establishment of 100% if it is human, even if it careful no matter how. However, it was made ??a "business suspension order of five days" for this mistake, public office is to exercise the power, from that business, which has been built up retail "fish shop" is working hard and steadily on a daily basis. "Certain elements of the poison public flogging manner" as if would crush in power is "red tape" a way to live retail of (fish shop) like is not rotten pervaded is there, and measures that puffed-up of such a government office I'm afraid to let managers of retail.

Five days of such is of that business suspended, and whether such devastating affect how much for those who are relying on the business day-to-day, and not understand the man who works in public institutions that do not annoy to eat it does not seem, you feel really strong anger to stupid policies you do not know the pain of business.

This regard, the opinion of the prefectural government, such as the following have also been submitted in Saga Prefecture. I want you to consider reading the following pages.

To those who that originate the opinion that courage such as the following to Saga, with a feeling of gratitude, I want to applaud heartily.

Opinion to the gist of the Saga
I saw the news to the case you eat sashimi of horse mackerel that was purchased in supermarkets in the prefecture, health and welfare office in Saga Prefecture, became Anisakiasis, and was an operating suspended for five days. Anisakis is not alive what if fresh. It is a proof of fresh horse mackerel, so to speak. It is strange truly and business suspension like the food poisoning cases of virus-bacterial system according to filthy processing if they were it. Whether probably were instructed what to improve in a period of the 5th. If the health center is to teach, it should not be the only to about instructed to gather information waters Anisakis is frequently. There is no sense of business suspension. Would was no opinion of the doctor of medical and animal public health of the prefecture.

Answers from Saga is as follows.

The gist of the Saga answer
For disposal in food poisoning incident, it is established "administrative disposition standards" about the handling of accusations and administrative penalties based on the Saga food hygiene regulations and the Food Sanitation Law in Saga prefecture. In the case of violation of Article 6 of the Food Sanitation Law food poisoning occurs, (at least days) as 5 days basic days, you are doing disposal in accordance with this "reference". It should be noted that in the health and welfare office, instructs the review of health management education of workers in during the outage, and working process, the office has performed a confirmatory test in this incident. It should be noted that the food poisoning incident in Saga prefecture, parasites, etiological agent is regardless of bacterial, both have done disposal in accordance with the "reference". Opinions business suspension period is too long and of being submitted as Anisakis food poisoning also is a fact. In light of these opinions, only after reviewing the occurrence circumstances and conditions, etc. of food poisoning incidents of individual, you are doing the organizing and review of current thinking of "administrative disposition criteria" in the current prefecture.

For opinion and "too long five days of the suspension of business disposal", since like feel slightly reflection of Saga Prefecture from this answer sentence, how Saga is what will change the attitude the future, its movement I want to watch.

The first place, not only this, Anisakis it is a generic term for animal belonging roundworm in (roundworm) order Anisakis family Anisakis genus, as well as mackerel, many fish general of the blue back, such as sardines and horse mackerel, Anisakis is to parasitic also squid not least, you have found may be a tuna and cod.

Such as whales and dolphins are the final host of Anisakis is in the sea, intermediate host of Anisakis that eat these, it is said, including crustaceans such as krill and fish of all the subject's almost.

Speaking the extreme case, the possibility of oral ingestion becomes higher as the "fish of good alive", it is not possible to eat at all in the sashimi raw fish basically when I scared the Anisakis, was passed through the fire to do with freezing all I do not eat fish only in the form.

By the effect of the health center of "reign of terror", the company that prohibit the sashimi mackerel seems to not a few super company, but has been revealed by the announcement of the survey results, that actually never enough fear so .

Institutions of Tokyo Metropolitan Safety Research Center, investigated the reality of Anisakis mackerel across the country over the three years of 2007-2009. As a result, Anisakis more than 80% of it has been discovered from the Pacific Ocean system group mackerel is a kind of "Anisakis simplex", Anisakis of this kind was about 11.1% transition rate to meat from internal organs. 99 people 100 people in Anisakis patients in Japan's so this was a simplex species.

And the other hand, Anisakis type to host the Tsushima warm current system group "Sea of ??Japan side mackerel" called "Anisakis pegreffii" is, was that "0.1%" slightly rate to migrate to meat from internal organs. 80% of the mackerel to be caught in the Sea of ??Japan side, is of such that it's Anisakis of this pegreffii species.

In other words,'s little risk from Anisakiasis for mackerel of the Sea of ??Japan side. It is of the opinion of the majority "that seep in Anisakis even though stayed with the viscera's okay to be removed firmly little. internal organs" is of that speaking from transitive empirical industry participants.

If you think you want to eat sashimi mackerel, or would like to provide this in the store, is that if you purchase by selecting the mackerel Tsushima warm current system group (Japan Sea side), the risk is extremely low.

Because there is this kind of fact that've learned empirically from a long time ago, in the form of "Sesame mackerel", eating habits in sashimi mackerel have been rooted in the region as a "food culture" from the old days in Hakata facing the Sea of ??Japan side.

Also be parasitic when the mackerel are migratory to southern waters mainly often Anisakis. So instead of the Sea of ??Japan side, even in the waters of the Pacific Ocean side, individuals who have grown in such Sagami Bay, Ise Bay, Bungo of waters without the migration is relatively safe.

As the method of Anisakis measures, including the consumer side and sell-side, items such as the following can be mentioned.


