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Technical training course for professionals

Instruction item

  1 Marine Products Division employee education

(1)kitchen knife technology ー OJTin the workshop,and a many people meeting education
(2)Technical knowledge of the fish ー Introduction to fisheries textbook,and visual learning by tens thousands of pieces with photographs

(3)Consciousness reform ー Fun of the work of the fish, pride of the specialist, strength of the technology, deep attachment to profit
(4)Freshness management technique ー Significance and purpose of the treatment in cold salt water, viewpoint of the freshness, freshness maintenance technique
(5)Hygiene management technique ー Knowledge of cleeness, method of the appearance, knowledge of disease-causing germs
(6)Knowledge of the calculation ー General knowledge of managing, profit calculation technique, a value calculation technique

  2 Education according to the hierarchy
(1)Product part buyer ー Stocking technique, market price information, Marine Products Division administration technique
(2)Manager,Chief ー Overall sales floor administration, instruction method of the subordinate, profit control technique
(3)general employee level ー Technique made with a sales floor, method of the value, value-added up technique
(4)New employee ー Fun of the fish section, Basics of the work of the fish, kitchen knife basics technique, basic knowledge of the fish
(5)Part employee ー trainning of sashimi adaptable fighting potential, Reckoning technique in the bloom of a product
  3 Check of Marine Products Division
(1)Sales floor situation check(2)Work situation check(3)Competing shop investigation method(4)Numerical value stocktaking(5)Clinic comment of Fisheries sales floor (6)Sales floor improvement suggestion(7)Improvement problem suggestion
  4 Sales plan technique
(1)Monthly sales plan ー Correspondence to a memorial day, an event,Sales system of the seasonal fish,Correspondence to a lifestyle
(2)Weekly sales plan ー Sale plan, instore promotional plan technique,Total man-hour plan technique
(3)Strategy of a value calculation technique ー Margin mixture technique,Monthly of a value calculation technique
  5 Calculation management technique
(1) Management of profit ー Management of a profit with the freshfishs and Sashimi,Margin higher
(2)Margin Mixture of a value calculation technique ー Margin Mixture by SKU,distribute a class,sales
(3)Computer ー a value calculation technique by PC utilization,Visual inflection of the digital image
  6 Work trip improvement
(1)Work method ー The preparation of the store to open、Workshop administration technique,Work technique for work of the next day,Work technique for Selling limit
(2)Commodification technique ー Effective commodification technique,Commodification manual preparation,Low cost commodification
(3)Work layout ー Improvement plan of Effective work line ,Design of the mechanization, the rationalization
(4)New menu suggestion ー Suggestion by knowledge and the technical idea
  7 Plan to open newly and plan to be redecorated
(1)Sales floor design ー Design to form the demand of the times
(2)Shelf design of the sales floor ー Shelf design of every each corner
(3)Prior education before opening the store ー Education according to the hierarchy of the chiefs,person in charge,part employees

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