But it's a way that can not be used in sashimi for the items of (1) in the table above, because there is no value to the sashimi in freshness basis. For now, there is most effective when you sashimi mackerel, to be able to eat delicious, the recommended method is a (5).

It is a work that was to sashimi in to roast the chub mackerel in the way of this (5), "hiratukuri sashimi broiled chub mackerel" in the top image was commercialized in the following manner.


The dismantling into three pieces mackerel First, remove the dark-reddish flesh bone, put the kerf with a kitchen knife in the part of the skin of the head side, and peeling while pulling by hand skin towards towards the tail from there.


Then placed plenty of crushed ice in a wooden box and stainless steel vat of perforated, to arrange the mackerel that was dismantled in three pieces on it. It's going to burn to roast the surface with burner this, but it is important to note at this time, but notes that it should not be forgotten in the work Broiled mackerel that not only burn the skin side, towards the body and burn .

This is because, it has the effect of enhancing the flavor by the act of "broiled" for Broiled mackerel. At the same time, in order to confine the possibility of residual Anisakis which can not be said to be safe 100% worker may be noted however, Anisakis by applying heat by way of broiled this might still remain in the emergency it is because to be killed completely.

If to broiled, "nigiri sushi broiled Chub mackerel" such as the following also becomes possible commercialization.

On the other hand, fat is often mackerel, from a relatively early freshness degradation, it is said to be a fish prone to food poisoning compared to other fish, but, this is due to the fact that by histamine-producing bacteria, histamine occurs .

When stored at improper temperature of 20 ~ 25 or more, such as mackerel containing a large amount of histidine histamine-producing bacteria are attached, to accumulate in fish in histamine-producing bacteria proliferate, histamine is generated.

However, simply put in cold environments such as refrigerator mackerel, it is not possible to suppress the generation of histamine and growth of histamine-producing bacteria, that pesky, to produce a histamine also at a temperature of 5 ~ 10 it has been demonstrated in studies of bacteria.

Histamine, and unlike ammonia produced by rot, it does not involve such a bad smell and change in appearance, sensing contamination before eating the food product is very difficult. If it exceeds the minimum value which causes the amount of histamine poisoning even when a person does not feel a putrefactive smell also there.

The histamine generated once is not decomposed by heating, histamine will be left in food heating during cooking.

When it comes to the symptoms of histamine poisoning, facial flushed mainly to earlobe and around the mouth, resulting in symptoms urticaria, headache, fever allergy-like, but to recover naturally and about 10 hours from 6 hours usually.

To prevent this addiction, and purchase of goods where it reliable and such as whether to thorough low temperature management in the course of all or whether the good of the freshness of the fish, such as processing and distribution from the catch, such as can be confirmed handling of goods it is important.

Also to suppress the growth of histamine-producing bacteria, because it is an effective means of treatment, such as pickled or by washing with vinegar fish, let a brief introduction to how to make a Shimesaba to last.

Prepare a stainless steel vat of perforated First, laying a cloth, and laid large amounts of salts as bottom mattress on it, and a solid large amounts of salts called "covered with snow" on top of the mackerel, about 2-3 hours I is allowed to stand in the refrigerator.

Accordance with the principles of the osmotic pressure, to play a role, such as the water supply paper salt absorb a large amount of moisture in the mackerel. To prevent backflow of water coming from the meat of mackerel is accumulated, such as sieve and bats Perforated is an effective tool.

To wash away the salt which are on on to the surface of the mackerel taken out from the salt. Next to rice vinegar that was prepared to bat, adding a little sugar and salt handful of preference, even, put side by side as image mackerel In addition kelp, red pepper, lemon,.

Temperature of the vinegar is high, the skin of mackerel, so would melt and to remain put into the vinegar for about 1-2 hours in a refrigerator in order to lower the temperature.


If you put more than two hours in the vinegar mackerel, and penetrated into vinegar into in as time passes, red meat is eliminated, it is pulled from the vinegar in less too pickled mackerel.


Disconnect the the dark-reddish flesh bone using a deboned tool, take stripped by pulling the skin from the head side of the the protruding end next.


Half-length of sashimi Shimesaba

Well, you write that of mackerel deep familiar to Japanese, there are many things about it is not enough to write still far also been noted only this, but this month's issue would be good at this much longer.

That the author wanted to say in that of "mackerel of the season" in this month's issue is that it's "should be provided as a commodity sashimi mackerel" in fishmongers and fish department of the supermarket.

The derogatory term "Mackerel rot in the state live" from the old days, had no confidence in the so much freshness Mackerel. Also, it's troublesome that Anisakis exists many, it is a fish that inspire a feeling of anxiety also retailers who sell the fish as well as consumers. But this far as we have noted lot about Mackerel, if even with using a nerve in the details and knowledge, sufficient for Mackerel, Mackerel is possible enough "to eat sashimi" thing.

In Japan today, so much fear of public institutions impose power judgment without rationality by behavior high-handed, retailers have gotten in business of safety pie you do not take the risk so as to shorten the body.

So, sales does not increase the fisheries department of such retail, and profit is not extended.

"Pro-fish" that provides the fish is not afraid of Anisakis, and ... what say really professional?

Rather than being in the only mackerel Anisakis, there is a possibility that parasitic any fish. So I should be understood that it is possible to deny the sashimi of Mackerel that become "deny the sashimi fish" also that.

If is a real pro, it will should act professionally.

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